Bill Belichick says next to nothing in 43 minutes

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Bill Belichick showed up at the coaches’ breakfast fashionably late Tuesday morning. (He was not the last coach to arrive.)

Belichick stood while the other coaches sat, and he said nothing.

Well, the Patriots coach said something, but it really amounted to nothing.

According to Jeff Howe of, Belichick fielded 116 questions in 43 minutes. He answered with 1,790 words, an average of 15.4 per question. He used “we’ll see” 21 times and “I don’t know” 13 times.

Reporters tried hard to get Belichick talking. He was most forthcoming when asked about his summer reading list, though perhaps with a bit of trolling.

“There’s plenty of them,” Belichick said. “I’d have to take my personal favorite as Football Scouting Methods, though I think I’m a little partial on that. There’s a lot of great books out there. Some authored by people at this table, as well. There’s some authors in our presence.”

Belichick did not show up just to avoid a fine: He skipped the event in 2011 and 2017, per Howe.

36 responses to “Bill Belichick says next to nothing in 43 minutes

  1. Bill has turned tormenting media members by saying lots of nothing into an art form.


  2. It looked like he was going through a root canal. It was what I expected. He never answers these type of questions in March.

  3. The funny thing is when they ask him a true football question he will go on in great detail. Ask him about a former player and he opens up as well. Ask him what he his current hand is and he swallows his cards.

  4. He has 8 led teams (coach or D-coordinator) to 12 of the last 32 Super Bowls. He has won 25% of those 32 Super Bowls. Who cares if he is not nice to hot-take artists?

  5. In the last 10 years the Patriots have averaged 12.3 wins and have been to 5 Super Bowls and won 3 of them. Marvin Lewis has as many Coach of the Year awards as Belichick over that period.

    He should be nice to the clowns who vote on that award?

  6. Absolutely love it. Well known fact Bill hates this side show. He’d rather be working…
    You writers should know that by now and not try and make it like it’s news every year..

  7. Wouldn’t have killed him to say a few nice words about Gronk. Great coach and he’s loved in these parts but let’s face it he’s a turd, also.

  8. The guy doesn’t like doing interviews, sometimes reporters twist words & say misleading things. If i had been through that 2 or 3 times i probably wouldn’t say much either. Greatest football coach ever is the bottom line. All that cheater stuff is BULLCRAP! His teams come to play, are never pushed around and usually win especially in the big games. Hate all you want, ALL HE DOES IS WIN!

  9. Not a fan of requiring coaches (or players) to attend media days or press conferences. It can make for some interesting soundbites: “Playoffs?!? Did you say playoffs?!?” And no one popped off better one-liners than John McKay. But coaches shouldn’t be forced to talk about player injuries (which are only reported to help the gamblers set their odds), game plans, and internal team issues. I’ve always liked that Parcells and Belichick refused to play. Good for them.

  10. If coaches lose too many games they get fired. It doesn’t matter how many witty sound bites they make or how many great quotations they produce. They lose, they get fired (see Rex Ryan).

    Belichick clearly believes that if he explains his methods and processes then he makes it easier for the Patriots’ opponents to win games.

    The media is asking Belichick to cut his own throat and–what an enormous surprise–he doesn’t want to do it.


  11. patsfiend says:
    March 26, 2019 at 8:08 pm
    Wouldn’t have killed him to say a few nice words about Gronk. Great coach and he’s loved in these parts but let’s face it he’s a turd, also.

    He did and they’re not hard to find:

    “It was a pleasure and a privilege to coach Rob Gronkowski the past nine years. From his rookie year until his final season and through countless times in between, Rob was a major reason why we won games and championships. His elite combination of size, skill, intelligence, toughness and ability to perform in pressure situations set him apart. Rob’s impact on our team and organization was felt in many ways. In the ultimate team sport, Rob was a great, great teammate. His production spoke for itself, but his daily attitude, unmistakably positive energy wherever he went and toward whoever he touched will never be forgotten. Rob will leave an indelible mark on the Patriots organization and the game as among the best, most complete players at his position to ever play.”

  12. Moronic reporters still haven’t figured it out. One of the best minds in football has little time for media types who can’t put together a few meaningful thoughts and ask a question that’s actually relevant to what’s going on in professional football today. “hey Bill, what if Gronk unretires tomorrow?” Really, that’s all you’ve got? Even bothers me….

  13. he never falls for the tryin to make something of nothin crowd,,, drives those who don’t get it crazee,.. which is delicious every time

  14. He’s just honest. There’s not much to say at this point. No point of talking about guys the Patriots lost. Retired or otherwise. No point of talking about guys the Patriots have because they haven’t had a practice yet, recently acquired or otherwise. No reason to talk about the rule changes, because they hadn’t even discussed them yet. Basically nothing to say of any value.

  15. Why would this chess grandmaster want to waste time feeding the Candyland crowd. They are parasites who thrive on rumor and innuendo. Destroying careers is their holy grail.

  16. Is no one going to mention that Football Scouting Methods is the book his dad wrote? That was a brilliant little plug for him to slip in.

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