Cowboys-Rams preseason game in Hawaii sells out in less than a day

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Several years after losing the completely meaningless end-of-season football game to the mainland, Hawaii is getting a slightly more meaningful preseason football game. And someone has gobbled up all the tickets.

Apparently, it was someone(s) looking to re-sell the tickets at a significant profit to the locals.

According to, the Cowboys-Rams game to be played on August 17 at Aloha Stadium sold out in less than a day. Already, tickets with a face value starting at $30 have appeared on the secondary market with prices “in the thousands.”

“Who takes all the tickets? Can some of us locals get some tickets or something? How can they be taken up so fast?” Hawaii resident Sai Uluave told

As of this posting, had seats available starting at $146 and ending upwards of $3,500.

Yes, the world has changed dramatically from the days when scalping tickets was both illegal and shady. But it looks like the shadiness lingers, in the form of the technological devices available to those who purchase the tickets at retail and jack them up to something way more than that.

10 responses to “Cowboys-Rams preseason game in Hawaii sells out in less than a day

  1. This is surprising at all. Ticketmaster was hit with a class action lawsuit for aiding resellers in purchasing tickets, just so they would be resold on the Ticketmaster market. The reseller is then able to sell them at a higher price and Ticketmaster is able to collect fees on the original sale, as well as the resale. I believe this was centered around LiveNation concerts since LiveNation puts on the show and owns Ticketmaster.

    The NFL and other companies need to do more to ensure tickets get into the hands of actual customers and fans, and not scalpers that use bots to buy up tickets.

  2. Let’s compare meaningless games…Pro Bowl game where the league’s stars will play (giving 25% effort) vs. a pre-season game featuring starters that might play a maximum of 15 snaps to be followed by guys that probably won’t make the roster. No way I’d waste 3 – 4 hours attending that when I could be on the beach or golf course.

  3. Who bought all the tickets? Probably Jerruh Jones and Stan Kronke. Jerruh purchased his tickets because he’s always lookging for ways to make more money. Kronke purchased his tickets so that he can rip off Hawaiians like he did those in St. Louis.

  4. So I’m just curious, preseason games are pretty much meaningless, but aren’t they included if you buy season tickets. Are season ticket holders given a rebate if their team plays a home game in London, Mexico City, or some other place too far away to make the trip. Ok, I may sound uninformed, but I’m just asking.

  5. While I hate seeing players play in empty stadiums, here’s hoping no one buys those tickets and the potential sellers lose their shirts

  6. Question is why? NFL is about the single sorriest sport and is BORING as hell in person…it just looks good on tv… but in an average football there is only about 11 minutes of actual action…the single worst value in sports

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