AAF plays its first overtime, giving NFL something to ponder

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The NFL owners will vote this week on a proposal to change overtime by ensuring each team gets a possession, but the league hasn’t given much consideration to the more radical proposal of adopting a college-style overtime, in which teams alternate possessions.

That’s what the Alliance of American Football does, and on Sunday night, an AAF game went to overtime for the first time.

In the AAF, teams alternate first-and-goal possessions from the 10-yard line. Each team gets one try at scoring a touchdown, no field goals are permitted, and teams scoring touchdown can try two-point conversions only, as the AAF has no extra point kicks.

On Sunday night, Birmingham went four-and-out on the first overtime possession, and Memphis then won the game with a touchdown pass on its possession. It made for an entertaining ending to a good game.

The alternating possessions style of overtime, which is used in high school, college, Canadian football and the AAF, hasn’t gained a lot of traction with the NFL, But the league ought to look at it. It makes for exciting endings.

10 responses to “AAF plays its first overtime, giving NFL something to ponder

  1. “But the league ought to look at it. It makes for exciting endings.”

    Are you really suggesting the OT we have seen in the NFL playoffs is not exciting?

  2. It makes for exciting endings and a fair shot for both teams.
    Why the NFL hasn’t already done this and canned their weird overtime… sigh.

  3. I’ve always been for a regulation 15 minute period….both teams simply play it out. Then, if still tied after 15 minutes, then do the college style OT.

  4. richc111 says:
    March 25, 2019 at 8:15 am
    10 yard line is too close push it back some

    But, Birmingham went 4 and out! …maybe they should have started at the 5!

  5. The problem with college-style OT is that it isn’t normal football, given the abnormal starting position.

    I actually agree with Mike Florio’s take on this: go back to sudden death for the regular season, and then guarantee at least one possession for each team in the playoffs. It would be simple, and fair when it matters most.

  6. Just get Overtime right, and stick with it for a long time, the teams will plan/play accordingly. You have to BEAT the other team to win, beat ’em during the 4 quarters, beat ’em during the coin toss, beat ’em the next opportunity… not so sure tweaking the rules over and over make sense…
    IMHO, the AAF rules seem reasonable and will end the game within a reasonable amount of time. If they are just gaming the clock to collect advertisement revenue, here’s a thought, raise the price of advertising, but get the game finalized.

  7. The great Trent Richardson couldn’t score for them? Seems like I read a story about how great he is doing with scoring the most TD’s in the AAF. But he is only averaging 2.5 YPC.

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