Todd Gurley, Randy Moss share a unique career record

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At the annual owners’ meeting 25 years ago, the NFL adopted the two-point conversion. Since then, 988 two-point conversions have been scored, and 140 of them were scored by the same player who scored the touchdown.

Rams running back Todd Gurley and Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss share a unique place in NFL history, because they share the career record for the most of those eight-point plays. Those plays are rare, and so the record Gurley and Moss share is three of them in their careers.

That’s a fact from a good story by Mitch Goldich at, who refers to those eight-point plays as the octopus and has tabulated some interesting records of those rare plays.

Moss did it in 1998 and 2000 with the Vikings, and in 2009 with the Patriots. Gurley did it three times in 2018, twice in Week Two and once in Week Eight.

Gurley is the only player to do it three times in a year, and the 2018 season had the most of those eight-point plays across the league — 15 of them — of any season in NFL history. It may become more common, as NFL teams are becoming a bit more aggressive about two-point conversions. And it may be a record Gurley owns all by himself soon.

5 responses to “Todd Gurley, Randy Moss share a unique career record

  1. Gurley very well may be done setting records… knee arthritis doesn’t sound like something that will get better. Especially if you continue to play football on it.

  2. This isn’t really that impressive or newsworthy, as it’s more of a result of opportunity than talent. How often do teams go for two? What are the odds on a given two point conversion that a specific player is targeted? Just about any talented skill position player could have this record if they had the opportunity to be targeted on subsequent two point conversion attempts even just a few times.

  3. Arthritis really??? You really think he wont be good anymore? The best running back in the league no question. Has been the best player on the field in probably every game hes ever played talent wise. My doctor checked my shoulder in a recent physical and said I had some arthritis in it. I’ve never had any shoulder problems. He was obviously injured. In the philly game most likely. He will he ok for a long while to come

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