Devin White: I’ll be looking for $100 million in five years

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Devin White announced at LSU’s Pro Day on Friday that he has signed an endorsement deal with Nike. Whatever he signed for pales in comparison to what he plans to make in his second NFL contract.

White projects as a top-10 pick, a rare linebacker to go that high in the past five drafts.

“People know ‘Devin isn’t going to be on the board long, and we’re not going to find another Devin 10 years from now. He’s rare,’” White said, via Roy Lang of the Shreveport Times. “Draft me, because when I hit free agency in five years, the price will go up. I’ll be looking for $100 million then.”

White stood on his Combine numbers Friday, but he did do individual drills.

“It just shows my competitive nature, my hard work,” White said. “I’m not trying to do what anybody else did. I’m trying to create a lane for myself. I want to go in the top five.”

89 responses to “Devin White: I’ll be looking for $100 million in five years

  1. Since Devin refers to himself in third person, he will be looking for 100 million for Devin and another 100 million for himself.

  2. I wonder what the correlation might be between draft picks predicting “$100m in five years” type thing and actual NFL success?

    Love the ambition and hopefully it’s paired with drive! However, maybe focus on being a part of a team first and your first contract before negotiating the 2nd?

  3. this guy just talked himself down about 10 spots in the draft! i was hoping the Steelers had a shot at him but now i hope not. they just got rid of two me first players and dont need anymore!

  4. Guys who refer to themselves in the third person are on a different level of ego. This guy will either be a superstar or will fall flat on his face. I’m kind of rooting for the former. Humility is much more admirable.

  5. Always refreshing to see a humble gifted young an with integrity, really endearing and certainly presents as steam first player…….NOT ….stay in the bayou or better still take some leasing from real LSU NFL res ..eq. Kyle Williams

  6. Talks about himself in the third person AND tells you he’s all about the Brnjamins? Seems like such a lovely, humble guy.

  7. Someone should tell him he’s in the wrong line of work. If he turns out to be that good it’ll be 7 years before he smells free agency and teams will be unlikely to sign a guy for that much who’ll be as beat up as he is. His only hope is to be on a team with a QB that’s good enough to get paid so the franchise tag isn’t put on him.

  8. Well those comments may hurt his draft stock with some teams. There are players willing to take less to stay with their team and others where money reigns supreme. Do you want a Tom Brady type player or a Kirk Cousins?

  9. if this doesn’t have G.M.’s dropping him like a stone, forget the apocalypse is coming, it’s here.

  10. “…I’ll be looking for $100 million then.”

    Or, he’ll be flipping burgers by then as has been the plight of thousands of can’t miss prospects who have come before him.

  11. Play a down in the NFL first Junior, before you’re making contract demwnads for 5 years down the road. What’s wrong with these kids?

  12. There’s a line of players who thought the same way as you before the draft only to find that they weren’t good enough. Maybe play a few downs before declaring yourself great. In the meantime you can stay warm by using Ocho Cinco’s HOF yellow jacket that he doesn’t wear. Hint hint.

  13. Stay clear of this guy. He just proved to be another Antonio Brown and Laveon Bell

  14. Nice goal…. but with recent examples of some teams deciding salary focused players are not worth the salary cap and other headaches, might he have cost himself a couple draft spots.

  15. Looking for 100million before ever playing a down in the nfl and referring to himself in the 3rd person. What could go wrong if you draft him?

  16. I’m hoping Denver can get him. He looks like he may be a game changer and generational talent like Ray Lewis and Urlacher, but even if he only plays to the level Al Wilson, the Broncos will be set for years.

  17. Not “I want to go down as the greatest linebacker ever,” or “I’m going to help my team win multiple Super Bowls” …? It’s “I’m going to want $100 million” …?


  18. He wants to go in the top 5 yet is saying all the wrong things. His agent needs to tell him to zip it until after he gets drafted and signs his first contract.

  19. Sounds a little Wade Boggs-ish who spoke in the third person often. Anyway “Devin”, Razzlejag has a plan, too. He is cutting his season tickets from 10 (the last 15 years) to 6 this year, then to either 4 or 2 depending on high high the Jaguars have to raise ticket prices to pay for the likes of you.

