Report: Review of DPI non-calls in last two minutes has good chance to pass

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The ongoing discussions about possible changes to the replay system may result in a significant change.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that there’s a “very good chance” that an amended proposal to allow review of non-calls for defensive pass interference to be initiated by the booth in the final two minutes. All reviews in the final two minutes of each half have to be initiated from upstairs and not from coach’s challenges.

This comes a day after a coaches meeting about rules changes at the league meetings in Arizona reportedly ran long because the group was upset that the league was not moving faster to amend the replay system. Tuesday also brought word of a proposal to allow a separate coach’s challenge for penalties not covered under the current system.

It’s not clear if adopting the amended rule for the final two minutes would mean the other proposal will be put on ice.

19 responses to “Report: Review of DPI non-calls in last two minutes has good chance to pass

  1. Don’t change anything. Train refs better. Avoid refs who possibly have biases. Or add an additional ref who can, from upstairs, radio down and talk about a play.

  2. YES YES YES. This has got to be put into practice. The NFL is soon going to have billions of more dollars being bet on the results of their games. They better make sure they try to cover themselves from late game chaos. What is so freaky is the degenerate gambles will keep coming back trying to draw more water from the well. The NFL must protect themselves over blatantly missed calls at the end of games though. i have no skin in the Rams and Saints… but how many eyes were on that play and how could nobody have thrown a flag?

  3. This will pass because the assumption is that the challenges will happen in close (or at least somewhat close) games, and therefore create cliffhanger commercial breaks. This is the sports approach to episodes of 24 or shows like it. People are at the edge of their seats at this point in the game and the NFL/networks will be able to sell high value advertisements for that window.

  4. Yeah because the other 58 minutes of the game don’t really matter that much. Freaking geniuses

  5. SKY JUDGE SKY JUDGE SKY JUDGE. Just add one watching in the stadium as part of the ref crew and you don’t have to change anything else! How can it be so difficult to figure out? No it still won’t be perfect but it WILL be better and you will see more flags picked up and more late flags but that’s still better than completely blown calls!

  6. I don’t like this at all. If it passes, we’re gonna see so many teams just throw it deep and hope for a penalty and probably get one. It’s bad enough already with all the gimme penalties that let teams back in the game when they really dont deserve it. Especially on those hail Mary throws when players are bunched toghether and bumping into eachother.

  7. I absolutely hate this. PI is such a subjective call and will only cause more controversy. Just wait until a tick tack penalty is called after a review that decides a game when the exact same infraction was allowed a dozen times before the final two minutes.

  8. Pats will be unbeatable. They already throw up bombs when being beaten badly just to draw PI’s now Brady and BB will have designed automatic plays to review tricky tack touching missed.

  9. No the nfl won’t have much more money bet on it with legalized gambling, they will just get some of the action.

    No the people taking the don’t care who wins and loses and aren’t in spending money to pay of people, they make their money off the volume of the betting being done, not the actual bets.

    Most of the people that really believe the nfl is “fixed” are gamblers (the dumbies that are betting) who lose more than the win, which is most of them and they need to blame their stupidity on something other than themselves.

    If they are going to do anything it’s clear it should only be in the last 2 minutes. The idea a call, no matter how bad, that happened in the first or even third quarter was the biggest factor of who won or lost a game is an excuse of losing bettors and fans that just didn’t get the outcome they wanted and need something to blame

  10. Dumb idea. But if it was the Pats who’d beat Saints the rules would’ve been changed already.

  11. “I prefer wrong calls during the last two minutes myself.”

    Who can seriously argue that with a straight face?

  12. This isn’t going to solve a thing. If anything, like what someone else posted above me, quarterbacks are just going to start throwing the ball deep hoping for a penalty flag late in the 4th quarter. Saints fans need to get over that bad call. Now, each time a trailing team wins a game off cheesy throws leading to penalties, people are going to blame the Saints for these rule changes. It’s bad enough now that quarterbacks can’t get sacked without a flag because of Aaron Rodgers and his injury in the 2017 season.

  13. Why not also review non-calls on offensive pass interference and push offs in the last two minutes that illegally give the offense a TD? And why not review bad flags thrown for pass interference in the last two minutes?

  14. The NFL cannot help themselves. They screw up replay every time they touch it. A DPI is no more important in the final 2 minutes than it is in the 3rd quarter. The fact they think it is just shows their ineptitude. Same thing happened when they did the “all scoring plays” review change. IMHO, if there is any doubt on a goal-line play review it automatically.

  15. Pats will be unbeatable. They already throw up bombs when being beaten badly just to draw PI’s now Brady and BB will have designed automatic plays to review tricky tack touching missed.

    Eh, This was a staple of the Ravens offense for years with Flacco and they were hardly unbeatable.

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