Report: Tyreek Hill’s name came up in trade talks at start of free agency

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Everything is on hold at the moment, as it pertains to Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

But there’s a chance his future was going to be different, even before reports of an investigation of allegations of battery of a child.

In a mailbag column at The Athletic, Jay Glazer mentions that he heard “rumblings” that Hill’s name was being mentioned in trade talks earlier this offseason.

Again, the current investigation makes that a moot point for now, but it’s worth filing away for several reasons.

For one, Glazer was ahead of the herd with his “bold prediction” that Giants wideout Odell Beckham could be traded this offseason, a prediction that came in when he was dealt to Cleveland.

But at the time from which those Hill rumblings emanated, the Chiefs were talking to Hill about a contract extension, which would have likely dwarfed any deals at the time. Perhaps if those talks weren’t going well, and the Chiefs weren’t confident about their ability to resign him, they might have taken the temperature of others to see what Hill’s value would be.

The legal system and the NFL’s own investigation is taking center stage now, but it’s worth considering that Hill’s future in Kansas City might not have been as secure as some imagined.

15 responses to “Report: Tyreek Hill’s name came up in trade talks at start of free agency

  1. AB and Tyreek Hill have the same agent, Drew Rosenhaus. If Rosenhaus can make Trent Brown the highest paid tackle in the NFL then you guess how much would he have demanded for Hill. No wonder the Chiefs were looking for options. Signing Hill to a long term record breaking deal is going to be a challenge for Chiefs because of Hill’s off field issues.

  2. Wow if they trade him, they would be a much different team. Legal issues aside just talking on the field, this guy can take the top off a defense at any time and that opens up everyone else.

  3. With Hunt already gone it seems like a HUGE stretch that they would have been looking to trade Hill. (Unless they knew something everybody else didn’t at the time.)

  4. PFT seems to be covering for the Chiefs, suggesting the Chiefs talked trade because contract negotiations were not going well.

    But isn’t the obvious reason because they caught wind of the abuse allegations?

  5. Browns will take Hill, no problems or questions asked. If it’s brown flush it down.
    It’s going to be a brown super bowl in 2020.

  6. If Glazer is correct, this only proves that nobody is untradeable for KC except Mahomes (at present).

    You get an offer of a pair of #1s and a 3rd rounder or a decent quality starter tossed at you for Hill… you have to consider that kind of booty.

  7. Seems odd they would trade the guy unless they viewed it as a risk signing him long term. This is the same team that gave Sammy Watkins a huge multi year contract not like they’re adverse to paying WR’s.

  8. There’s something going behind closed doors with KC management. The players are leaving like rats on a sinking ship. If they trade or release Tyreek, teams will pounce on him like flies on —-. KC can forget about getting to the Super Bowl.

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