Cam Newton takes vow of chastity for a month

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Going vegan was one thing.

Now, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is giving up something else in hopes of helping his comeback.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Newton alluded to taking a vow of chastity during March.

“In March — I hope this is an adult crowd, it looks like it is — no climax,” Newton said.

The audience and Corden reacted with surprise, but Newton continued. “Straight up. I’m going through a transition right now, like, where, . . .” he said, before Corden cut him off with an “Oh. My God.”

Actor David Boreanaz, another guest on the show, joked that he should have taken that challenge during February, which only has 28 days.

“I wanted it to be challenging,” Newton said. “I’m coming off shoulder surgery.”

That led to some predictable back-and-forth jokes among the host and his guests, but Newton seemed to have an actual justification for it.

“It makes my mind stronger,” he said. “So when the season comes around, I say if I did those things, I’m mentally stronger.”

Whether his celibacy translates to more success remains to be seen, but after shutting him down in December, we’ve already seen what the Panthers offense looks like when Newton doesn’t score.

15 responses to “Cam Newton takes vow of chastity for a month

  1. People get offended by his antics. I think he is just annoying but harmless.

    The only thing people should care about is his football skills and they have been in steady decline since his mvp year. His best years are behind him unless he can prove otherwise.

  2. I like Cam.

    He doesn’t break the law, he entertains.

    Between this and his choice of clothing and his refusal to dive on his fumble in the super bowl I find him amusing.

  3. Cam haters will add this to the reasons they dislike him. Why? Nobody really knows.

    The list:
    – Has fun and celebrates
    – Dresses differently
    – Didn’t dive on 1 fumble (Yes, it was the Super Bowl, I know.)
    – Didn’t answer some media questions. ( half of the US hate the media, but that’s another story)
    – Uses weird fonts in Instagram

    – Doesn’t play for your team

    What a terrible person. That charity foundation creating, hospital visiting, school visiting, giver-away of game-balls to kids, kind of “monster”.

  4. carloswlassiter says:
    Just read the defense and throw it to the open guy. It’s not that complicated.

    If it wasn’t complicated than we’d ALL be NFL QBs pulling in multi million dollar contracts like Cam.

  5. So all of the NFL world anointed this guy as the game changer. What happened? I don’t watch this team so I truly don’t know. Does he have a bad oline? Are his receivers bad? Does the defense give away the games? Why was everyone so high on this guy but he doesn’t seem to produce Ws (accept for one year)?

  6. Dear Cam: Both my kids with Giselle were born in December, which means they were conceived in March. You’ve got the right idea, but you’re timing’s all wrong. It’s during the season when ya gotta make your mind stronger, not the offseason. Hope this helps. Yours truly, Tom Brady 😉

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