Eric DeCosta stresses patience when it comes to Ravens wide receivers

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The Ravens are preparing for Lamar Jackson‘s first full season as a starting quarterback and they’ve talked about rebuilding the offense from the ground up in order to best take advantage of his skills.

They’ve also talked about Jackson taking strides as a passer after he completed 58.2 percent of his passes in seven regular season starts last season. So far, their plan for reaching those goals has not included a move for a wide receiver.

Michael Crabtree was released and John Brown signed with the Bills as a free agent, which leaves Willie Snead and Chris Moore as the only receivers on the roster who have caught NFL passes. When asked about the group on Monday, General Manager Eric DeCosta said that there’s still time in the offseason to bring in players.

“I think patience,” DeCosta said, via “We did not look at free agency as really a great way to address the wide receiver position this year. Last year, we thought it made a lot of sense. There were a lot of receivers in free agency last year. It didn’t make as much sense for us this year. We look at the draft as an opportunity to do that. We also still think that there maybe some players that might be interesting to us at a later date, that are on the market, that might become available, that could help our football team.”

This is DeCosta’s first offseason since taking over for Ozzie Newsome and his ability to land a receiver that can help the Ravens offense leap forward with Jackson will be a big part of how his first year on the job is evaluated.

12 responses to “Eric DeCosta stresses patience when it comes to Ravens wide receivers

  1. If he’s willing to check down, the addition of Ingram should help with the completion percentage. Mark has good hands and good instincts for when to shed a block and look for the ball. Still, they could use a couple WRs.

  2. Andrews is going to be a big target for Lamar as a TE. Think they could draft 2 WRs in the draft. Or maybe trade for one draft-day.

  3. This guy has been around how long??? and he thinks fans want to hear about Patience, It also sends a wrong message to players…. this is a NOW league…….

  4. This is Tebow-time all over again. What wr wants to play in an offense that doesn’t throw the ball?

  5. It doesn’t matter who they have at wide receiver with Jackson at qb. He wont be getting the ball to them accurately enough for them to be able to catch it.

  6. I’m really looking forward to the coming year. I think Roman knows what is going on and how best to utilize the talent on the team (unlike other OCs who make players fit THEIR playbook). All these posts sound like little ignorant children just whining about anything and everything and of course an elder has to tell them to calm down.
    Also, any fool out their who thinks the Ravens are not going to throw the football, I hope your ignorance is contagious!-)

  7. Ravens have a nice group of RBs and a really nice group of TEs. We all know LJ is still learning to become a passer, but in the short term the Ravens will be highly run oriented. Having said that I think they should focus on the OL in draft so we can have the best running game in the NFL. Add some WRs for sure. But top notch WRS are just not that necessary at this stage of LJ’s development.

  8. translation: no wide receiver wants to play with our run-first, run-only quarterback.

  9. logicusmaximus says:
    March 26, 2019 at 12:18 pm
    translation: no wide receiver wants to play with our run-first, run-only quarterback.
    They will if we are winning

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