Report: Multiple teams leaning against any expansion of replay

Getty Images

The NFL will be voting on proposed rules changes this week and the proposals drawing the most attention are likely to be the ones dealing with the replay system.

Several proposals were put forth by both the Competition Committee and teams, including one that would allow coaches to challenge a specific foul that went uncalled on the field. Such a rule would have allowed for a second look at the controversial no-call in the NFC Championship Game, but it seems unlikely to pass.

In Football Morning in America, Peter King reports that a straw poll of teams found little support for that measure. Giants co-owner and Competition Committee member John Mara told King there’sjust not enough support for reviewing interference not called on the field” and that may leave the committee’s proposal to allow challenges of pass interference penalties for a one-year trial period as the likeliest to get 24 of 32 votes from teams.

Being the likelier outcome isn’t a guaranteed one, of course, and King adds that multiple teams are leaning against voting for any change to the replay rules. NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent believes a change needs to be made, though, and believes it should happen now rather than having the league table a vote until their May meetings.

“This is a democratic process,” Vincent said. “This is something that the 32 teams dictate by their votes. I’ve been on record as saying that it will not be in the best interests of the league if we leave Arizona without a new rule about [interference] in place. We shouldn’t push it off till the meetings in May. I believe we need to be voting with the coaches in the room.”

Vincent told King that 24 of 50 calls ruled incorrect or missed by officials over the last three years were defensive pass interference calls. Whether that’s enough to lead to a change will be clearer in the next couple of days.