Steve Spurrier: I did a lousy job in Washington but so did Dan Snyder

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Steve Spurrier admits he did a “lousy job” in his two seasons in Washington, but the ball coach also said owner Daniel Snyder did a “lousy job.”

Spurrier went 12-20 in his two seasons in Washington after signing a five-year, $25 million contract in 2002 that made him the highest-paid coach in league history at the time.

“I did a lousy job,” Spurrier told the Washington Post. “The G.M. did a lousy job. He happened to be the owner, so who needed to go?”

Spurrier disagreed with Snyder who “picked the quarterback” in reference to Patrick Ramsey. Ramsey completed 52.5 percent of his passes for 3,705 yards, 23 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in his two seasons under Spurrier. Ramsey played four seasons in Washington and went 10-14 as the team’s starter.

Spurrier, now the head coach of the Orlando Apollos of the Alliance of American Football, coached South Carolina after leaving Washington.

“Leaving the Redskins was a good thing,” Spurrier said, “because I got the chance to go to South Carolina and become the winningest coach in school history. You knew that, didn’t you?”

After not writing the ending he wanted at South Carolina, Spurrier now has a “chance to go out a winner” with the Apollos, who are 6-1.

19 responses to “Steve Spurrier: I did a lousy job in Washington but so did Dan Snyder

  1. Oh so Dan Snyder wanted to bring in the old Florida Alumni? Shunned Matthews, Danny Waffles, Taylor Jabobs…? Dan Snyder forced you to show your entire playbook in a preseason game in Osaka…?

    I’ll give Spurrier one thing though: He’s the only Redskin coach to beat Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady!

  2. The AAF is so much fun to watch! Media coverage needs to increase. How can the fans take it seriously if the sports media doesn’t?

  3. Your last home game at Fed Ex versus Dallas, I was there. Everyone quit on you ball coach. Even the fans had turned the stadium over to cowboys fans by the third quarter. The aw’ shucks routine didn’t work with millionaire athletes.

  4. If a young quarterback has ever been treated horribly by an organization, it was Patrick Ramsey. The plays schemed up by the ball coach led to a lot of hits and sacks – former Redskins personnel man Louis Riddick said as much a few months ago. In the first quarter of the opening game, 2004, Ramsey threw an interception and a touchdown, and then suffered a minor injury. Joe Gibbs put Mark Brunell in and Ramsey’s career was essentially over – even though the former Jaguars star was in decline. This is a rare instance of Daniel Snyder not screwing up – the kid from Tulane was smart and had a far better arm than his successors, Brunell and Jason Campbell – and might have developed into a decade plus starter. Beaten up and probably demoralized, he moved to the Jets and showed none of his early promise.

  5. He’s a good coach and I like him but he did absolutely nothing to help Patrick Ramsey out and protect him the poor guy would be hit so hard we would holler from the stands don’t get up don’t get up but he always would pick himself up walk right past Spurrier on the sidelines sit on the bench and crack open smelling salts

  6. Spurrier did a lousy job in DC? Duh. And so did Snyder. Double duh. The team was mediocre back then and continues to be so. Spurrier doesn’t need to grandstand and pat his own back for his life after the Skins. Rather self-serving. Now, if Snyder would do the honorable thing and fire himself as owner.

  7. Marty started in Washington 0-5, but went 8-3 down the stretch and finished 8-8…..high hopes of building a contending team….fired for this guy!

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