Andy Reid on Tyreek Hill: We’re trying to figure out what happened

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Andy Reid talked for the first time since reports surfaced 11 days ago that authorities were investigating receiver Tyreek Hill for two instances of child abuse. The Chiefs coach said he has not talked to Hill since on the advice of the Chiefs’ counsel.

The Chiefs moved quickly in November to cut Kareem Hunt after a video discredited the running back’s claim to the team that he had no involvement in an altercation with a woman at a Cleveland hotel earlier in the year. The team is patiently waiting for more information on Hill’s situation.

“If we’re going to make a move like [cutting Hunt], it’s pretty well thought out, and so we try to gather the information and then go from there,” Reid said.

More than once, Reid said he knew nothing new on Hill’s situation and that the team was “just letting it take its course.”

“Did I expect it to happen? I don’t know what happened exactly,” Reid said. “I mean, I don’t know. That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

The Chiefs have had internal discussions about various courses of action they will take based on the outcome of the investigation.

“You always want to make sure everybody’s OK, and then let it run its course and make sure you let that part happen,” Reid said. “. . .As a coach, or a human, you’re going to have things that happen. You deal with it.”

31 responses to “Andy Reid on Tyreek Hill: We’re trying to figure out what happened

  1. I can see why, Mahomes is a good QB, but he was a great QB with Hill playing, the times i saw him play without Hill, he was just a good QB, not so great, actually saw some poor decisions.

  2. Roughly two weeks have passed and no charges have been filed. Is this more media hyperbole or did something actually happen?

  3. Still trying to figure out why this leopard still has spots?

    You knew who he was when you took him. “AND YOU LET HIM OFF THE HOOK!!”

  4. If they lose Hill for any period of time, they become an average team.

  5. In other words, as a RB, Hunt was replaceable. Even as good as he was. But game breaking WR’s are much harder to find. So we are doing our best to find some kind of loophole to keep him…Thank goodness there is no video.

  6. @feckyerlife: “The times i saw [Mahomes] play without Hill, he was just a good QB, not so great, actually saw some poor decisions.”


    Hill has started and played every Chiefs game that Mahomes has started and played, so what are you talking about?

  7. Lies. Reid knew all about what happened. That’s why they were including his name in trade talks prior to free agency and his abuse allegations.

  8. Tyreek Hill isn’t being investment. Actually theyve come out and said the opposite, that he isn’t listed in the investigation.

  9. Andy you’re a phony? If he couldn’t play he would’ve been cut 3 weeks ago. Glad you got canned in Philly and get a mirror to look yourself in the face….

  10. J K says:
    March 26, 2019 at 3:53 pm
    Tyreek Hill isn’t being investigated. Actually they’ve come out and said the opposite, that he isn’t listed in the investigation.

    What J K said is True.

  11. I live in Kansas City. The most up-to-date news that I can share with you all that’s verifiable is that the Overland Park PD has concluded it’s investigation, they turned over their information over to the District Attorney. The DA’s office has declined prosecution in any manner in this case. Not just not against Tyreek, but also his fiancee and mother of the child, Ms. Crystal Espinosa.

    According to heresay (godmother of the fiancee on twitter) is that the Child’s arm was broke in February, the report filed in March, and then another incident where the CPS was called again.

    Now, this is where things get fuzzy and there’s very little clarity: There are speculations that Hill was out of the country during the one of the visits by the police, allegedly in Dubai.

    The fiancee has herself tweeted out not too far back (october 2017) an article speaking against corporal punishment for children and she commented “Lol I wish someone would tell me how to punish my child.”


    I think there’s just so much going on that we should all take into consideration that this is an ongoing thing and there will be more information and disinformation alike coming out on this as media is in a rush to be first as opposed to being accurate.

    It doesn’t look like a good situation though, honestly. On one hand you have a man that’s admitted to abuse in the past, a woman who stuck with him, and a child that’s now the victim of either neglect or abuse and there’s twins on the way. I genuinely hope that outside of football, Mr. Hill decides to take advantage of his vast resources and public image and truly learns about domestic violence and can some day be an advocate of change by being somebody who can actually deal with his demons and show a generation of people that we can get better as people.

    If he broke that kid’s arm though cut his ass.

  12. I guess they have learned their lesson about rushing to cut a player after Kareem Hunt debacle.

  13. joetoronto says:
    March 26, 2019 at 4:25 pm
    He’s a known woman beater, the Chiefs have no shame at all.

    Whatever, Raiders fan. The Chiefs released Kareem Hunt the moment the video came out. Many NFL teams would not have done the same.

  14. They should be trying to find out why he hit his pregnant girlfriend. She will fall on the sword for him again. I feel for the child, he has no say on who his parents are, but because daddy can play football he’ll get the benefit of the doubt all the time.

  15. Phoenix, Arizona (CNN) — NFL owners want to postpone any decision on whether to punish New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft until he resolves his legal issues, two sources at the owners’ annual meeting said Tuesday.

    Just like Kraft. IF guilty according to Johnny Law then you must take action. No arrest, move on. Should be this way across the board.

  16. They wont dump Hill unless there is some kind of video. Hunt would still be on the team also if there was no video.

  17. I’m glad Dorsey is gone. Now he can draft those character issue guys in Cleveland.

    Dorsey getting fired right around draft time last year was very close to when Hunt had all his fights. KC was tired of it and canned him. Good riddance!

  18. tedbundysson says: In other words, as a RB, Hunt was replaceable. Even as good as he was. But game breaking WR’s are much harder to find.”

    They’ve already said Hunt was let go because he lied to the team and not because of the actual incident.

    They can put him in counselling to address the assault, but trying to cover it up and lying to your boss is unforgivable.

  19. People want this guys head on a platter if this is true, and rightfully so. Why then does AP get a free pass and still have people cheering him on after he whipped his four year old kid bloody?

  20. Some really stupid ppl on here, first off Hill was never under investigation!! His fiancee was, the first incident he wasent even in the country and the 2nd shows he wasent at home either. So they had no reason to investigate him. Get over yourselves.

  21. I sincerely hope for this young child’s sake that this was simply a freak accident. It is not uncommon for Childrens Services to question parents when a child is brought to an ER with an injury.

  22. Thanks for the local update, brawlkc. None of what you said is being reported outside of KC. National media is conveniently ignoring it and seems determined to crucify Hill regardless of the facts.

  23. Hill’s a goner. Can’t wait for the update that he’s been arrested. He’s half their offense and they have ZERO defense. The SB drought continues, ladies. Waaa, waaaaaa!

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