Rams in no rush to extend Jared Goff

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The Eagles are already discussing their plans to extend quarterback Carson Wentz, despite the uncertainties created by his injuries.

The Rams are in no such hurry with a healthy Jared Goff.

Via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, Rams coach Sean McVay said the Rams haven’t begun that process with their quarterback yet.

“Jared’s obviously extremely important to us,” McVay said. “But those are things that, we know we want to get him done at some point. Whether it happens this year, next year, those are things we haven’t really gotten into in depth about yet.”

Goff is entering the fourth year of his rookie deal, and the Rams always have the option of the fifth-year option.

But they’ve capitalized on the most valuable commodity in the NFL — a good quarterback on a cheap rookie deal — and have stacked enough players around Goff to get to a Super Bowl. He’ll need to improve to be the kind of quarterback who can win without all that help, but the Rams have time to make such decisions and apparently are willing to take it.

16 responses to “Rams in no rush to extend Jared Goff

  1. He and Wentz should both be required to prove they are worth an extension. The jury is still out out on both.

  2. They probably would have extended him already if it weren’t for his historical super bowl performance

  3. They should be or else they will be in a Cousins tag 2.0. It’s been proven time and again that you can find a way to get rid of expensive Qb contracts. Better off signing him now while the price is probably lower than it would be if Goff had more leverage.

  4. @naes That would be a solid idea but then you would have to commit to dumping Goff immediately. It would be hard to keep a straight face and say there is a “competition” between the two Qb’s. Not beside the point that as of right now, Goff is a superior Qb.

  5. I bet, he was exposed as a fraud. Teams should just watch the bears game and the patriots game and game plan from there. He cannot handle pressure at all or even the thought of pressure. Knock his timing off and he is shown how bad he really is.

  6. He is a good QB. Just needs a couple more years under fire.

    I hope the Rams keep him.

  7. He is the definition of a system QB. Teams started figuring out the coaches scheme and Goff looked like a deer in headlights. It 4 or 5 times to wrap up the year.

    When Gurley couldn’t go in the Super Bowl the game was a non contest. No rush to pay a guy who needs people to be college open to make a play.

  8. Goff played behind a good offensive line, with lost of talented receivers and running backs, and a good OC. He is good at throwing to open receivers, taking what the defense gives him.
    I don’t think Goff can read defenses on his own.
    How would he perform on a less talented team, away from Sean McVay?

    He’s OK and may improve, but I wouldn’t break the bank for him.
    In 2 years (3 if they tag him once) the team will have aged a bit and might not be as good. So why be tied to a mid-tier 2 QB at a high salary?
    Let him walk and draft another QB.

    From Goffs point of view, why sign anything less than a lucrative deal. Play out 2 years and walk, and get a decent payday.

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