Colt McCoy still on crutches

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Colt McCoy was holding out hope fo playing last December, if it had mattered.

Three months later, the Washington quarterback’s still apparently not well enough to walk around on his own.

Via J.P. Finlay of NBC Sports Washington, McCoy was spotted on crutches while doing an interview during an Indy Car race.

McCoy suffered his broken fibula on Dec. 3, and was threatening to play if Washington had kept its playoff hopes alive. That never materialized, and he was placed on IR before the end of the season.

Whether this is an extension of his previous problem or a new one is unclear, but after losing Alex Smith, Washington traded for Case Keenum, and hasn’t ruled out using a high draft pick on another quarterback.

9 responses to “Colt McCoy still on crutches

  1. Talk about bad luck.
    The Redskins should just write off the 2019 season and go with a guy like Peterman.
    Get a good pick for drafting a QB in 2020.
    Don’t try all out and go 5-11 in 2019, that accomplishes nothing.

  2. While some fans embrace the idea of tanking, athletes that have competed since childhood would never buy into that notion. Nor would they choose to remain with a coach with that mentality. Peak conditioning is difficult and still can not insure against injury. Not one player would be willing to risk serious injury for a team focused on the next year draft. Athletes pride themselves on personal performance

  3. No one gave McCoy a harder time than I did when he left the NCAA National Championship game with an injury. But he’s proven to be a scrappy guy and a tough player. Wishing him a speedy recovery and the opportunity to play next season.

  4. Spending over 120 million in the QB position in the last 3 years and having a Case of Kleenex heading into year 4 should make Brice Allan a shue in for GM of the year. (Good luck Colt, no offense Case)

  5. wow. Panic city because someone with a Broken Fibula is taking 6 months to heal. LOL
    This was brought about because of the Skins continued dishonesty about injuries. The notion that he was going to heal and play in a playoff game was not insane it was stupid. And shame on Jay Gruden for buying into it and perpetuating the rumor that Colt was going to be ready in 3 or 4 weeks. It makes me sick to know I remain a fan of an organiation that is so inept it can’t even be honest when it comes to serious injuries.

  6. Colt McCoy was never the answer! And there is no way that Case can help the Redskins with the lack of talent at the skilled position. The Redskins owner need to invest in a decent playing field this is the third QB under this owner to have a serious leg injury play on the horrible football field.

  7. sgrvn329 says:
    March 24, 2019 at 9:57 pm
    …. The Redskins owner need to invest in a decent playing field this is the third QB under this owner to have a serious leg injury play on the horrible football field.

    Not going to defend that feild or the training staff or belt buckle Danny. But Alex and Colt’s injuries were just freak accidents. Really bad ones for sure! But just a fluke thing. Hope they can both recover and move around without pain.

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