Eagles’ draft strategy? Lurie: “We believe in volume”

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When the Eagles identified Carson Wentz as a future franchise quarterback, they did what they had to do to trade up and draft him. But aside from trading up for a franchise quarterback, the Eagles favor trading down.

That’s the word from Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, who says that the Eagles’ top strategy in the draft is to get as many picks as they can, by trading down, trading players for picks or accumulating compensatory draft picks by maintaining discipline in free agency.

We believe in volume,” Lurie said. “We’re not cocky enough to feel that you’re going to draft way better than anybody else, and it’s very important to create volume. This draft we’re going to have good volume, especially in the top of the draft, two [second-round picks] and two [fourth-round picks] to go with our [first-round pick], and next year we’re going to have quite a few draft choices.”

Lurie said that between the picks the Eagles already have in 2019 and the haul of compensatory picks they should get in 2020, a lot of talent will be arriving in Philadelphia.

“It’s very important, so when you look ahead over the next 13 months, we’re going to be adding about 20 draft choices,” Lurie said. “You’re going to have some undrafted players make the team, and so you can imagine there’s probably going to be about 20 to 25 players that are going to be about 22 years old, 23 years old on our roster, and we planned for that. To Howie’s credit in the front office, what they’ve done, I think they’ve always balanced this and sort of analyzed it, should you sign a player who is a potentially good starting player at age say 31 or 30 versus a low-level starting player who’s a lot younger. So, when I talk to Howie, it’s always about what is the next two years going to be in that comparison. Yeah, you get the 25- or 26-year-old in his second contract, but he’s a low-level starter. His team didn’t want him, and maybe he can be a low-level starter for us at best, or you can get a guy who can make an impact, several guys who can make an impact, and we’re banking on them for one to two years. So that’s resource allocation.”

Lurie, General Manager Howie Roseman and coach Doug Pederson have a smart, analytical approach to building the Eagles, and it’s easy to envision them remaining in the playoffs for years to come.

21 responses to “Eagles’ draft strategy? Lurie: “We believe in volume”

  1. Howie’s the man ! with Joe Douglass his wing man .
    Lurie has been a very patient and helpful owner and Doug Pederson has exceeded expectations by a mile .

  2. tylawspick6 says:
    March 27, 2019 at 6:26 pm
    cap hell means you won’t have it

    also poor drafting hasn’t helped
    Cap hell? They have over 20 mil

  3. tylawspick6 says:
    March 27, 2019 at 6:26 pm
    cap hell means you won’t have it

    also poor drafting hasn’t helped
    Cap hell? They have over 20 mil to spend and have already locked up most of their star players.

  4. The new norm, baby!!
    41-33 and you still hear those salty squeals of agony…
    Birds are in good hands with a ton of draft ammo this year too.

    Fly Eagles Fly/ On the road to Victory

  5. I agree with the conclusion of this article – the Eagle front office definitely has a plan and operates under a number of NFL best practices. But it strikes me as lame that so much praise is gushed on them, while teams such as the Cowboys operate with a similar sort of “smart, analytical approach” and yet gets routinely mocked.

  6. grogansheroes says:
    March 27, 2019 at 6:42 pm
    Pats have been doing this for years!

    5 1 Rate This
    Oh, well, hey, good for them, this is an NFC east thread, you’re in the wrong conference… go back to the Pats thread under AFC Easy(t)

  7. The only thing I want to hear about the Eagles is how much fun Lane Johnson is having.

  8. “salty squeals of agony….”

    I’m pretty sure the New England Patriots fan base is still celebrating THIS years Super Bowl victory. But, what do I know…..

  9. I’ve been an Eagles fan for more than 40 years and the current ownership/management/coaching team is the best it’s been. They may not become a dynasty, but they’re going to be solid for as long as this group maintains course.

  10. Lane Johnson is having plenty of fun Pats fans, as he always does. Just check his Twitter, it’s hilarious….oh and he’s a millionaire Super Bowl champion. Meanwhile you guys continue to believe you are personally responsible for each Super Bowl win. I find it amusing.

  11. “Oh, well, hey, good for them, this is an NFC east thread, you’re in the wrong conference… ”

    Welcome to the internet you must be new. Here’s a tip. People will comment about every team under any thread or article they want to regardless of division, conference, phase of the moon, whether its cloudy out or not or any other factor that makes them feel like doing so

  12. NE Pats fans…the clock is about to strike midnight on the Patriots dynasty, which I acknowledge that it is a dynasty, no matter all of the asterisks!

  13. He is not the only team leader to talk about wanting volume of picks. But, to me, when you talk volume and have a habit of trading back often, it just says they have zero confidence in their scouting to pick the best player. They want to throw more darts at the board, instead of finding the right player. Not that it can’t work, but it doesn’t say a lot for being able to separate the good prospects from the bad.

  14. There are several teams that are doing what the Eagles are doing. Lurie is right about not being arrogant about drafting. I ask any poster on here to go over the last 5 drafts. Every year maybe 5/6 players show up and become Aaron Donald (not a top 10 pick) Fletcher Cox (not a top 10 pick) ect. Volume is smart, trading back when “your” guy is not there. You still need to draft smart. The biggest mistake made and 3/4 of the teams do it..is drafting for need. NOT smart. Draft best player. Yes, Patriots fans. Your team does it well. As does Pittsburgh, Indy, K.C. and Saints.

  15. Lots of needless consternation in Philly about the Eagles giving contracts to 30-plus year olds this offseason. But the huge amount of picks they’ll have in the next two drafts is the reason why they knew they could get older this year. They’re gonna get younger soon enough,

    And all those rookie contracts will free up money for Wentz.

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