Is “withdrawn” Thanksgiving proposal really withdrawn?

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Of all the various proposals that will be considered by ownership next week, one sticks out. It’s the one that doesn’t count.

The Eagles proposed that the Lions and Cowboys would alternate playing on the road on Thanksgiving, and then the Eagles withdrew it. But the proposal continues to appear on the list of proposals published to the media and submitted to the owners.

Here’s a theory: The Eagles fully intended to make the proposal and then to withdraw the proposal, with the understanding that the withdrawn proposal would still appear on the list of proposed rule changes. That way, the Eagles don’t look like jerks (or they look less like jerks) but the point still gets made.

It’s actually a great point. Although the NFL remains determined to extend the Dallas and Detroit hammerlock on Thanksgiving games because they were willing to host the games when no one else was, there’s nothing unfair about requiring them to play their annual short-week game on the road, every other year. In fact, given the proliferation of short-week football, it’s only fair to expect all teams to play their short-week games at home one year and on the road the next year.

Since the owners can pass any rule changes that they want, they can proceed with this one, regardless of whether it was withdrawn by the Eagles. And, in the interests of fairness to all teams, the owners should take up this issue, and vote in favor of it.

25 responses to “Is “withdrawn” Thanksgiving proposal really withdrawn?

  1. Why would the Eagles ” look like Jerks” for proposing a rule alternating fairness? Actually, they should propose that maybe some other teams can get a home game also (other then the Boys or Lions).

  2. Sure, why not?
    It’s only tradition.
    Change voting day to a Thursday.
    Make Easter on a work day.
    The Cowboys and Lions are as part of Thanksgiving as the Turducken.
    Leave it alone.

  3. This game belongs to the Lions. Make the Cowboys alternate but the Lions pretty much invented this tradition.

  4. The Cowboys and Lions aren’t leaving Thanksgiving any time soon. It’s tradition. Deal with it people.

  5. The Lions and Cowboys played on Thanksgiving when no other teams wanted to and therefore they have earned the right to continue the tradition.

  6. So other teams should benefit for doing something they didn’t want to do in the past while Dallas and Detroit both volunteered when no one wanted to do it? Sorry, no

  7. Cowboys playoff wins since 2000: 3
    Lions playoff wins since 2000: 0 (last win 1991)

    This “tradition” has gotten tired and boring to most of America.

  8. Not a Lions or Cowboys fan…but leave it alone!
    Youu said it all right here.
    “…because they were willing to host the games when no one else was…

  9. Sounds like maybe some of them joyous folks with billion dollar bank accounts are suggesting that the NFL rules committee go ahead and just kind of acknowledge, while traditions are “really” nice and all…
    It just so happens it’s 2019 not 1966.

  10. The Lions and the Cowboys get 8 home games and 8 away games just like every other team. So what is the difference if they get a home game on Thanksgiving Day every year. And, it’s a tradition.

  11. Eagles made this a issue because if they are playing on thanksgiving night vs Vikings and then have to travel to Dallas the following Thursday night it gives Cowboys advantage. As a eagles fan, it’s time to make the lions and cowboys to go on the road once in while because last year’s Thanksgiving games where bad.

    Even if you put this to a vote it could pass

  12. You got to remove the lions from Thanksgiving. There hasn’t been one compelling thanksgiving game with them in it in a decade

  13. For about a hundred years, MLB opened the season with a home game for the Reds. Fair or unfair, it was a much longer standing tradition than Thanksgiving football in Detroit.

    As for ‘earning the right’ to host the games, one could say that Minnesota has ‘earned the right’ to play outdoors, Miami has ‘earned the right’ to host every Super Bowl, Cleveland has ‘earned the right’ to be on Hard Knocks every year, and the Rams and Raiders have ‘earned the right’ to move every 10-12 years.

    Nothing is forever. They moved the draft, they moved the pro Bowl, they move the Super Bowl. Thanksgiving is ripe for moving as well.

