Chris Grier: Dolphins could take QB this year and next year

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Ryan Fitzpatrick is the current No. 1 quarterback on the Dolphins depth chart and General Manager Chris Grier made no attempt to dress up the veteran’s value to the organization.

Grier said on Monday that Fitzpatrick is “going to be the bridge in the next year or two” while the Dolphins find and develop a younger quarterback they hope can be a long-term answer to that position. When they will pick up that quarterback is up in the air at this point, but Grier said there’s a chance the team could wind up selecting quarterbacks in each of the next two drafts.

“We could maybe take one both this year and next year,” Grier said, via the Palm Beach Post.

Given Grier’s apparent willingness to double down on quarterbacks, some might wonder why the team didn’t bring in someone other than Ryan Tannehill over the last few years. Grier didn’t argue with that suggestion, but said that making the playoffs with Tannehill as the starter in 2016 might have provided a false impression of where things were heading.

“I think after that 10-6 year with Adam [Gase], you probably thought, ‘Hey, maybe it’s going to turn and now it’s going to be what people hoped he would be as far as being a top-10 pick in the draft,'” Grier said.

Tannehill would miss the next season after re-injuring the knee he hurt late in 2016 and neither he nor Gase is still in Miami as a result of how things turned out last season. Avoiding those pitfalls will be essential to the team’s hopes moving forward, which makes Grier’s decisions about quarterbacks this year, next year and beyond vitally important.