Matt Patricia: Lions’ timeline for winning is now

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Matt Patricia is not asking for patience from Lions fans.

After the Lions went from 9-7 in Jim Caldwell’s last year as Detroit’s head coach to 6-10 in Patricia’s first year, he is expecting improvement this year, rather than a long rebuilding process.

“We’ve got to do it right away,” Patricia said on PFT Live. “Everyone’s timelines are now. We understand that. But realistically, I think, for us we’re just trying to build it the right way so that we have sustained success once we get it to where we want to go. Certainly for the fans we’re trying to do that as quick as possible.”

The Lions were one of the most aggressive teams at the start of free agency, quickly signing Trey Flowers, Justin Coleman and Jesse James, among other players. They’re operating this offseason like a team that expects significant improvement in 2019, and not like a team that expects a long rebuilding effort.

9 responses to “Matt Patricia: Lions’ timeline for winning is now

  1. I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but I believe in Matt Patricia. It might take a year or two, but I trust his ability to learn on the job and apply those lessons to improve the on-field product.

  2. The thing is…. its seemed like that for at 25 years, Barry Sanders, Megatron, .aybe Stafford is the problem… he puts up numbers, but seems to have at least or one or two heart reaking xkose losses a season he should have learned how to win those close games by now.

  3. Shaggy… that’s what many Lions fans have been saying. Many defend his numbers, but ignore W and L, which really is the only thing that matters. Stats are personal, not relevant to team success. He tends to take off quarters 1-3… then try to appear like superman in Q4, mostly falling short. He lacks touch and laserbeam/missle launches throws, even short across the middle.

    The only thing I’d say in his defense is Lions continued lack of a quality, performing power RB. If they were really dedicated to winning now, wouldn’t that have been or still be, a top priority?

  4. A couple Lions games I saw last season in which Stafford got roasted by fans and media afterward, the guy had NO time to even look at the defense, let alone throw the ball. Their problems running the football have had less to do with their RBs and more to do with a poor offensive line. If you build a great line, even an average RB and QB can succeed in this leauge. With a bad OL, even the great ones will struggle. Building great lines is fundamental football that too many front office guys forget when they get star-struck with glamour positions.

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