  14. No one is saying the Lions and Cowpies won’t play on Thanksgiving. All the Eagles proposed is it not be a home game for both every year. I think that is fair.

  15. They “earned it” because they played when nobody else wanted it? Okay… how long does that but you? The league is a “what have you done for me lately” league in every other area. Have the lions or cowboys “earner” anything the last couple decades? Seems to me like any team should have to earn prime time games. Especially home prime time games.

    If lions refuse to be competitive, then no… they haven’t “earned” the right to continue to play on thanksgiving.

    Cowboys have become more competitive recently so I won’t pick that apart quite as much. A lot has to do with the match-up as well. The league better not schedule opponents like the jaguars or broncos as opponents for the cowboys and lions in turkey day.

  16. As a native Detroiter this game has a lot of sentimental significance to the fans and city. It’s a beloved tradition everyone looks forward to whether they lose or the turkey gets overcooked. It’s easy to point out what’s “fair” from the outside looking in but trust me if u were in our shoes u would feel the same. Cast aspersions all you want but to have this ripped away wouldn’t be “fair” either.

  17. It’s tradition so leave it alone. Dallas and Detroit deserve the games. To compromise they added a third game to make everyone happy. There is no way that they would ever pull the games from Dallas and Detroit. Especially since Dallas always has the highest rated games every year which equals money. Say what you want about Dallas, but the rating and facts don’t lie. Philly is acting like a snowflakes, not surprising, and crying about it.

  18. Teams that are forced to play on a short week should get a home game.
    Tems that have 11 days rest should play a road game.
    Thats fairness.

  19. Leave it alone Dallas and Detroit were smart and started a tradition that other teams didn’t think to.

  20. “The Cowboys and Lions aren’t leaving Thanksgiving any time soon. It’s tradition. Deal with it people”
    The NFL has been playing Thanksgiving games since 1920. long before the Cowboys showed up. Deal with that!

  21. To the people saying deal with it… there is 32 teams in this league with 32 fanbases. It’s time everyone gets equal treatment. It’s the right thing to do. Change it already or get stuck in old conservative ways.

  22. HHHmmmm In the last 22 Thanksgiving games with Dallas, they have 11 wins, 11 losses. NFL will say that it’s competitive…
    BUT Dallas is about .500 in the last 22 years anyhow, the meaning? Is that we are being force-fed mediocre football.

    Next point: The Television is likely on during the day of TG. Some watch, some don’t. Ratings are irrelevant because not many are truly watching the game…

    Detroit BTW is 4 wins and 9 losses in the last 13 years… doesn’t really make matters better.

    Well, there’s always that Dog-show that plays on Thanksgiving to watch instead…

  23. I have NEVER (I MEAN NEVER!!!) seen a city or a town, the fans of a its team; like the City of Philadelphia and the fans of the Eagles be so jealous and obsessed with another city/town and its team such as the Dallas Cowboys. I mean you guys are sick and psychotic I mean that!!! I mean why do you all allow the Cowboys to get in your heads so much. You all find any and everything to fuss, moan, complain and cry about when it comes to the Cowboys!!! Give it a break why don’t you. You all or either obsessed with them or jealous of them. To me, it appears to be jealousy.

    #1 Jealous people ply you with false praise and insincere compliments

    #2 They try to downplay your achievements

    #3 They flaunt their successes more than its actual merit

    #4 Jealous people deliberately give bad advice

    #5 Jealous people imitate you.

    #6 They are very competitive towards you.

    #7 Jealous people criticize you in every aspect.

    #8 They celebrate your failures.

    #9 They are absent during your moments of successes.

    #10 They talk behind your back

    #11 They will humiliate you in front of others

    #12 They just hate you for no reason at all.

    Leave tradition alone. Something are just synonymous with each team… Thanksgiving Dallas and Detroit…. How about some team comes along and tells you guys to stop playing the Rocky Theme Song at your home games.

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