What will Mike Tomlin say next week in Arizona?

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Plenty of interesting things can and will happen at the annual league meetings in Arizona. One specific event that typically generates interest happens on Tuesday morning, when coaches appear for a breakfast with the media.

For Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, there may not be much time to eat his eggs. It will be his first public comments since an end-of-season press conference that laid bare multiple concerns regarding former Steelers receiver Antonio Brown.

More than two months later, Brown has been traded and running back Le'Veon Bell has signed with the Jets and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger continues to take shrapnel from Brown and Bell and other former Steelers. Through it all, a sense lingers that Tomlin has failed to exercise the kind of control over the team that would have prevented a different standard from applying to Brown regarding tardiness and Ben regarding, well, turdiness.

Does Tomlin think he’s on the hot seat? Will he do things differently? What lessons have the team learned from the experience? It should make for an interesting discussion next week, which will be the next step toward an interesting season in Pittsburgh.

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  1. How could he not be? After several years without a Super Bowl appearance despite being loaded with talent, the two superstars mutiny on the team, one forcing a trade and the other his release, I’d say his time has come.

  2. He’ll do ehat he always does: offer nothing substantial, talk in circles loaded with cliches, deflect, avoid blame and be obscure the whole time! He’s a complete fraud and now the rest of the sports world is starting to notice! The Steelers are going nowhere with him pretending to be an NFL head coach.

  3. Its easy to say AB isa diva, Bell is a diva, and Tomlin is whatever u choose to call him. But the GM should be the one on blast. Also ive yet to read any current or former player say anything negative and brown or bell as a teammate. But i have heard former player such as the bus, james jones, and the great hines ward call out big ben whom everyone seems to give a pass to.

  4. Tomlin certainly had his problems not being able to control Brown but the Steelers will be better off without these 2 head cases Brown and Bell. There’s a tremendous loss of talent but at least they can move on without distractions. The Steelers showed they can plug in James Conner and do just fine, they just are going to need JUJU to continue to step up and find a second capable #2 in Moncrief or Washington to get the job done.

  5. He’ll do ehat he always does: offer nothing substantial, talk in circles loaded with cliches, deflect, avoid blame and be obscure the whole time!

    Very true, but at least he won’t trip over his own words.

  6. “These guys did some great things for us. They’re great players. We wish them the best, but they’re on other squads now, so I’ll now longer be speaking about them” Or some variation of that. Short, sweet, and respectful.

  7. Hot seat for Steelers head coaches … He keeps messing up and he only gets a silver watch on his 65th.

    Guy has been a head coach for ten years or so. No losing seasons. Two superbowl appearances. One victory. Clearly he needs to go and they hire a coach with a significantly better record.

    Wait. Belicek won’t come. Ohoh.


  8. Here’s how it will go … coach Mike what do you have to say about AB ? The standard is the standard … and Bell? The standard is the standard… and the additions on defense? We will defend a blade of grass… coach what about all this media surrounding Big Ben … we accept the challenge… coach I’m confused ? The standard is the standard… what ? We will treat them like men .. coach I didn’t even ask a question? It’s never pretty it’s usually ugly … coach I’m simply trying to ask you about your difficulties in clock management? Well see the clock is 60 min and there is a play clock … yes coach I know , I want to know why you struggle? Well see the seconds tick down … coach we get the theory , it is why do you not call time outs and manage in game situations better? The standard is the standard… coach ? Do you know how hard it is to do all this stuff, I got voices in my head telling me what to do … coach that’s a headset ? Huh ?? Never mind coach it looks like the standard will continue to be the standard… right on man !!! Coach that wasn’t a good thing … ya man it should be tho… I’ll see ya next time coach cliche .. ya man I saw someone nicnamed me that, I love it !!! Well you shouldn’t..

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