What’s next for Gronkowski?

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has decided to retire from football. But it won’t be a traditional retirement,  because it’s clear that Gronk won’t be exiting the public eye any time soon.

So what will he do? The easy answer is, “Be Gronk.” The harder answer is how will he precisely do that? He could do a Gronk cruise a few times per year, rubbing elbows and drinking brewskis with Pats fans while also making big money for doing it. He could become a pitchman for all sorts of products. He could do paid appearances as Gronk, making any event instantly more fun with his mere presence.

He supposedly is interested in becoming a movie star. Even though he doesn’t seem to have the chops to be a legitimate actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger was hardly a master thespian in The Terminator, for which he uttered 17 mostly monosyllabic lines. (Also, plenty of movie starts aren’t exactly legitimate actors.)

Whatever Gronk does, he doesn’t need to do anything. He has said that he has never spent a dime of his football money, living exclusively on his endorsement deals. With a litany of injuries and concern regarding concussions that nearly resulted in him retiring a year ago, Gronkowski can move forward free from concern about periodic surgeries or other bumps and bruises that will make it harder for a guy who clearly loves live to love it as much as he possibly can.

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  1. He could guest co-host on kids shows and do the odd cameo, to see if he can develop on-screen.

  2. He’s managed in just under a decade to build as much or more cross over appeal than any player I can think of. He’s a house hold name even amongst non football fans. I don’t know how, but he managed to remain likable, despite being a career PATRIOT. Do you realize how difficult that is? Next to impossible. Gronk will be just fine.

  3. He has the charisma to be an actor, since he’s famous he has connections to Hollywood. He’ll get hooked up with someone who help guide him, probably take the Dwayne Johnson route, start small build a following….. and I know most of you, like myself never imagine The Rock becoming an A list actor. Gronk can do it and I hope he does.

  4. To begin, I hate the Patriots and to follow I always loved Gronk. I liked having Gronk on my fantasy teams and Brady as well because you bet with your head not your heart and you can’t argue with what Gronk or Brady have done in their careers and to the rest of the league so kudos to Gronk and yeah I can see him in a Terminator reboot. Wishing Gronk all the best! Now if Brady and Belichek would follow suite, it would be a great day, yes, a great day!!

  5. I’m guessing he will be a part of the WWE in some capacity as he loves the wrestling business and is good friends with Mojo Rowley.

  6. Brady has had two hall of fame careers and I would separate them by the draft of Gronk since 2010. There’s the career before Gronk’s draft (2000-2009) with three rings and there’s the career after Gronk’s draft (2010-present) with another three rings. That’s how significant Gronk is to Patriots’ history.

  7. Stop comparing Gronk to Arnold. Gronk is goofy and Arnold never was. Gronk will get bit roles but he has zero chance of being a movie star.

  8. directdriver says:
    March 24, 2019 at 10:38 pm
    Brady has had two hall of fame careers and I would separate them by the draft of Gronk since 2010. There’s the career before Gronk’s draft (2000-2009) with three rings and there’s the career after Gronk’s draft (2010-present) with another three rings. That’s how significant Gronk is to Patriots’ history.
    Wow, very astute observation and probably right on the money as far as Gronk being the player that was the catalyst for the offense and one of the only players in the league who was uncoverable when healthy and still near impossible to cover when injured. On a side note, I hope the Pats fans get used to the word retirement over the next 2-3 years…
    41-33 forever, baby.

  9. The genteel world of “The Sport of Kings” will never be the same and Gronk will charm the multitudes singing the last line of “My Old Kentucky Home.”
    It’s almost Post Time, Mr.G – go for it.

  10. Acting, period. He’s a true entertainer. As we’ve seen throughout his career, he had the ability. There are plenty of goofballs (which I mean as an emphatic compliment) and charismatic figures throughout the NFL, but Gronk has an element of showmanship that would be wasted if he didn’t go Hollywood. Somebody above mentioned Dwayne Johnson, who is much the same way, but the ability of a man of that physical build who can be genuinely funny is a rare gift. At first glance he’s funny because he’s Gronk, but the truth is, like the Rock, he’s actually talented. He has already appeared in family guy, the Entourage movie, and a goofy music video: he’ll be find the world a genuine disservice by not following on the footsteps of Terry Crews and Johnson, and entertaining America and the world. He certainly doesn’t need the money, but he does need the attention (whuch, again, is a genuine compliment). Hope we see much more Gronk ASAP.

  11. Mark Wahlburg will 100 percent have him in his next comedy. No question about that. Those odds will show up on a Vegas betting prop for sure.
    He will be great at whatever he decides and for him, it will be HIS decision to make. Good for him and good luck.

  12. Great player and great career. Remains to be seen whether it was his body or whether he was lured into retirement though. If he was lured, he pretty much left his team in a box with his timing.

  13. Not a Patriots fan but I always liked him. He played reckless and with enthusiasm. Gronk is his own man and knew when to walk away to the next chapter of his life. Thanks for the entertainment Gronk.

  14. He’d get bored quickly if he was in a booth doing games every week. Put him in a studio and hope he’s as brutally honest as he seems to be.

  15. He will probably be on Football Night in America with Florio. Acting no. But definitely a sports personality. I think of him like Lyle Alzado. Larger than life and a personality above all else. GRONK! Whatever he does people will love him. He will probably host his own sports variety show and be more popular for that than he ever was for football.

  16. He will unretire in December. Rinse repeat for the next 3 years. Works better than bubble wrap.

  17. He will be the youngest to be elected to the NFL HOF at 34 joining Gale Sayers.

  18. WWE? Yes, that’s very easy on a guy’s body. Plus he’ll have to train for months at least. Those guys work very hard to make it look passably realistic. It isn’t as easy as it looks. 6’6″ lanky guy…unless he’s willing to pack on 50 pounds or so…don’t think so.

    Acting? Has he actually shown any ability? Just a little? Watch Schwarzenegger in “Pumping Iron”, the guy had a charisma to him.

    I wish him well, but most likely it’s obscurity which is next for him.

    If his body is broken, then it’s wise to retire, if not, he might regret it.

  19. Not speaking as a Patriot fan but I was looking at this highlight reel on line last night of this guy and it’s easy to forget how unbelievably good he was in his prime when healthy. What a monster. Big, strong, athletic and with great hands. I’m sure there are many DBs around the league that are glad today that they no longer have to deal with him.

    Happy for the guy and hope he enjoys whatever comes his way and I’m sure he will.

  20. “And when his time of service was ended, he went to his home.” — Book of Gronkilations, 1:23

  21. Hopefully he’s smart enough to start small. Take ensemble rolls as opposed to starring roles where it would be his responsibility to carry the film. Once he has had a few years to prove himself, then perhaps move up to bigger parts. Maybe something direct to Netflix.

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