Did Jason Garrett tell David Irving to quit football to smoke weed?

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David Irving announced earlier this month he was quitting football after the NFL suspended him indefinitely. The defensive lineman said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett had advised him to quit so Irving could “smoke all the weed” he wanted.

Garrett commented on Irving’s assertion for the first time Tuesday.

“Yeah, I don’t want. . . .,” Garrett said. “David and I have had a lot of conversations, like you do with a lot of the players on your team, so I don’t want to get into too many conversations. But to that particular point, the only thing I would say is there are some rules and parameters you have in the NFL if you want to play and you have to follow those rules, independent of what your opinions are on any particular topic, you have to stay within the confine of the rules or they’re not going to let you play. So something so important to you to break those rules and that prevents you from playing, you’re making a decision about what you value most. I was just trying to indicate to him if you want to play in the NFL, these are the rules. These are the parameters you have to follow. Hopefully, he understands that.”

Irving’s love for the game long has been in question. For instance, he was not a regular participant in his rehab after spraining his ankle in an Oct. 21 game against Washington, and despite remaining on the roster, he didn’t play again.

Irving said he does not smoke marijuana because he wants to, but because he believes he needs it for health reasons. He now is a suspended free agent with no hope of being signed until — if? — he earns reinstatement.

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  1. I have to support Garrett on this one. David Irving must be just that sutpid or addicted to weed. Garrett’s advice was correct…decide if you wanna violate the rules or play. If you wanna continue to violate the rules, then quit so you can smoke all the week you want and not have to provide a sample. Good luck getting hired for your 9 – 5!

  2. clearly that was the context of the conversation and irving was possibly high when they had said conversation and took that as hey clapper wants me to quit and smoke…

  3. Best advice play football and make as much money as you can. Then retire with your millions and then fight for the right to smoke marijuana as an active player.

  4. If he smokes it for health reasons, why would he want to play football ? Irving should reveal those health reasons, unless your terminally ill there really isn’t much of a reason to smoke it constantly. He should get a doctors note.

  5. Yeah, that’s how it happened. The coach sidled up to Irving and said, “you know, I’ve beennthinkng about you and your life’s work, and I think it would be in your best interests to quit football and smoke weed all the time.”

    What a dope. Pretty sure he would have said something like “if you’re going to smoke weed all the time you may as well quit because the league will punt your rear end all the way back to where you came from”.

    Context people. Context.

  6. I 100% agree with Garrett. I even support legalization, but it is against NFL rules. Right or wrong it doesn’t matter if you want to play. I sincerely wish Irving the best of luck.

  7. Irving’s problems go way beyond weed. He has let his teammates
    down time after time. Not rehabbing from the ankle sprain with his
    agent stating he has enough good film going into his restrictive year.
    Came in last year In horrible shape , missing some early time because
    of family problems. Not sure how family problems can prevent a guy
    from working out 3 hours a day . He is talented but never plays.
    Bottom line Irving is a selfish player who cares nothing about anyone else
    but himself and is a bad teammate whom cannot be relied upon to
    show up and play when it counts.

  8. Jason Garrett said something thoughtful I agree with? I need some banned substances to get me through this.

  9. Look it’s easy. Smoking weed is a no no in the nfl and if you do and get caught it you get suspended it disrupts the team and the coaches have to worry if you do what are we going to do. So again it’s easy yes or no, in or out let’s pick. The players say it’s a team sport don’t let your tramates down.

  10. Bob Kraft just got an idea on his defense “he believes he needs it for health reasons.”

  11. Irving is the poster child for not smoking weed. Blows millions to smoke..makes sense if you are a pothead.

  12. because he believes he needs it for health reasons

    That statement pretty much says it all.

  13. Who cares? If he’d rather get high every day than play football … his call. Don’t blame Garrett one bit; wondering when Irving would get suspended next and how to deal with it just wasn’t worth it.

  14. Who cares if he DID say it? It has NO bearing on whether or not Irving actually DID it.

    Clearly Garret got the impression weed was an incredibly important part of Irving’s life. So it was probably good advice, given the chaos he would have created for himself and his team had he tried to do both at the same time.

    Nobody gives a crap.

  15. I said this on another site and this is how I feel, I have no problem him smoking his brains out if thats what he wants, what I have a problem with is him wasting other peoples time and money giving the impression he wanted to play professional football in the first place

  16. When you were a kid you wished you could just eat candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As you become an adult you realize this would be a bad idea. David Irving is still a child in a man’s body.

  17. Yeah, I don’t want. . . .,” Garrett said. “David and I have had a lot of conversations, like you do with a lot of the players on your team, so I don’t want to get into too many conversations…blah, blah, blah, blah… These are the parameters you have to follow. Hopefully, he understands that.”

    No one understands that…no one.

  18. Sounds more like the weed told him to quit football and then we can hang out when ever we want with no pee test or anybody bothering us. Listen…………….You hear that……….that’s the sound of of your bank account drying up.

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