John Lynch says 49ers will take the best player regardless of position at No. 2

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San Francisco General Manager John Lynch doesn’t think he has any major needs with the second overall pick in the draft.

Lynch said the 49ers’ needs were addressed in free agency, and the draft can be a matter of just adding talent.

“In terms of what we did, it gave us flexibility,” Lynch told NBC Sports Bay Area. “We had some ideas of areas where we had to get better. And what we did gave us flexibility to just focus on going out and getting the best player available, particularly with that top spot, regardless of the position.”

Some positions, however, are more valuable than others, and pass rusher is one of the most valuable positions. That’s why so many mock drafts have Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa going to the 49ers second overall. Lynch attended Ohio State’s Pro Day and said he plans to spend more time with Bosa before the draft. A lot can change in the next month, but it looks like Bosa will be the best player available at No. 2.

43 responses to “John Lynch says 49ers will take the best player regardless of position at No. 2

  1. “This player we drafted was actually not the best player on our board when we picked him. But we picked him because we needed a player at that position.”

    If a GM ever said THAT I couldn’t be more surprised if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet.

  2. So if you feel Murray is the best player in the draft and he slips to your pick you take him although you already have a QB? Not buying it unless you trade him right after selecting him. Semantics.

  3. The problem is that no one knows for sure who the best player available is and every team has their unique perspective. They might as well blindfold him and give him a dart board with player’s names. It will take years to even determine who the best player available is or in this case, ‘was.’

  4. *BS*

    Nobody ever knows who the best player available in the draft is…2 years ago Patrick Mahomes was the best player in the draft…but how players got drafted ahead of him…?

  5. All of this stuff that GM’s and coaches say about the draft means nothing. The only things which are always true about the draft are no one knows how it will all shake out and phony Goodell will hug every player and get booed by the crowd.

  6. To be fair…the 9ers have so many positions of need he could take almost anyone.

  7. BPA looks more like Quinnen Williams, the DT from Alabama at this point. They addressed the pass rush a bit with the trade for Dee Ford so have the luxury of passing on Bosa for Williams who is a monster. I’m sure Bosa will be good as well but I think Lynch is hinting that they aren’t hand-cuffed into needing to draft a pass rusher now so don’t need to take Bosa.

  8. nords14 says: “So if you feel Murray is the best player in the draft and he slips to your pick you take him although you already have a QB? Not buying it unless you trade him right after selecting him. Semantics.”

    But when was a quarterback ever in the top 5 ‘best player’ in the draft? Quarterbacks go high in the draft to QB-needy teams because it’s the most important position, but they’re hardly the best athlete.

  9. Lynch, like many, is just trying to adopt Belichick’s approach. Pick the best guy, regardless of need. Reason is SIMPLE: You can always trade or FA for positions of need but the draft’s a free chance to get the best remaining available rookie of any position without any trade or FA cost.

  10. I’d fear that Bosa will be like his brother and not play unless everything is under the perfect conditions.

    He’s a lock from a talent perspective. I just don’t know if the future buyer will get their moneys worth?

  11. If you are drafiting top 5 you normally have enough holes that you can use anyone regardless of position.

    Towards the end of the draft you normally see teams who are looking at finding the missing peice before this wondow closes.

  12. The last time the Niners had the second pick in the draft, John made that identical proclamation, moved back a spot, and picked Solomon Thomas over Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Marshhon Lattimore and Jamal Adams. So, trust me, Niner Nation is not particularly stoked about the prospects of John selecting the guy he believes is the best available player.

  13. So if you were picking 32 and had Tom Brady but the best player available was a QB you would waste your first round pick on him even if he couldent carry Brady’s jock strap? What a stupid philosophy.

  14. It’s truly mindboggling he has to say this. The draft talent really goes down about 14 or 15 picks in….if your in the top 10 you keep the pick and of course take the BEST player. Take a look at the last 5 drafts and study the 1st round after the top 15…’s littered with so-so players

  15. This will be Lynch’s swan song draft. Loved him as a player but he is so far over his head as a G.M. Questionable moves especially drafting Solomon Thomas. The players they picked up in free agency that he is speaking about he selected in free agency are all either coming off major injury or are injury prone. Lynch absolutely need to hit a home run, franchise type pick here or he is gone

  16. I agree with above sentiment, GMs love to say they fill needs in FA so that they can draft the best available Player! That’s BS, Belichick included. Teams are to a large extent considering a positional need regardless of the verbiage. The reality is that teams typically have multiple needs so best available is more likely addressing the need.

  17. The smart money trades down. On a whim I looked back at the top of the draft from four years ago. It is indeed a crap shoot. Picks 8 and 10, Vic Beasley and Todd Gurley, are the only difference makers still on the team that drafted them. Scherff at #5 is a solid guard. The rest are either hanging on solely on draft pedigree (Mariota and Winston for example), or they aren’t on their original team anymore (Fowler, Cooper, etc.). If you’re going to trade the guy before his rookie contract is even up, may as well trade the pick.

  18. I think he can say that because he can say that Kyler Murray is NOT the best player available if the Cardinals does not pick him. Murray may well be the best QB available at number 2 but not the best player. The 49ers, despite signing Jason Verrett, can use a shutdown corner, if one is available. It was how they won Super Bowls in the 80s when they had Eric Wright and Ronnie Lott. It was how the Raiders dominated when they had Hayes and Haynes.

  19. At this time of year you can bet GMs across the League are throwing out smoke screens. However if Lynch is serious than this is very concerning.

    Our pass rush is still in need of elite help even after signing Dee Ford and has been the most glaring hole on defense. Followed closely by CB, add to the fact our safeties (which our defensive scheme is predicated around) are garbage. So yeah it should be Josh Allen (hopefully) or Bosa at #2.

    And for all of those clamoring for Quinnen Williams remember we red shirted Kentavius Street last year for that role.

  20. It’s Bosa or Josh Allen, they already are stacked on the D-Line.

    I’m more interested in rounds 2-4. Need help in the secondary and at WR.

    Lynch better get it right this time or he is skating on thin ice

  21. ehsguy72 says:
    March 21, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    It’s Bosa or Josh Allen, they already are stacked on the D-Line.


    Not so fast. Quinnen Williams also plays nose tackle, and they are not stacked on the nose. Furthermore, he’s a massive upgrade over Solomon Thomas an Arik Armstead as a 3T on interior rushes. Do not be surprised if they pass on Bosa and take Williams. Also, there is no way they will take Allen at 2. Not unless they trade down. He is too raw, and neither he nor Bosa are the best pure edge rusher (Burns is). Both are 3 down players, however. But the 49ers won’t draft a raw part time edge rusher with the 2nd over all pick. It’s Bosa or Williams at 2. Anything else will be a trade down.

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