Mike Singletary: I won’t baby Johnny Manziel

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Johnny Manziel could make his debut tonight for the Memphis Express of the Alliance of American Football, and Memphis head coach Mike Singletary wants Manziel to know it’s his responsibility to have himself ready.

Singletary said he’s been clear with Manziel that he’s going to succeed or fail on his own merits in what might be his last chance as a professional football player.

I don’t want to baby him,” Singletary told the Chicago Tribune. “This is an opportunity for him to take advantage of, and if for any reason he’s not at the place to stand and really want this and is really willing to work for it, then it’s not going to work anyway. I’m hoping this time he’s ready and I really feel he is. I’m excited to see where he goes.”

Manziel said he appreciated Singletary being straight with him about his expectations, from his first day of practice with the Express.

“This is a guy who has known me for one day,” Manziel said, “and he genuinely cares about my success and about me as a person, not just football.”

Brandon Silvers is the starting quarterback for Memphis, which at 1-5 is the worst team in the AAF, but it seems unlikely that Manziel will stay behind Silvers on the depth chart for long. Don’t be surprised if Manziel plays tonight — and don’t be surprised if it’s his last chance, if he fails to meet the expectations Singletary has laid out for him.

29 responses to “Mike Singletary: I won’t baby Johnny Manziel

  1. A match made in heaven. The old school, hard noised, perfectionist and the kids who still couldn’t find humble or diligent in the dictionary

  2. Good to know Singletary is still the tough guy.
    That style seems to be working well.
    The Memphis Express record is 1-5, worst in the 10-team league.
    Reminiscent of 49ers, circa 2010.

  3. Singletary is one of the greatest linebackers ever, and I ought to know, since he ran roughshod over the Packers in the 80s. But he is a terrible head coach, at any level.

  4. Did we ever find out what JM did to not just get kicked off his team, but out of the CFL?

  5. I do not expect this to last any longer than at any other Manziel stop. Johnny always know what to say and how to say it. But actions speak much more loudly than words. Out of the NFL. Permanently out of CFL. The other new league banns players with criminal records. No place left. Fortunately he has a rich and successful family to fall back on.

  6. I hope he makes his debut tonight. My favorite Alliance team is Birmingham.

    It’s not his last chance. He still has plenty of time to flame out here and getin a whole lot of partying and binge drinking before he apologizes and gets another chance in the XFL.

  7. I can’t think of a single reason why anybody would give Manziel another chance. Not everybody succeeds. Some just flame out and go early. In life.

  8. This is a perfect union. Manziel will respond to Mike Singletary. Manziel is the best QB in this league. He’s back in America and his back is to the wall. I think this is going to have a happy ending. It’s the character of Mike Singletary that will bring out the best of Johnny Manziel.

  9. Coach Singletary is great at checking “me first” attitudes at the door, see Veron Davis. While not an NFL quality coach, I do credit him with Instilling the toughness the 49ers needed the following seasons.

  10. Word is that Jim Harbaugh will inherit the underperforming Memphis roster in 2020 and oversee a 9-1 record and AAF Championship.

  11. The only concern that Johnny Football should have is to hope that Singletary does not throw him to the wolves by giving him a predictable game plan of 2 yards and a cloud of dust on first and second downs, and a predictable 3rd and long pass play on third down, with the pass rushers licking their chops and pinning their ears back. That is a recipe of making sure that the QB ends up on the injury list or on the bench.

  12. Why he was banned in Canada isn’t known – still just a lot of speculation.

    What people in the U.S. may not know though is just how bad he was in Canada. The wider field, multiple men in motion and pass-happy philosophy were ideally suited to what his skillset seemed to be in college. But he couldn’t deliver on any aspect. He wasn’t close to being a starting level player there, let alone a good one.

    I’m starting to become more and more convinced that he never really was that good, even in college, but that he benefitted by having a great WR to throw to in Mike Evans.

  13. Is it finally, mercifully the start of Go Away SZN???

    channelguy, it was always Mike Evans propping up Johnny Footnote, and his acrobatics catching the Footnote’s frantic jump balls.

    Look at how well Evans is doing without a franchise quarterback even at the NFL level.

  14. Fellow PFT Posters…for the first time in the nearly 15 years of reading this webiste, I actually agree with EVERY.SINGLE.POST!! Great work people!!

  15. How did this guy win the greatest honor in college football? Seriously, all those that voted for him where are they now with their player evals. Hype got him drafted in the first round when he was barely worthy of a walk on invite. He has received chance after chance , for whatever reason, and continues to screw up. He was told for so long how amazing he was , Reality set in, and he just can’t handle it. CFL was his best chance for a career as he had no business being in the NFL.

  16. “This is a guy who has known me for one day,” Manziel said, “and he genuinely cares about my success and about me as a person, not just football.”

    All the other coaches did not care for Manziel after spending more then one day with him… Tomorrow is a new day… Maybe he will start to care less.

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