Could Tony Romo walk away from broadcasting?

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As sports broadcasting phenom Tony Romo closes in on the conclusion of his first contract with CBS, there’s a chance he won’t be signing a new one. With CBS or anyone else.

Michael McCarthy of reports that “[t]here’s . . . a chance” that Romo “could walk away from TV” altogether.

While there’s also a chance that this is simply posturing aimed at getting Romo the $10 million annual payday that, per McCarthy, Romo wants, it’s not the first time we’ve caught wind of the notion that Romo isn’t as committed to broadcasting as believed.

It would be a stunner if it happens. Romo has drawn rave reviews for his performance in only two seasons in the broadcast booth, and he could do it for another 30 years or more. Whether he will do it is a different issue; maybe he will, maybe he won’t.

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  1. I suspect if Romo were to get a $10 Million a year offer from CBS, it also would include working CBS’s golf coverage with Nantz in addition to the NFL (Romo has multiple times attempted to qualify for the US Open Golf Championships), including The Masters and PGA Championship. That I could see happening anyway.

  2. So according to McCarthy’s piece, Romo makes $4 million a year now and has one more year on his contract. Aikman makes $7.5 million, and in his last contract, eons ago, Madden made $8 million a year and was paid more than any player. It seems like a pretty easy business decision to offer Romo at least $10 million annually. It’s not a question of whether any announcer should be paid that much, it’s a question of what the market will bear and I’d be surprised if CBS wasn’t happy to pay $10 million. The question is whether Romo can get more than that elsewhere. Personally, I think he’d be smart to take whatever CBS will pay, as long as it’s more than Aikman’s deal. It’s not a good idea to stiff his contract partner, which is a huge player in football broadcasting.

  3. Dude has gotten healthy. He sees now how QB’s are so overly protected. Romo wants to play. Mid-season playoff yeam’ QB goes down…..INDY, *HOU, KC, CLEV, NE, LAR, PHI, *DALL. Anyone of those teams come calling look out bye-bye booth. Yes, he’s AWESOME in the booth.

  4. No way he walks away. He clearly very much enjoys broadcasting based on how enthusiastic he is in his broadcasts.

    If he can’t work something out with CBS, another network will pick him up

  5. Good work by his agent planting this story. He isn’t good enough to play on PGA Tour, and he doesn’t want to be a nobody out of the spotlight. He’s on TV forever.

    Next week here on PFT. “After being turned down by Payton Manning for MNF, ESPN ready to back up Brinks truck to Roma’s house.”

  6. Funny. I haven’t see one article about Colin Kaepernick’s Lawyer, Mark Geragos, being arrested for trying to extort Nike (his client’s sponsor).

    This is why people distrust the media. They simply ignore HUGE news if it doesn’t fit their narrative. I used to brush of the “Fake News” mantra but it is real!

  7. Future Head Coach Dallas Cowboys. No new contract for coach process in futility, coach clap. And Romo availability. That jerry Jones is a sly fox. Could not be happier. Romo has proven he knows the X and O.

  8. Yes, please quit. Make football bearable to watch again. Romo, Witten and Irvin are all horrendous and makes ones ears bleed.

    Just as bad in the booth as he was on the field.

  9. Romo is too good for broadcasting. Him and Al Michaels are the best by far. Dude calls plays before they happen. There are so many mediocre to terrible broadcasters out there. We don’t deserve Romo.

  10. The Dallas QBs have done well and this coming from an Eagles Fan..From Dandy Don to Troy Aikman now to Romo. But, I gotta say Boo on one note there Tony. They took a chance on you doing games. It paid off and I have to admit I enjoy most of your chatter (Although telling us plays and audibles from formations kinda ruins it a little). I do kinda find it a little distasteful that after they took a chance on you that you are already posturing yourself for crazy money in only your 3rd year. I enjoy your games (but Witten was horrible) don’t be a tool Tony.

  11. As that great Philosopher Dirty Harry said ” A Man’s got to know his limitations “. I enjoy Tony Romo’s work on the broadcasts. I have never watched a game because of the broadcaster .
    I have turned off the sound because a broadcaster annoyed me. I hope he gets a good salary, but if he is on or not, nothing in my life or viewing habits will change. Don’t get to full of your self Tony.

  12. Personally, I like Tony. Follow your heart, brother. Either way, you’ll be appreciated by this fan.

  13. Romo is not only is the best announcer – he CLEARLY enjoys what hes doing. In fact one of the most attractive parts of listening to his commentary is how “into it” he is. So unless he has a secret illness no one knows about or he wants to try playing QB once more I’m not buying it.
    This rumor would most logically have to be a negotiation tactic.

  14. That’s a negotiation tactic that’s pretty easy to see through….
    What’s the other option that makes that kind of easy cash?

  15. I have to say that the idea of an announcer getting more money then vitually any coach and all but the top end players seems absurd.

    Romo is fine but i’d rather CBS invest the extra money to extra sideline and endzone cameras

  16. I think it’s just an attempt to have some sort of leverage during contract negotiations. I can’t see him walking away especially when the overwhelming consensus has been how good he is in the role.

  17. I don’t think he is all that as an announcer. Not trying to put the guy down, he’s average he’s a annuliist not a play by play announcer.

  18. CBS might consider making overtures to Brett Favre. I have no idea if Favre would be any good at it, but I’d bet it would at least give CBS some leverage with respect to Romo. If nothing else, it would give us something else to beat each other up about.

  19. This seems to be a very silly report by the Sporting News. A guy who has gotten rave reviews for his broadcasting work is unlikely to find a better gig that pays that kind of money and provides that kind of positive exposure.

  20. Romo is doing what Bell did. What Brown did. What Cousins did. Leverage your position to get what you’re worth. And I applaud him for doing it.

  21. I think Romo is great as an announcer. Maybe he should go to Monday Night Football, as ESPN sucks with their announcing crew.

  22. Romo is clearly comfortable in the booth, but I think his style would not age as well as the more traditional broadcasters. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel less of Romo is more and don’t always want my broadcaster trying to predict the play. Not saying Romo is bad, but I’m glad my team plays on Fox most of the time.

  23. This wouldn’t be a stunner. Romo is smarter than people would like to believe. He has the ability to use leverage that he has, and this is different than being a player with a CBA and a salary cap.

    He might want to go into coaching, he might want to play more golf, who knows. What we do know is after the Pats / Chiefs game he has a lot of leverage, more than he had before. Maybe he plans to use that to his advantage.

    If so, good for him.

  24. Really? I was censored for saying he won’t walk away? Please, please tell me what was unpublishable in this comment:

    Could he? Yes. Will he? No.

    Six words. On topic. No cursing. Does this make sense to you?

  25. If horrible Troy Aikman makes $7.5 million Romo should make $10. Troy needs to walk away, he is stealing. He adds nothing, he doesn’t know what the offenses are doing today. They aren’t just hand it off to an Emmitt so he is lost.

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