Bills remain “in touch” with free agent Ziggy Ansah

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The Bills have three defensive ends returning, but they recently had Ziggy Ansah for a visit.

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane sounds as if the team remains in the defensive end market, with Ansah still in the picture.

“We had a great visit with Ziggy, and he’s a great young man,” Beane said Thursday morning on WGR 550, via “He had a tough shoulder injury last year, and he’s still rehabbing that. I know he went on a couple other visits, or at least one other that I’m aware of. We had great talks with him and his agent. It’s kind of just at a standstill right now, but it doesn’t mean it will or it won’t happen. We’ll see going forward, and we’ll stay in touch with him and his representatives.”

Ansah is one of the top remaining free agents on PFT’s top-100 list at No. 27, but he still is rehabbing his shoulder. He played only seven games and had four sacks after the Lions used the franchise tag on him last season.

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  1. Long time Lions fan here. Oh Ziggy, you had so many chances in Detroit but just couldn’t stay healthy. The fact other teams you are visiting are talking about “major shoulder surgery” doesn’t bode well for where your body is at now. We hoped you could get healthy and return to form, but buyer beware – these injuries have been too big for too long for much hope.

  2. Too many injuries, plus the dude is probably 2-3 years older than he says he is. 1 year at about $9 million sounds like the best for both him and a potential team at this point.

  3. The Bills want to use him as a hybrid DE/DT on passing downs. With Kyle Williams retiring, The DT pass rush is weakened. They have Lotulelei clogging up the middle, but he rarely if ever gets to put pressure on the QB. They resigned former Miami DT Jordan Phillips, Who can get after the Qb and provide spectacular run support, but they are missing Williams’ skillset. Ansah is that piece they are missing or at least close to it. Harrison Phillips is talented, but too raw to throw in there more than a few downs per drive. Hopefully Ansah ends up signing a 1-2 year deal with Buffalo, Otherwise they will pilfer the best DT available at #9.

  4. 2 million 1 year to the Bills if he can stay healthy and produce maybe get a better contract next year.

  5. Major shoulder surgery should be no bigger impediment than major knee surgery. He’s young got a human, maybe not a player, and as such, should heal well. Shaq did.

  6. The intriguing part about Ziggy is the certainty of his age, as it was questioned during his draft year because of the sketchy record keeping in his native country. If you are two years older than the age of record, recovering from injury to your previous form could be perceived as being more difficult/uncertain.

  7. 2 years, 9 mill a year with incentives that could reach 14 million, (games played, sacks, tackles,) might make him buch up and push through it. Money talks bs walks.

  8. At this point DT needs to be a priority in the draft. Ed Oliver would be a good start for creating a young defense that could be sustained for the next 3-4 years. The offense took a step forward in FA, but we still need a young talented RB to groom who Gore and McCoy could mentor. A solid TE should also be in their sights.

  9. Teams are still concerned about that shoulder. You could it was bothering him when he last played. My guess is that teams are still intrigued by his athleticism, but want to see how badly the shoulder is bothering Ansah before pulling the trigger.

  10. He may have a “topper” offer in hand from Bob Quinn….but he shouldnt be getting more than 6 or 7m base w incentives to 10m on a 1 or 2 yr deal. He just can’t be counted upon.

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