49ers owner punched the wall when his quarterback went down

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It was a gut punch for the 49ers when quarterback Jimmy Garappolo tore his ACL in Week Three.

For 49ers Jed York, the pain was real, but in a different place.

Via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area, York said that he was so distraught when Garoppolo went down against the Chiefs that he punched a nearby wall.

Like the rest of their season, it landed in the wrong spot.

“I’m glad I wasn’t on IR,” York said. “I was close in Kansas City. I thought I broke my wrist in Kansas City when I heard he tore his ACL. . . .

“It was a good punch. Unfortunately, it was a stud. You’ve got to find the dry wall. That’s the key. It looks so much better to put a hole through the wall, as opposed to finding the stud.”

While losing Garoppolo and running back Jerrick McKinnon to a torn ACL before the start of the season torpedoed the 49ers’ season, York was trying to be positive about it, now that both are on pace to be ready for training camp.

“I think our guys have been very strong-willed and tough-minded,” York said. “They are able to fight through those things. It allows you to build character on your team, and I hope that will serve us well going forward.”

Perhaps York will choose his fights more carefully next time as well.

35 responses to “49ers owner punched the wall when his quarterback went down

  1. Every guy has done that but it was usually when they were teenagers…..not grown men.

  2. York is one of the worst owners in sports, but somehow people forget from time to time and hype up Clara. Garappolo can’t stay healthy, not to mention the inexperience at GM and even head coach is showing. Harbaugh was the only hope for this franchise.

  3. Yeah it was too bad for everyone as we didn’t get to find out if Jg is for real. He didn’t make two full games starting for the PATS. He didn’t make three full games for the 49ers.
    Let’s see if he can stay vertical this year.

  4. I always like to invite the fans of 31 other teams to take a moment and reflect on whatever may have bothered you about your owner, remember this: at least they’re not Jed York.

  5. I hate to believe in luck, either bad or good. It’s more like you catch breaks or you don’t. And that was just a bad break. San Francisco is really trying get legitimate again & made a nice play for a promising young QB & invested a ton of money in him. He was also in his second season in the Shannahan offense. So the season automatically ended right there & then. On the positive side they found some really nice depth at RB in Brieda & to a degree Mostert. But significantly more important was Mullins displaying competency at QB & being a major upgrade over Beathard.

  6. I punched a hole in the wall once back in ceramics class in high school when I got blamed for throwing clay at the clock during a movie when it wasn’t me…

    But that was 30 years ago… I’ve grown up a bit since then…and no I didn’t rat on the actual clay-tosser… I did my detention!

  7. Garappolo has been knocked out of 3 games via injury in 10 starts and other mop-up duty.

    York might want to add a padded wall, lest he risks breaking his hand if/when his injury prone QB gets injured again.

  8. Beckham punched a wall once, remember?

    At this rate, York is one Paris drug video taping, goalpost kicking, peeing dog impression, Miami boat tripping, lil Wayne interview away from winding up in Cleveland.

  9. If Garappolo stays healthy and a few things go the 49ers’ way, they may not be drafting until seventh or eighth next year… Fingers crossed!

  10. Jed instead of punching walls- open up the wallet and bring in some more talent…. safety and cornerback for example

  11. Doubtless furious that the qb would have no opportunity to play well in 2018 – he hadn’t up to that point – and to show that the hype and the ludicrous contract were merited.

  12. York is not the owner if the team. His wife is. He runs it. She got it from Eddie who got it from his dad. York is just playing with his wife’s toy. She owns the team Get the story right

  13. Good thing it wasn’t Garapollo that punched the wall. He would have been out for another year.

  14. I suspect he selected the wall as a target for his wrath as he knew he wall would not punch back.

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