Andre Roberts looking forward to facing “shady” Jets twice

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The Jets got everything they could have hoped for from kick returner Andre Roberts after signing him as a free agent last offseason.

Roberts led the league in punt return average, was second in kickoff return average, scored a touchdown on both phases of special teams and added a score as a receiver. The work as a returner earned him a spot on the All-Pro team, but said that didn’t lead to a strong push to bring him back.

Roberts said he was “surprised” that the Jets handled things that way and moved on to sign with the Bills in a move that allows him to face his former team a couple of times in 2019.

“I think that was the biggest thing first — being able to play the Jets twice a year,” Roberts said, via the Buffalo News. “Coming from there, I know all about what they’re about. Being able to go against my old team is always going to be fun. … The way they kind of handled it was a little shady, but it is what it is. I’m a Buffalo Bill now, and I’m enjoying being here.”

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane said he was also surprised that the Jets weren’t more aggressive about holding onto Roberts and was happy to turn the AFC East rival’s loss into their gain.

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  1. Made up rivalry in his head. He’s been playing 10 whole years and only managed to have one outlier season, he’s no Devin Hester or Josh Cribbs. He plays one of the most dangerous and replaceable positions in football and he’s turning 32 so what’s he shocked about? The Jets also have a very good ST coach named Brant Boyer who has input on these decisions. I don’t think the Jets are going to be losing sleep over Andre Roberts at all lol.

    Ps: No, he did not win the Bills game for the Jets it’s a laughable story line. The Bills contained him the second half and the Jets scored off two Trumaine Johnson interceptions and Darnold’s throw to Robby Anderson as time was running down.

  2. Even though that part of the game is slowly being phased out, At this time it’s still here and can play a huge role in the outcome of a game. Field position matters and can be the difference in having to drive 75 yards or a mere 25. A player that has proven to be dominant in the kick and punt return game is worth his weight in gold. I’m not sure why the Jets moved on from Roberts, but he definitely seems poised to make them pay for it.

  3. The Jets GM (Mike Maccagnan) is a little shady in how he deals with players.
    When he took over in 2015 he waited until after free agency and then tried to strong arm one of teh team captains into taking a paycut. The guy retired insted, forince Maccagnan to scramble and spend a 5th round pick for a washed up guy coming off an injury.

    He could have bene upfront and after the season ended asked the guy for a paycut and cut him if he refused.

  4. Maccagnan’s failure to re-sign Jason Myers is the special teams decision that bothers me more than letting Roberts go to the Bills. Myers put every kickoff into the other team’s end zone and made 33 or 36 FGs. He was terrific and Jet fans did not have to sweat any opposing teams kickoff returns. Don’t understand why they let him get away.

  5. It’s basic. He’s not a plus receiver. It was the same here in Washington. He’s also not dynamic to make an average special teams unit great. He’s an AAF kind of player. There is nothing wrong with that. But he should stop making noises about being something special. He just isn’t!

  6. Mike Maccagnan is a little “shady” in dealing with players? How the heck would you know that? If that offensive lineman you’re obliquely referring to is Nick Mangold, he was obviously treated appropriately. No one is/was a bigger fan than I was of Nick Mangold, an absolute stud, but his contract demand was way out of line considering he was also badly injured. Just the fact that no other team gave him what he was asking for in a contract and he was then forced to retire kinda proves that.

  7. The negative comments crack me up, he lead the league in PR avg. and was 2nd in KR avg. Field position is vital and decides games week in and week out. Buffalo knows first hand having faced him twice, this Jet fan will miss him!

  8. Roberts and Myers both played great for the Jets and I wish them luck. Problem is, last year was both of their best seasons. Kickers are crazy birds. I think the Jets were afraid to give a long term deal to players with a short record of playing well. They could have made an offer to Myers and it might not have been enough for him to stay. I hope Roberts lights it up. Just not against the Jets twice a year. 🙂

  9. Aye, if he brings it out to midfeild a couple timea a game, worth the signing to me, this is a game if feild position and yards. If we can start 2-3 drives from the 50 a game. Chances of winning that game skyrocket.

  10. i know andre had a monster year but the jets were right to let him walk. how many return men have consistent, great seasons? not many.

  11. Always love getting players from rivals. This is a good motivation. Great signing by Beane. Looking forward to seeing Roberts give Josh some good field position – or, even better 6 points.

  12. ryann252013 says:
    March 21, 2019 at 7:10 am
    He plays one of the most dangerous and replaceable positions in football and he’s turning 32 so what’s he shocked about? The Jets also have a very good ST coach named Brant Boyer who has input on these decisions. I don’t think the Jets are going to be losing sleep over Andre Roberts at all lol.


    If you were at the top of the league in your main role on the team after signing a 1 year deal and there was no real indication from your team that you are of value to them…yeah..pretty reasonable to be shocked and you might just be a bit pumped up to play them again.

  13. It’s pathetic how he takes all the credit for his pro bowl season. Hmm, if he had done it elsewhere in his career, then maybe he deserves that credit. Maybe the ST coach, the new rules, and the rest of the ST unit deserve a bit of credit. If he was that much of a credit hog in the locker room, then no wonder they let him walk and put their trust in the ST coach to reproduce what he did with Roberts with someone else in 2019.

  14. What is shady about the Jets deciding they didn’t want to pay him?

    Sour grapes because they wouldn’t give a guy who had ONE season of note the money he wanted.

    If he signed with Buffalo because he would get to play the Jets twice he’s a fool beyond description.

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