Report: Ziggy Ansah won’t sign any time soon

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Former Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah is one of the NFL’s top available free agents, and he’s going to remain available for a while.

Ansah’s agent told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that teams have been asking for more information about Ansah’s surgically repaired shoulder, so they plan to wait until after Ansah has a check-up in April before signing.

In April it will be four months since Ansah had his shoulder surgery, and the hope is that a clean bill of health will go a long way toward getting some team to offer Ansah the kind of contract he’s looking for.

When healthy Ansah is a freakish athlete who can be an excellent pass rusher, but last year he played just seven games, and with his 30th birthday coming up in May, some wonder whether Ansah’s best days are behind him. If Ansah can show that he’s healthy, he may be able to convince some team that he has some good years left in him.

13 responses to “Report: Ziggy Ansah won’t sign any time soon

  1. Agree that Ziggy has over priced himself, he is on the downslope and double digit sack days are gone. Needs to do a prove it deal as long term deals are off the table.

  2. Much like Justin Houston, he wants to be paid like the star that he was, but his body won’t hold up for a whole season anymore.

  3. At this point he’s probably better off waiting until after the draft. Teams aren’t going to pay big if they think they can get someone much younger and cheaper to fill their needs.

  4. Ziggy had one breakout year with 14.5 sacks. His last double-digit sack season was in 2017 with 12, but 9 of them came during 3 games against bad teams. He’s hurt often, easily neutralized, and disappears for weeks at a time. Lions were smart to move on.

  5. how can 30 e too old in football..its getting to be turning 30 is the kiss fo death..the leaque is changing..

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