Jameis Winston plans to play at 250 pounds this year

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The Buccaneers offense is going to have a different look with head coach Bruce Arians pulling the levers this season and the guy putting the plays into motion is going to have a different look as well.

Quarterback Jameis Winston was at Arians’ golf tournament on Saturday and revealed that he’s going to be a bigger presence on the field than he has in past years. Winston has been listed at 231 pounds, but said he is working to build up muscle mass ahead of the season.

“I’m getting it. I’m going to play bigger this year,” Winston said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I’m about 250. Yeah. A solid 250. It’s just about hydration and being at the peak body, too.”

This is shaping up as a pivotal season for Winston as he is unsigned beyond 2019 and his recent play has done little to make anyone rush to give him a long-term deal. We’ll have to wait to see if going bigger leads to better things.

18 responses to “Jameis Winston plans to play at 250 pounds this year

  1. I have tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. I just do not believe he is any teams answer as starting quarterback. After this contract expires, I believe he will be on the shelf or in one of the new leagues.

  2. Marcus and Jameis, 2 big names coming out, neither have lit it on fire for their teams. 4 years is usually a big enough body of work to evaluate, Titans and Bucs swung for the fences and missed, it happens !

  3. His biggest problem is between his ears , but he has another glaring flaw , and that is his footwork. He has slow lazy feet and that causes him to not have a good base in the pocket so balls tend to sail on him . Gaining weight isn’t going to help that at all .

  4. Paying him 21 million this year is one of the worst 1-year contracts of all-time. They know him and they know how awful he is.

    I am not sure why Miami is being accused of tanking when Tampa has the worst of their 2 QBs from last season.

  5. Is gaining weight for a QB a strategy or his way of saying “ I know I’m on my last leg,why bust my butt anymore and watch my diet”?
    I was hoping someone proven would be brought in to push him. He was handed the job from day one. I hope the next GM gets the QB position settled next year.

  6. This makes absolutely NO sense. It’s not like he’s getting hurt by playing at 230 lbs. Arians is going to go back into retirement after having Winston as his starting QB.

  7. Who ever looked at Winston and thought “man, this guy needs to put on some weight”?

  8. Arian’s won’t be there longer than a year mark it down. Winston is just a complete buffon. I don’t care who comes to his defense saying what a great student he was in school becaose it’s obvious somebody was doing his work for him. He has a shorted circuit in his brain he is simply just not all there. First off he isn’t cam newton, putting on 20 lbs of muscle when you aren’t a solid 230 is unfathomable. Sorry you aren’t gonna do that in one offseason chief. This guy has to be one of the most delusional players in the history of the sport.

  9. Because playing at 250lb will eliminate his bone head decisions and poor accuracy…..have fun winning your normal 5-6 games this year.

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