Ricky Seals-Jones signs his tender

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The Cardinals announced that exclusive rights free agent Ricky Seals-Jones signed his tender offer Thursday.

They expect the tight end to play a big role in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense.

Kingsbury recruited Seals-Jones to Texas A&M when he was the offensive coordinator of the Aggies, though Kingsbury left for the head coaching job at Texas Tech before Seals-Jones enrolled.

Seals-Jones, 23, made 34 catches for 343 yards and a touchdown last season.

5 responses to “Ricky Seals-Jones signs his tender

  1. I really like the double standard with coaches leaving their program for the next best thing. Seems to me, if they are in a D1 school and transfer to another, they should have to sit out a year, just like a player would have to.

  2. I’m seeing a pattern here with this Kingsbury recruiting crap. Bank on Murray going to Arizona and Rosen being traded.

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