Proposed rule would let scoring teams enforce personal fouls on the PAT

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Under current NFL rules, if a team scores a touchdown on a play when their opponent commits a personal foul, that foul is enforced on the ensuing kickoff. Under a proposed rule change, that foul could be enforced on the point after touchdown.

The rule proposal, which will be considered at next week’s league meeting, says that, “On a touchdown, the penalty, whether a live ball or dead ball foul or a foul between downs, can be enforced on the succeeding kickoff or Try.”

In other words, if the offense scores a touchdown and the defense commits a late hit, the current rules move the ball 15 yards on the kickoff. But the proposal would allow the offense to choose to take the 15 yards either on the kickoff or on the extra point.

Most of the time, teams would probably still take the 15 yards on the kickoff. But late in a one- or two-point game, when moving the try half the distance to the goal line would make the try easier, the offense would likely choose to take it on the point after touchdown. It’s a proposal that makes sense.

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  1. I’ve been saying this for years. Players can commit a personal foul with little to no recourse since it’s enforced on the kickoff. It’ll most likely be a touchback, so what? But when you tack on 15 yards to an already long PAT (or on a potential two-point conversion), players and coaches will be very aware of their actions.

  2. If you have a decent kickoff kicker, you don’t need the 15 yards to get the touchback, and the current penalty becomes useless. This is a good proposal because it either makes the extra point kick much easier (it’s not guaranteed since it’s been backed up) or a 2-point conversion a QB sneak possibility.

  3. The 15 yards is meaningless on kick off touchback still brings ball out. Enforce the 15 yards after the return or touchback. Regardless if there is another penalty. The 15 yards is in addition to another penalty. That will be the end of personal fouls

  4. Really, the only use for a 15 yard penalty on the kickoff would be if the kicking took advantage of the opportunity for an onside kick. But coaches rarely have the guts to try that and the timing is rarely optimal.

  5. Why not allow the defense the same opportunity if there is an unsportsmanlike conduct or taunting penalty on the offense? Move the extra point back 15 yards.

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