Saints close to deal with Jared Cook

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The Saints are close to a deal with tight end Jared Cook, a source tells PFT.

Cook is one of the highest-rated players left on PFT’s top-100 free agents at No. 42.

Cook, 31, set career highs last season with 68 catches for 896 yards and six touchdowns for the Raiders. He was with the Raiders two seasons.

He also has spent time with the Titans, Rams and Packers.

Benjamin Watson, who has retired, led the Saints’ tight ends with 35 catches for 400 yards and two touchdowns last season. Josh Hill added 16 receptions for 185 yards and a score.

25 responses to “Saints close to deal with Jared Cook

  1. Could be a good signing if Cook can stay focused but the loss of Unger was huge. If Murray and Cooks can play well and the Saints get defensive contributions from their upcoming draft, Brees might be able to get his second SB…A tall task…

  2. it will be interesting to see how much the Saints pay him. Raiders paid him 5 million the past couple of years. He might be worth up to 7.5 or so, but have a feeling Saints are going higher

  3. This would be a great send off for Breez’s final yr. When he goes they can hand over the reigns to Teddy and shore up Thomas & Kamara w/fat deals. It’d be nice to see Drew fill this guys stats huge.

  4. You have to sign who you have to sign. The NUMBERS these players are getting paid just blows my mind. I mean really? Hey. If the players can grab it then get it… but don’t think for one moment that the players feel loyal to your town. I don’t. FREE AGENTS is an oxymoron. They are free to sign… but they are free agents for a reason and millions of dollars change hands.

  5. That’s a negative, I feel once we lose Bree’s the SB window will be closed for a long long time. Still have a chance.

  6. Looks like Drew’s last season in N O and they are trying everything.I think that is the right approach but I also think Brees has declined too much in the end.

  7. He can’t block but he sure can catch. Good luck Cook, you might not be Drew’s first target like you were in Oakland but you’ll have a legitimate shot at a ring in New Orleans.

  8. This shouldn’t even be a story. Ted T and the Packers should have ponied up and signed him two years ago. Now they are overpaying for Jimmy Graham who is a shell of Cook.

  9. damn hate to see him go, he was so solid for the Raiders the last few years. when Carr had nobody who could actually hold onto the ball there was allways cook to make a play.

  10. Curious what there going to do Micheal Thomas He is on last year of his contract and pretty sure he wants and deserves a contract extension After seeing what Antonio Brown got I’m pretty sure he wants that.

  11. Packers blew it big letting Cook walk, although agents aren’t blameless in these matters either. Then they blow $4M+ on Bennett. Now overpaying Jimmy Graham. Triple ouch. Graham needs to earn it this year.

  12. Saints season will be a disappointment to many…Brees no longer has the arm to the deep balls. That was evident in the playoffs.

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