John Mara rejects the idea that he’s keeping Eli Manning out of loyalty

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By all appearances, the Giants have stuck with Eli Manning over the last two years not because of what they think he’ll do for the team but in deference to what he’s previously done. Giants co-owner John Mara strenuously objects to that kind of talk, however.

“I’ve read that and I have to tell you that really gets under my skin because that is absolutely nonsense,” Mara said Sunday at the league meetings in Arizona, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “Do I feel a certain amount of sentimentality towards Eli? Of course I do. Would I ever let that get in the way of making a football decision? Absolutely not! And I cannot believe some of you write that.”

Schwartz writes that Mara’s voice was “rising” as he spoke. And here’s where I’ll write this: Mara may be protesting a bit too much.

While it’s entirely possible that Eli’s ongoing status as the starting quarterback of the Giants has nothing to do with either the two Super Bowls he won for the team or the intense backlash to the clumsy effort during the 2017 season to bench him or the strong feelings the fan base has for arguably the greatest quarterback in franchise history, it’s hardly irresponsible to wonder whether the Giants have evaluated Eli differently than they would evaluate other quarterbacks, given his unique history with the team.

And it’s unreasonable for Mara to get upset about the fact that some believe that the Giants have done precisely that. But, hey, if he wants to be upset, he can be upset. It won’t change the fact that some/many/most think that Eli has secured full tenure with the New York Football Giants.

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  1. I don’t blame Mara for being thin-skinned about it.
    I mean, it’s plain to see Eli is still at the top of his game.


    Mara must think everyone is a moron.

  2. Simms has said over and over again that when Eli isn’t throwing to Odell he’s indistinguishable from Blake Bortles and the Giants are about to learn that beyond dispute this season.

    Eli doesn’t pass the eye test, he doesn’t pass the film study test, he doesn’t pass the analytics test.

    But the Giants care too much about what Mike Francesa yells about on any given day so they keep him on. Insanity.

  3. This is the year. If Eli performs, all is well. If he doesn’t, look for a backup to take the reins and Eli’s time to end.

  4. I’m sorry, I may have missed it, but did the Giants draft an other-worldly QB that they’ve had sitting on the bench behind Eli the last few years? Yes, Eli has been a hot mess lately, but who’s on the bench that’s going to do more?

  5. Even if they were being loyal to the guy its nothing to be defensive about. That roster has had much bigger problems than Eli the last couple years

  6. He’s right, benching Eli for Geno Smith had little to do with loyalty and more to do with testing the premise for sweet SNL joke.

  7. Mara is not keeping Manning out of loyalty. He is keeping him around so that next year the Giants can draft Tua Tagovailoa.

  8. I think it’s great that Mr Mara has the loyalty he does for Eli. He has helped bring 2 Bowls to Giant land! He is in a difficult position, but , current performance justifies bringing in the future QB. How many more years do you let transpire holding on to yesterday! It is time, it has been time, it will continue to be time until Mara decides to make the move . Yes, personal feelings are clouding business decisions.

  9. Eli has been behind a terrible o-line for a while now, but that doesnt mean that he has to dove onto the ground every time a defender gets within five feet of him.

  10. If you want to know how Mara feels about Eli Manning and the Giants’ QB situation, wait until after the draft. Don’t expect Mara to tell everyone what he’s thinking. Two or 3 years ago it looked like Phillip Rivers was hanging around too long and hurting the Chargers. The last year and a half he looked like the old Rivers, maybe even better. I think the Giants might have been hoping Eli was going to return to form, and I think the draft will tell us how the Giants feel right now. But you’re going to have to wait until after the draft. Nobody with a brain is going to give you any hints.

  11. He is right. He is keeping Eli out of stupidity. Not loyalty. Eli is an average QB with 2 SB runs. He is a shadow of what he was those years. Terrible ball security. Hey as long as he is with NYG they will not be a post season team.

  12. I called the draft last sen I will call it again this year ,,Odell went because the New York Football Giants are replacing Eli this year and Odell would not be a good fit for a rookie qb ,,but Barkley and a rookie qb is perfect to grow together the New York Football Giants will package draft picks and be in position to draft Dwane Haskins so relax a new era of Giants football is on deck !

  13. bobsacomano says:
    March 25, 2019 at 12:19 pm
    This is the year. If Eli performs, all is well. If he doesn’t, look for a backup to take the reins and Eli’s time to end.


    People have been saying that for the last 2 years. Barring injury no one other than Eli will start this year, even if they are 0-15 going into the last game.

    His contract is up and they will probably have a new QB starting in 2020. Probably whoever they draft with the #1 overall pick although they will probably screw that up as well finishing behind the redskins.

  14. Nothing to see here, folks. Eli needs an offensive line and a running game, more so than most qb’s at this point in his career. Give him both of those things and he’ll get the job done until they find his replacement.

    Not sure what all the carrying on is about.

  15. This is the same owner who tried to distance himself from the OBJ trade, authorized Geno Smith to start in place of Eli, gave OBJ the contract that will be an albatross around the team’s neck for this year, failed to insist on getting a QB out of the best QB class in decades last year … I could go on but the Maras are on the third generation like the Steelers – with similar results. John Mara wants no change to replay; no change to the kickoffs; insists Eli is still a franchise QB… How long are NY Giants fans going to suffer a fool for an owner?

  16. The Giants waited too long to replace. Eli.

    The smart thing to do was to pick up a QB a year or two ago. Let him sit behind Eli for a year or two and they would have had a good chance at success.

    Now, when they get a new QB, they will just have to throw him into the fire and hope for the best. Even Mahomes benefited from sitting behind Alex Smith for a year.

  17. Gotta love sports, where people can obsessively argue over irrelevant topics. It has become as bad as cable news.

  18. Hold off judgement until the draft. They might draft a QB (most likely Haskins), making Eli a valuable mentor to have around. If that’s the case, Mara needs to sit down with Eli and make sure he understands the situation. Eli supplanted Warner in the same fashion, so he should know how this story goes.

  19. Eli is on the clock and the draft will show it it’s about money why take a 16 million dollar hit .Giants will have 90 cap space next year who will be laughing at us then when we have a Qb and the most cap room with a very young team .Its about the future and the long haul.Giants win a ring in the next 5 years guaranteed.

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