Adam Gase loves that Le’Veon Bell “can do everything”

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Jets coach Adam Gase can hardly contain himself. He keeps watching film of Le'Veon Bell and keeps coming up with new ideas of how to use him.

“I love his variety,” Gase said, via Kim Jones of NFL Media. “I love that he could do everything. And I think the more film I watch since we’ve signed him, I think I tried not to tease myself too much by watching too much film.

“But since we have signed him, I’ve just amped it up and trying to figure out what has he done in Pittsburgh? You know, how far can we take him? What can we do in the passing game? What do we have to make sure we do right with him in the running game? How do we kind of build this thing around Sam [Darnold], him and some of the other pieces that we have? So you know, it’s been fun to watch, really go back and watch what he’s done in the past.”

Bell rushed for 5,336 yards, had 2,660 receiving yards and scored 42 total touchdowns in his five seasons in Pittsburgh before he decided to sit out last season rather than sign the franchise tag.

Gase has no worries about Bell missing a year.

“For me, it was when I first saw him and he walked in just the excitement that he had of being there, you could tell he’s ready to go,” Gase said. “That was probably not an easy thing for him to do.”

17 responses to “Adam Gase loves that Le’Veon Bell “can do everything”

  1. as a steeler fan I would say he can do everything…except be there 100% for the playoffs….but as Jets you wont run into that problem anyway

  2. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    March 25, 2019 at 11:45 am
    Le’Veon Bell “can do everything” but show up for work when he is expected to be there.


    I am no fan of Bell but he wasn’t under contract. He showed up when he was signed to a deal. Sorry but the Franchise Tag isn’t a contract to work. Fans need to understand the difference.

  3. Steelers plan was to run Bell into the ground on the franchise tag, then offer him less money. Bell tried to get better than that with another team. Both sides views make sense, moneywise, so I wouldn’t complain about either. Bell doesn’t owe the Steelers any more loyalty than they owed him. Right?

  4. Jb…Bell was suspended twice by the league and he failed to disclose a groin injury which he aggravated early in a playoff game 2 years ago. The Steelers offered him more money where he could have earned almost as much guaranteed money as the Jets contract. Plus he was telling teammates that he would show up before changing his mind in the middle of the year. He is not innocent in this.

  5. Now here is real news. Adam Gase stating Bell can do everything and this after Bell could not report to the team he was under contract with. Your going to go far Gase.

  6. A franchise tag is a continuation of a signed contract. It’s what the NFL is about. Bell although a great running back who can also catch has been a PITA his entire career. Betting is he will continue to be both with greater odds on the PITA.

  7. Following Adam Gase the last three years has proven his judgement on players sucks. All he did for the Dolphins is trade or release their best players and that QB he retained falls right in with his player judgement. J E T S JETS JETS JETS.

  8. EVERONE IS A SUPER BOWL CONTENDER IN MARCH, except Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Redskins,Giants,Vikings, Cardinals etc.

  9. Bell’s over-lauded “patient” running style makes the o line hold their blocks longer than most lines are capable of doing. Pittsburgh’s line with 3 pro bowlers was that capable, but is the Jets?

  10. Bell can in fact do everything Gase, including eating a plate of greasy cheeseburgers in 5 minutes. You’ll see what a year off does, lol. It is simply going to be delicious (no pun intended, well, maybe there is) watching this guy fail in NY! Cheers!

  11. Bell has been in save and preserve his body mode for a while now.
    It’ll be difficult to switch it back when the contact gets real,
    has to absorb big hits, and face real pain again.
    His heart now belongs in the rapper’s booth, not the field.

    Now that he received his guaranteed money, I see him calling it quits
    within 2 yrs.

  12. A lot of salty comments on here from Steeler fans but I would expect nothing less from them. They love you when you are a Steeler but hate you when you are gone lol!

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