Gayle Benson to hire a G.M. to run her NBA team

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Mickey Loomis is back to just being the General Manager of a football team, which is handy since all of his pertinent work experience is in football.

According to Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Saints owner Gayle Benson said that she was going to hire a new G.M. for the NBA Pelicans, and that Loomis would focus exclusively on football moving forward.

That has been an issue with her basketball team’s biggest star, as around the time of center Anthony Davis’ trade request, those around Davis were concerned that the NBA team wasn’t as much of a priority as the Saints to Benson. Loomis’ entry in the Pelicans’ media guide was 541 words, and 497 of them were about the Saints. The Pelicans fired vice president of basketball operations Dell Demps after the Davis fiasco, and Benson said she was going to hire a new basketball G.M. to oversee operations and report directly to her.

There’s also the matter that any time Loomis spent on basketball was time he wasn’t spending on football, and a league source tells PFT there were some concerns inside the football operation that Loomis was spread too thin.

Benson also said she had no interest in selling her basketball team despite widespread speculation it might end up being bought and moved to another market such as Seattle.

3 responses to “Gayle Benson to hire a G.M. to run her NBA team

  1. Gayle is queen of New Orleans. She is great in the community and is everything you could ask for in an owner and community leader. Selling the pelicans so they can leave is not her style.

  2. Please sell. Would love another team in Seattle and I’m in Houston. New Orleans doesn’t deserve an NBA team. The should have reserved the Jazz name like the Browns did forcing the team that left to become the Ravens. The Utah Jazz never seemed right but now it has stuck. The Pelicans, really? Maybe after drinking too many Hurricanes in the Quarter it sounded good. Let’s see Gumbos? No. Muffalettas? No. Beignets? No. Blue Claw Crabs? No. Gators? No, LSU might schedule us. Nutrias? No. Creoles, Hurricanes, Crawfish, Voodoo? No,no, no no. We got sharks in the Gulf more species than just about anywhere, Makos, Hammerheads, Lemon, Blacknose, Bull, Black Tip, Thresher. No let’s go with Pelican, that’ll scare ‘em, besides everybody will want to be a pelican.

  3. Inherited wealth tossing pennies to the scrambling poor. Is this how you thought America would end up?

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