Andy Reid “forever grateful” to departed stars, but moves were necessary

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Defensive changes have been the theme of the Chiefs offseason thus far.

They hired a new defensive coordinator in Steve Spagnuolo and signed safety Tyrann Mathieu to make an early splash in free agency. They also said farewell to three players who had played prominent roles for them in the past.

Safety Eric Berry and linebacker Justin Houston were released while linebacker Dee Ford was traded to the 49ers shortly after Kansas City used the franchise tag on him. Head coach Andy Reid told Steve Wyche of NFL Media that he is “forever grateful” to the three players for what they brought to the organization, but that the moves were necessary to build a team that has a long run of success.

“That’s the name of this game right now,” Reid said. “I mean, the NFL now … it’s hard to hold on to players for as long as you’d like to. I mean these are three of my favorite guys and good football players who can still do this thing. But, you have this influx of young guys, you have this whole salary cap thing that you’ve got to try to juggle. You have to be half-a-genius to put this thing together and make it sustained.”

The Chiefs had the league’s best offense in 2018 and having a less impressive defense didn’t stop them from landing the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs. They fell short of a title, though, and their plan to remedy that in 2019 and beyond is to remake the defense.

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  1. Even when Andy was here in Philly, he had a pretty damn good track record of letting players go at the right time and those players offering very little to the next team who signs them. Brian Dawkins might be the only one who did “ok”, but even he was a shadow of himself in Denver.

  2. Reid is underrated as a talent elevator. I always thought he should have been a GM or could move into another football role after coaching. He always finds players.

  3. So the chiefs had arguably the worst defense in the nfl last year, lose their 3 best players on that side of the ball and there is this delusion they will actually be better this year?

    I predict what actually happens is Mahomes regresses and the chiefs struggle to make the playoffs this year. And no team with Andy as a head coach will EVER win a SB.

  4. As a long term KC fan it’s good to hear Andy’s starting to get it. Many of us remember Hank Stram’s loyalty to his older stars which led to decades of mediocrity and worse. Current agents/players use up the teams for all they can get and teams should do the same. Obviously the Patriots model is the prime example of this method but, you must have the QB and the Coach to carry your team through transitions to new players after you move on from them. As for the three players mentioned;Berry was always overrated, Houston was a little lazy and injured too much and Ford had 1 good year. Big $ should equate to big consistantcy and non of these guys had it.

  5. The league needs to win improvements on the next round of CBA negotiations. There needs to be a longer period for teams to retain their draft picks before eligible for free agency.
    They then need to remove the loop hole that allows players to accrue a vested year of service towards free agency, when they hold out under contract

  6. maybe reid should be a gm like u say, instead of a coach. hes a good talent evaluator but he is clearly out coached in every significant game he is in. with as many talented teams and postseason visits his team has had, to have won zero titles is pathetic.

  7. elrock7 says:
    March 24, 2019 at 8:10 am
    With no Hunt or Hill I guess we will see how good Mahomes really is.

    The running game improved in Hunt’s absence, just saying. Mahomes is a player that makes everyone around him better.

  8. While good players become popular with fans they never become bigger than the uniform they are wearing. So teams should and most will, always move on from good, popular players when the team believes that is necessary for long term success. Over the long term, fans cheer and support the uniform, not the person inside it.

  9. Not only does KC have to rebuild a defense, but they also have to rebuild their offense. They have lost 5 good offense players. If they trade or release Tyreek, KC will have just “shot themself in the foot.”

  10. Chiefs lost 5 offensive players? Their 4th WR won’t be missed, their starting Center was out half the season and they did fine without him, their 3rd TE would drop too many balls and cutting Hunt was needed because he has alcohol problem and lied to the team.

    None of those losses hurt the offense.

    If Hill is gone that will hurt. But with the amount of money that was going to be thrown his way that money should allow to sign 1-2 significant players.

    Losing 3 overpaid players doesn’t hurt at all. Houston is the biggest loss, Berry hasn’t played and Ford had one good year. In his “good” year we had the 31st defense.

    No where to go but up, and we fired the biggest culprit on D, the coordinator. Our defense is already better than last years.

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