Former Patriots receiver Malcolm Mitchell retires

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In January, former Patriots wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell said he wanted to keep playing despite knee injuries that have required 10 surgeries. Now Mitchell has decided to retire.

Mitchell said at an event at his alma mater, Georgia, that he’s done playing football.

The Patriots chose Mitchell in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL draft despite his history of knee injuries, and as a rookie he showed promise, catching 32 passes for 401 yards and four touchdowns, and adding six catches for 70 yards in the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory over the Falcons.

Unfortunately, that was it for Mitchell: He suffered a knee injury that forced him to miss the entire 2017 season, then he was waived before the start of the 2018 season. Now he’s decided to move on.

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  1. At least he retires as someone who helped win a championship

    Shame his injuries couldn’t be overcome

  2. I wish he could have played longer. He made a couple of great plays in Super Bowl LI. On another subject, I heard the Patriots met with two West Virginia wide receivers yesterday, 6’2” Gary Jennings and 6’3” David Sills.

  3. Was rooting for him to make a comeback. He was still improving and was already good enough for a significant role in helping his team win a Super Bowl. Mitchell had earned Brady’s trust; a very difficult achievement for young wide receivers.
    Football is a cruel sport and no doubt career longevity depends in no small part on dumb luck. Michell was long on talent and dedication but short on luck.
    Should feel proud of his football career. Wish him the best in life after football.

  4. …..Good Luck Malcolm. Hope you pursue your writing passion and influence through your words.

  5. “jimcross1957 says:
    March 23, 2019 at 1:31 pm
    Hope he was sensible with his paychecks. If he didn’t waste it, he could still be set for life.”

    1.7 mill lifetime before agents and taxes.

  6. Remember all those crybabies saying the Pats had no soul for releasing him because he was injured? It’s too bad. The kid had some hands and could have been a standout.

  7. He quickly earned Brady’s trust in his rookie year – rare. It’s too bad. The Patriots suck at drafting wide receivers, but they got this one right, albeit I believe he did have some injury history in college. Good person.

  8. thank you for your hard work and team effort mr mitchell. we will never forget your clutch first down catches at the most important time on the biggest stage. lots of people are celebrated for our comeback win over atl, but malcolm was just as key to the outcome as the others. good luck, you have an entire life of fun ahead.

  9. I loved Malcolm Mitchell as a player and bought his jersey because of his play and his literacy efforts. It’s sad that he won’t be able to come back from his knee problems, but I hope he’s at least not in pain. He seems like a fine young man and I hope he finds a rewarding path in life.

  10. I can speak as a person with multiple knee surgeries. I hope he retired so he can still walk when he’s older. A football career is not worth never walking again. Best of luck to ya Malcolm.

  11. All good. You want to walk without a limp when you’re 50. Decent references to boot. Good luck young Man. Carry the “do your job” mantra throughout.

  12. I wish he were set for life, but a 4th rounder probably isn’t. Wish him the best.

  13. He can tour the small towns in Massachusetts doing autograph signings and card shows.
    He’ll earn a living as long as the Pats stay on top and Homerville is in full force.

  14. jimcross1957 says:
    March 23, 2019 at 1:31 pm
    Hope he was sensible with his paychecks. If he didn’t waste it, he could still be set for life.
    On a rookie contract for 2 seasons? Not a chance. After tax, he could have decent money to start a life, with a modest home and car, but thats about it. He can’t live off of that.

  15. He has done and will do a lot for children’s literacy.
    Google his name and “author”…

    If he could have stayed healthy, he would have eventually been a Walter Payton Man of the Year award winner.

  16. Dang, that’s a bummer. If I recall, a well-known New England beat reporter was getting excited about Mitchell during the 2017 preseason before his injury, and a breakout year seemed imminent.

  17. lobstasandmobstas says:
    March 23, 2019 at 1:51 pm
    “jimcross1957 says:
    March 23, 2019 at 1:31 pm
    Hope he was sensible with his paychecks. If he didn’t waste it, he could still be set for life.”

    1.7 mill lifetime before agents and taxes.
    Even with 1 million, that’s like hitting the lottery for “normal people”. He can still be set for life with that, most don’t make that lifetime in salaries. Of course some luxuries will have to go, but that’s a comfortable ordinary middle class life he can still support his family with. Not to mention that’s a lot of money so hopefully he’s smart with investing it and it can grow into more no problem.

  18. It’s too bad…….this dude would have had a great career and would have had a huge impact for years to come in this offense. He was a great addition, too bad the knees didn’t want to co-operate!!

  19. Hate to see a guy’s career cut short by injury. Wish him well in the next chapter of his life.

  20. With less than a million dollars, he can buy a nice house outright, buy his mother a nice house too, and then whatever money he makes later will not be needed to pay a mortgage, only the other bills.

    He has a solid chance to be WAY ahead of the game.

    I liked him, sorry to see it end like this for him.

  21. From a football standpoint it’s really too bad cause he showed that he could play at this level and was getting better every game. He had chemistry with Brady and earned that respect by doing his job and making plays. He was huge in Super Bowl 51. Most of his catches came in the 4th quarter when the Pats needed first downs. As for his life going forward, he seems like a smart kid that was really doing some good in this world by helping children. Hopefully he can keep going with that and make a bigger impact off the field than he ever would have on it

  22. He can always go to the book club with the older ladies that adore him, he should be able to get a coaching gig as a receiving coach at some small college

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