Eagles “working toward” extending Carson Wentz’s contract

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If there was any doubt about Carson Wentz‘s position as the Eagles’ quarterback of the present and the future, Nick Foles now calls Jacksonville home. The only question remaining is: When do the Eagles get a contract extension for Wentz completed?

General Manager Howie Roseman re-emphasized Monday the team’s interest in extending Wentz’s contract and continuing to build around the quarterback.

“We’re incredibly optimistic about the 2019 season,” Roseman said, via Dave Spadaro of the team website. “Having Carson here long term is our goal, and we’re working toward that.”

The Eagles are expected to exercise Wentz’s fifth-year option for 2020 before the May 3 deadline in the absence of a long-term deal. This season, Wentz is scheduled to count $8.5 million against the salary cap.

Even though he has missed eight games over the past two seasons with injuries, Wentz has done enough to gain the Eagles’ confidence in his future long term.

He made the Pro Bowl in 2017 with an MVP-esque season, going 11-2 with 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

26 responses to “Eagles “working toward” extending Carson Wentz’s contract

  1. Yes…please wait until after Dak Prescott gets paid…that will certainly drive the cost of Carlson Wince down…Remember, the Cowboys don’t have the luxury of using a fifth year option…

  2. Just like in college he will be hurt every year or every other year!! Should’ve kept Nick Foles for 4 more years and traded Carson!!!

  3. Dak to this point is clearly the better QB. Healthy game manager over injury prone stat maker any day of the week.

  4. tb12greatest says:
    March 25, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    Carson Wentz has won zero super bowls
    YO! He’s still got a ring .
    Brady threw for 500yds and still lost !

  5. Pay the man and frustrate Philly fans for the next decade. Pay Carson 35 million per year, after all he can’t stay on the field, has no play off experience, a broken back that is healing and a knee that a repaired ACL, MCL and LCL

    Pay 35 million per year for him, hes great , hes the future, hand cuff your team salary so that can’t afford debth in the offensive line to protect him or targets to throw to.

  6. Chino, what is Daq’s playoff resume. Hoping Jerrah pays him to stay to ensure our dominance for years to come…

  7. Answering a few earlier responses: evidently he proved his worth to the people that matter plus Nick Foles and Dak Prescott combined wouldn’t make a pimple on Carson Wentz’s butt.

  8. “Carson Wentz has won zero super bowls”

    Kirk Cousins has won zero super bowls also, but that didn’t stop him from getting paid.

  9. Ha !!!

    Carson has a Super Bowl Ring !!!

    5 National Championships !!!

    1 Division Championship !!!

  10. They’ll get it done before the deadline this year. Howie wants to get this deal done when he still has loopholes he can exploit (Like he did with the contracts for Graham/Darby/Desean Jackson/Malik Jackson). There is a good chance they close a lot of those loopholes in the next CBA so they are going to want to get it done while he can still get away with it.

    Besides, it works for both sides. Wentz gets his huge payday, even with health questions, and the Eagles get their QB locked up, maybe even at a discount because of those health questions. Makes too much sense not to get done

  11. If he is going to be their QB of the future then they have to pay him. However, a part of me wonders if he had remained healthy whether he could have performed well enough to win a Super Bowl.

  12. Sounds to me like the team will get a deal done and Wentz will be well paid, regardless of highest paid or not. He doesn’t strike anyone as the guy who will hold a team hostage for a headline contract.
    That said, look for team friendly deal that doesn’t cripple the budget and allows them to build a better team around him.
    Pretty sure that the folks talking about his stats didn’t watch any Eagles games with Wentz. As anyone who watches football knows, you have to keep trying to score because sometimes your defense can collapse (see the 2018 seasons first 8 games). So, hard to argue that the SB season was one where he kept his foot on the throat of the other team (see first 13 games of 2017).

  13. …and to the ring counters, Wentz is at 1 and counting, early in his career, we’ll see how the career unfolds.

    (Reminder) It took Elway to the last 2 seasons to do it, and many think he is one of the greatest ever.
    Marino went a whole career and didn’t do it, and he is arguably there with Brady and Montana as the top 3.
    I could go on… Namath, while overall bad statistics, was a leader, 1st to go 4000 yards, first AFL team to win against the mighty Colts.
    Staubach went to 5 SBs, and only won 2, but arguably the closest archetype to Wentz- look at the film.
    Unitas, also one of the greatest, fearless, calm, leader.

    Stats are just numbers that pile up over time and throughout the season- don’t be fooled. Wentz is a player!

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