Colts building team their way, refusing to go crazy in free agency

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The Colts had the most salary cap space in the NFL heading into free agency. They have used it to bring in one free agent from another team: Receiver Devin Funchess signed a one-year deal worth a maximum $13 million.

Otherwise, the money has gone to re-sign the team’s own players.

“We thought there were some good players on the market and dabbled in to see if we could get something done,” Colts General Manager Chris Ballard said on 1070 The Fan, via Mike Chappell of Fox 59. “Just couldn’t get a price point where we felt comfortable with what the player was going to give us.”

The Colts re-signed their own players, including Adam Vinatieri, Pierre Desir, Clayton Geathers, Mark Glowinski and Margus Hunt. Indianapolis returns 21 of 22 starters from its playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium, and the only player not returning is J.J. Wilcox, who was subbing for injured free safety Malik Hooker.

“Everybody has a different way of team building,” Ballard said, “and I don’t know if you can sit here and say any way is right or wrong. This is what we believe in and this is the path we’re going to go.
“We’ll continue to build this team the way we believe.”

11 responses to “Colts building team their way, refusing to go crazy in free agency

  1. More power to them, I say.
    Win a Super Bowl Quick… how often has that ever worked???

  2. They got lucky in the draft. Congrats. But it’s not a skill. It’s the roll of the dice. And it all levels out anyway once these guys have to get paid.

  3. It’s actually the best way to build a team. Don’t overspend in free agency for guys who have played their best years for other teams. Focus on drafting well, holding on to your own young stars, and complementing that talent with solid free agent acquisitions. Year after year that has been proven to be the best way to build a team.

  4. Margus Hunt blows.

    Indy is like a better version of the Jets. Always overrating their own talent. They do it all the time and have for decades, actually.

  5. That worked out great for Green Bay…and we all know Andrew Luck is just as good as A.Rod right…?

    The truth is you must use both the draft and free agency!!!

  6. Funchess was never TERRIBLE, and now he has a QB who can hit an open receiver. He’s likely going to have an Ebron-like resurgence in Indy.

  7. @ msc4realeagles,

    They “got lucky” in the draft you say? Bold claim about the 2018 GM of the Year in his 1st year at the reigns.

    They traded back with the Jets to stockpile picks (’18 + ’19), but within range to get the same player they were targeting (Nelson). Pretty smart there, not luck.

    They went against the grain and selected Darius Leonard with their 2nd pick and the pick was blasted all around as a reach… the dude went on to become an All Pro and lead the league in Tackles. That was a pretty bold definitive move by Ballard, not luck.

    Their 1st 2 Picks went on to become All Pro, that has NEVER happened in NFL history, let alone doing that after trading down and taking a chance on a player many analysts were sour on.

    They now have 3 picks in the top 50, 6 picks in the 1st 4 rounds AND the most Cap Space in the league still. Plus they retained 20 of 22 starters from last year.

    Seems like Ballard is making smart enough choices to be given some freedoms to operate how he chooses. If you believe that to be “luck” I’d be curious what is required to get labeled as “skill” or “intelligence”?

  8. Tylawsheldanddidntgetcalled:

    Yeah, Hunt is terrible, but Flowers was really good. Get over yourself. Let us know how your (latest batch of) penalties from the league go, k?

    Maybe Krafty Kraft will get “lucky” and the Prosecutor will destroy the tapes, like Roger did.

  9. Hunt was very solid roughly solid 5 sacks was solid against the run The colts have 78 million in cap space before the Justin Houston transaction. The new WR has a top 5 quarterback instead of scam Newton throwing him the ball. By the way, Rodger where are all tapes from Spy gate cheating for the last ten years and it purely by coincidence that they just dissappeared

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