Kliff Kingsbury on Kyler Murray: It’s more what don’t you like

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Kliff Kingsbury continues to speak highly of current starting quarterback Josh Rosen. The new Cardinals coach continues to say the team hasn’t made up its mind on what to do with the No. 1 overall pick.

The one thing that’s obvious is how high Kingsbury is on Kyler Murray.

Kingsbury, who coached at Texas Tech last season when Murray won the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma, is effusive in his praise of Murray.

At the Tuesday morning coaches’ breakfast Tuesday, a reporter asked Kingsbury what he liked about Murray.

“It’s more what don’t you like,” Kingsbury said. “When you watch him play, he can run it; he can throw it; he’s a competitor. I was one of the better Texas high school players to ever come through our state. I don’t know if there is one thing you can pinpoint. He is one of the better dual-threat players to ever play.”

The Cardinals still are weighing their options for the top pick, Kingsbury reiterated, and why wouldn’t they be? Arizona might get a trade offer it can refuse, and if the Cardinals use the choice, they need to feel comfortable it’s the right choice.

“You just want to make sure you are thorough when you have that No. 1 pick,” Kingsbury said. “That’s a pick that can change your organization for many years to come. If you’re not doing all your due diligence possible, then I think it’s a mistake. Steve [Keim] and Michael [Bidwill] feel the same way. It’s been an extensive process, from the Combine and going out and seeing all these people, and I feel like we’re doing a good job gathering information.”

9 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury on Kyler Murray: It’s more what don’t you like

  1. “You just want to make sure you are thorough when you have that No. 1 pick,”

    Putting aside how crazy obvious this comment is, he’s a rookie NFL coach who has never had the #1 pick (or any pick, for that matter) before. Everything about Kingsbury suggests a guy pretending to fit in to a job he absolutely knows is beyond him.

  2. Arizona needs so much help… I didnt google their new coach otherwise I would have realized he had coached Kyler. Now I am not so sure they can pass on him.

  3. Seeing as the Cardinals drafted a quarterback to develop last year, it makes no sense to draft another quarterback in the 1st round this year. It is like throwing away last years first round pick. I would be surprised if they gave up on Rosen so quickly. Draft another guy first and if you don’t make the playoffs, do the same thing next season? They aren’t the lions.

  4. cardinalsfan87 says:
    March 26, 2019 at 6:00 pm
    Build around Rosen. Trade down to #4 with the Raiders.

    I shake my head every time some other teams fans(Niners fans are dreaming about this too) think they’ll trade down with the Raiders. The Raiders are not giving up picks to move up. They traded for these picks to rebuild their own roster not give them away to other lousy teams. As for the belief that the Raiders are interested in drafting Murray: if you truly believe that then you really need to look at Gruden’s history. He likes veteran QB’s; always has, and would be loathe to use the 4th overall pick on a rookie QB who played in a pro system never mind a spread. If the Raiders trade at all, it will likely be out of the second round with one of their later picks to a team that wants to move back into the first.

  5. Rosen is one of my least favorite players. I wouldn’t replace him with that small guy.

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