Report: ESPN’s effort to land Peyton Manning remains a long shot

Getty Images

ESPN keeps trying to get Peyton Manning to say yes, but he keeps saying no. And it looks like he’ll be saying no again.

With an empty spot in the Monday Night Football booth resulting from the unretirement of Jason Witten, ESPN wants to add Manning. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that the prospect remains a “Hail Mary.”

Per Marchand, Manning is still trying to decide whether to become a broadcaster. Some think he doesn’t want to be critiquing players in real time while his brother, Eli, is still playing. Others believe that, if Peyton does it, he’ll prefer a three-letter network and the bigger audiences (and presumably more money) that would go along with it.

Regardless, Manning will continue to be coveted by ESPN and others until he accepts an offer. If he ever does.