Clark Hunt: OT change could apply to postseason only

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The owners have tabled Kansas City’s overtime proposal until the next league meetings in May. When they reconvene, the change to OT could be made — with one key caveat.

In an appearance on PFT Live, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt suggested that the rule, if adopted, will apply to the postseason only.

That’s the better approach. Guaranteeing a possession for the team that kicks off to start overtime even after a first-drive touchdown would result in longer games and more ties in the regular season. Moreover, the regular season lacks the same finality as the postseason, making the unfairness of a one-possession overtime less glaring in the 256 games that make up the 17 weeks of normal football action.

For more from Clark Hunt, including some observations on the eventual extension of Patrick Mahomes‘ rookie deal, check out the video attached to this blurb.

11 responses to “Clark Hunt: OT change could apply to postseason only

  1. What will the chiefs do when this backfires on them and they lose because of this change to the overtime rules? They will say can we change back we were just kidding. What a whining franchise.

    Note to Chiefs it’s not against the rules to field a professional football Defense. No need to wait for a rule change in that one.

  2. What if it’s one of those lose and you’re out type week 17 games? There’s certainly finality there. Are we kicking extra points or does the team with the ball second get to not only match it, but win it? They will do that because the team scoring first will win on the next possession on a field goal? How long does the matching go?

  3. The actual numbers for winning percentage in OT is 53% for the coin toss winner and 47% for the loser.
    Looking for a problem when there is none.
    Just saying.

  4. This proposal is just as silly as KC’s refusal to admit defeat with graciousness. Why should regular season games be decided by a different set of standards? It is the regular season which determines those who can approach the finality of play-off games; therefore, one standard for all. Or maybe the regular season games should have dual possessions and the play-offs ending with the first TD. Or just play a complete 15 minute quarter in all overtime games.

    Having listened to football games before being able to watch them on television, I am totally unaware of a time when sore losers want to reconstruct the games to appease their own inabilities on defense.

  5. Can’t wait until the day when first downs require 8 yards–but only in the playoffs. And when field goals are 4 points–but only in the playoffs. And when you can play with 12 guys–but only in the playoffs. Because why would you ever want consistent rules? That’d be crazy.

  6. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    The PATRIOTS BEAT US !! Get over it…..!

  7. I heard Clark Hunt talking about this on NFL Radio this afternoon. He “said” that the Chiefs proposal has nothing to do with the outcome of his team losing the AFC Championship game in overtime. Rather Hunt “said” that the Chiefs have been considering proposing this change for “a while”.

    I am not sure how long “a while” is, but I could not help myself from wondering had the Chiefs won the OT toss and Mahomes had been able to get down the field and score a touchdown — would Mr Hunt and Coach Reid be proposing this OT rule change?

    I also wonder if Hunt thought to ask Reid about those two timeouts he left on the board during OT while his defense was getting gassed by the Patriots offense. Do the Chiefs get to carry those unused time outs into this season like cellphone minutes?

    I dislike poor losers.

  8. How about fielding a defense that can make a stop in the waning minutes of the game. Or an offense that can go get a TD at the end of the game instead of a FG to tie.

    Then you need not worry about OT.

  9. My perception, if a game reaches OT, you deserve what you get. That is, you should have won the game in regular time.
    Otherwise, games will become longer, and more injuries.

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