    Then in Year 3 or 4, Razzlejag will go to zero and someone else can pay your contracts. Razzlejag will likely buy a small boat and spend Sundays fishing.

  20. NFL contracts are a joke…..guaranteed money is what he should be after, not overinflated back loaded fictitious ones…….

  21. Doesn’t sound like he’ll be a guy that is going to be contract obsessed and a problem…

  22. I hope that this scares teams away, chances are that he’s a mega-bust just like MANY SEC LBs that have been busts over the last 10 years.

  23. Arrogant, delusional, self-centered. Nothing about his statement should be admired and it shows the potential for big problems. He might be good but that is no way to head into your first job.

  24. WOW. I am a big believer in Karma and that level of IM the man is going to get him. He will get injured or in trouble or something you watch. Confidence is a good thing but should not be confused with arrogance.

  25. He’s better than Roquon Smith? The only certainty with him is that he never ventured inside a classroom.

  26. Well, that is one way to kill your draft stock lol. With a head that big, no one will want him. Stay in your lane, Junior. Make a name for yourself then you can talk.

  27. The Steelers need a linebacker so bad and I was hoping this guy fell or they moved up. Now this makes me wonder if we would have another Bell or Brown situation in a few years.

  28. nords14 says:
    March 23, 2019 at 7:42 am
    There’s a line of players who thought the same way as you before the draft only to find that they weren’t good enough. Maybe play a few downs before declaring yourself great. In the meantime you can stay warm by using Ocho Cinco’s HOF yellow jacket that he doesn’t wear. Hint hint.

    This opens an interesting conversation to me. Just out of curiousity, is Chad a HOF? Personally I don’t think so, but I could see him getting in at some point, he was fantastic for a good while. Actually, probably not IMO, just wondering thoughts on him from others.

  29. Me too, I’ll be looking for $100 million in five years. The lucky scratch-off is out there, I know it!

  30. I don’t mind an athlete being brash, confident etc etc. I don’t mind them trying to get all the money they can, but let’s wait until this guy has actually taken a snap and has played through his FIRST contract before all of this nonsense starts. Show me your body of work that you think merits $100mil.

  31. It’s not just athletes that have this sense of entitlement. I see it a lot with the company I work for. They hire these young kids and they come through the door wanting to know why they don’t have the same amount of vacation time, not making the same salary and don;t have the same “perks” as some one that has been here for 10-15 years. Then they looks at you like you are speaking Greek when you tell them they have to EARN it…..

  32. Looks good on the field and confidence is often a good thing, but you better be a Deion Sanders type of athlete to carry this sort of statement. White looks quick. He doesn’t look a step or two faster than any other linebacker in the NFL.

  33. I want to see guys who are living their dream do well. But in White’s case, I’ll make an exception. I hope he gets a good dose of reality in the NFL by struggling to even get on the field. He needs to learn what humility is.

  34. Devin, if you’re as great as you say/think you are; in 5 years and you’re asking for $100 million then you will be grossly underpaid. You should be seeking a Mike Trout type of contract by that time.!!

  35. No problem at all with a show of confidence. No problem at all with a player wanting to get paid as much as he can and as much as he is worth. But that has nothing to do with this tool expecting 100 million before he plays one down in the nfl (and the third person crap?!) Hard, hard pass on this clown.

  36. LOL, wow. Newsflash, Devin … the only player who could talk that way before playing a single down in the NFL, and back all of it up, was Deion Sanders.

  37. Me, me , me , myself, myself, not one mention of the team. This is the NFL players of today.

  38. If I were a GM, I would steer clear of someone who announces he’s going to be a problem before he’s even drafted!

  39. First of all, this clown hasn’t even played a down in the NFL and he already thinks he’s going to be worth $100M? How many guys have been drafted in the first round and been complete busts? I’d say quite a few. This guy sounds like he’s destined to be another.

    Another problem is these words are going to haunt him when he finally gets on the field–if he does get on the field. Just about every guy on the opposing team’s offense will want to take this guy down a notch.

    Finally, this guy already looks like a diva. We all know how that works out. If I were a GM I’d take this guy off my draft board after reading these inane comments. Since he’s more interested in talking about money he probably won’t care much about playing like he deserves that contract. Good luck to whatever team is dumb enough to draft this future pain-in-the-backside.

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