Stephon Gilmore restructures contract

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The Patriots have some more cap space at their disposal.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that cornerback Stephon Gilmore has restructured his contract with the team. Gilmore converted $8.5 million of his $9.5 million salary into a signing bonus in order to create $5.67 million in cap space. That money will be added to Gilmore’s cap hits in 2020 and 2021.

The Patriots were short on cap space before the move. According to the NFLPA, they came into the day with just over $4.5 million in room.

Gilmore is set to make $10.5 million and $11.5 million in the final two years of his deal. He was named a first-team All-Pro for his work during the 2018 season and made a key interception in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.

19 responses to “Stephon Gilmore restructures contract

  1. So, buying another ring now, then paid getting the money later when he’ll need it for the party.

  2. Interesting. This should help getting Ghost resigned and possibly pave the way for not only the draft class but for a Tommy extension. I would also assume this means Steph will stay throughout his contract. Gilmore, Dawson (if healthy and not Ras I Dowling Jr), Jones, JC Jackson and J-Mac. Should be a great 2019 secondary if healthy to go with J-Mac’s leadership

  3. This is what winning does for General Managers. A winning football team allows the GMs to go back to Vet players and say if you want to keep winning were going to have to pay you less. And it works. Most people believe the PATS are going to continue to win, JETS/CARDS/DOLPHINS/ETC. couldn’t really pull this off.

  4. If they are so short on cap space how were they offering $10m per for Adam Humphries?


    1) he signed with Tennessee
    2) The pats probably would have structured his contract to have a big signing bonus
    3) The pats probably had restructured deals in place. You watch, a Brady extension, gronk return, or Devin McCourty restructure could occur next.

    no matter how much you hate the patriots, Belichick is one step ahead of the game. What he has done in the age/era of the salary cap, free agency, and witch hunts over football pressure is nothing short of great. Even tony romo said if you hate them, admire them, you will NEVER SEE THIS DOMINANCE AGAIN.

  5. “if you want to keep winning were going to have to pay you less.”

    They’re not paying him less they changed the bulk of his salary this season to a signing bonus which doesn’t count towards cap in the same way

  6. 6 picks in top 100, need some space to sign them and get a guy or two this summer. 2 more comp picks in the 3rd round next year, giving Pats 5 of top 100. Everybody else overpaying for exPatriots. Sure they probably wanted to keep Brown and Flowers, but that’s how you become the Dolphins. We just became younger again, which is what Bill wants. 23 year olds trying to get paid vs. 25 year olds who are now rich and maybe not as motivated and don’t play with Tom Brady.

    As for signing Adam Humphries, who knows what they offered him, but is was most likely less than others offered up front, with a better chance of him playing through the contract. If they had signed him it would have resulted in restructuring in other areas they won’t have to do now.

  7. Pats are FINALLY in cap jail. Only took two decades. Hopefully the clock has finally run out and we can see some new blood start to take over in the AFC. You guys have gad enough winning to last a couple of generations.

  8. I’m not worried about the cap or the restructuring of contracts…. Pats have a lot of people tons smarter than me overseeing & monitoring that aspect of the franchise……I’ve yet to see them do anything or structure anything that hurts the teams ability to be flexible enough to accomplish their goals…… & YES, I KNOW Brady is a big reason for that!!!!

  9. 6 picks in the top 100 this year and 7 mill in cap space next year possibly 5/6 picks in the top 100 and projected 75 million in cap space. The ride continues

  10. dcrjr says:
    March 22, 2019 at 12:26 pm
    I thought NE was cheap and didn’t pay anyone? How can they be having cap space issues?

    It’s not that they don’t pay anyone, it’s that they spread all the money across the entire roster rather than give just a few guys massive contracts and then not have anything left for depth. They also restructure guys with larger contracts, like Stephan Gilmore, every so often to make room for incoming players. The Pats are not cheap….they just spread the money allotment around better and restrain themselves on large contracts so they do not have to cut corners down the roster.

  11. superpatriotsfan says:
    March 22, 2019 at 1:25 pm
    Genius Move!
    Yes, just one of many over the last 2 decades of dominance……
    Glad to know you appreciate it as well!!!

  12. >>>tattooit says:
    March 22, 2019 at 11:04 am
    Pats are FINALLY in cap jail. Only took two decades. Hopefully the clock has finally run out <<<

    Guess again, pal. Pats are still looking at 75m in cap space in 2020 and won't have any problem signing this year's players. Keep in mind that the cap has a floor. Teams are expected to use over 87% of their cap space. Belichick has handled the cap better than anybody in the league. You think he's just suddenly going to forget how to do that?

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