Bucs expected to sign Blaine Gabbert

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If you’re a quarterback who was ever drafted in the first round, you will be able to find work long past your expiration date.

According to Greg Auman of The Athletic, the Buccaneers are expected to sign Blaine Gabbert, for some reason.

Gabbert has the requisite background with coach Bruce Arians, playing for him in Arizona in 2017. He was cut by the Titans last week when they upgraded by training for Ryan Tannehill.

Gabbert has also played for the 49ers and the Jaguars, who took him 10th overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. That was the year many allegedly serious analysts (including a guy who is a General Manager on an NFL team now) suggested he was better than top pick Cam Newton.

The 29-year-old Gabbert has started 48 career games. His team won 13 of them. He’s also completed 56.2 percent of his passes, with 48 touchdowns and 47 interceptions.

17 responses to “Bucs expected to sign Blaine Gabbert

  1. A back up that has actually started a game, but that will not necessarily challenge the starter or keep him looking over his shoulder.

    As a fan of the team, I feel more comfortable with Gabbert on the bench than Ryan Griffin. He knows the system – which helps the starter at QB AND all of the backups – and as I stated above, he has been a gameday starter.

    Ryan Griffin fits neither of those two criteria.

  2. Hopefully they keep Griffin around. No problem with Gabbert. He’s a near-perfect backup QB.

  3. I guess all you can say about cam these days is at least he is t as bad as Gabbert

  4. Arians was a big fan of Gabbert while he was in Arizona. Said he ‘spun the ball as well as anyone I’ve coached’ and was ‘Probably the quickest learner I’ve ever coached’ That includes P Minning, Roethlisberger, Palmer, Luck, and dozens of others.

  5. @nflhistorybuff68. There is a ‘Gabbert Curse’, but it befalls the teams that let him go. Look at Jax, SF, Az, they’re all drafting top 5 or so this year and they’ve spent billions on a series of QBs since Blaine left the teams, with nothing to show for it. All the coaches and GMs who let him go have been fired or demoted in the case of Caldwell. Don’t place any bets on the Titans for the upcoming season.

  6. There are a number of back up QB that are far, far better than Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert is what I call a ‘practice’ QB. Gabbert can look pretty good in practice, and fall flat on his butt in a game. Gabbert can’t pass his way out of wet paper bag. You can’t count on Gabbert when the game is on the line. It’s a poor excuse that Gabbert know Arians system. When you’re a loosey QB, knowing a system isn’t going to win many games. This is the first move by Arians that I don’t like! Give a fair chance, I’m sure Griffin will outplay Gabbert.

  7. Haha I wont, the greatgabbert…but he curses the teams he is with as well…

    Is terrible in Jax

    Replaces Kapernick in SF Kapernick is out of football

    Replaces Carson Palmer in Ariz Palmer is out of football

    Replaces Mariotta in wk one of 2018 during game, Titans lose game
    Replaces Mariotta in last game of 2018 Titans lose chance at the division and playoffs with these two losses.

  8. @nflhistorybuff68 You forgot, BG took over from David Garrard in Jax, Garrard was in the prime of his career and had been starter there for 5 seasons. Never got on the field again in the NFL. I think he was just 30. Wooooo…ooo.. The Curse of Gabbert…

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