Kliff Kingsbury says it’s a misconception Josh Rosen doesn’t fit offense

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Who knows whether Josh Rosen will remain the Cardinals’ quarterback come draft day. The Cardinals are keeping their cards close to their coaching shirt as they contemplate the options for the No. 1 overall pick.

But Kliff Kingsbury shot down the notion Rosen doesn’t fit the new coach’s offense.

“No question,” Kingsbury said. “People have said a lot of things that are misconceptions, if you will. But Josh is a tremendous player, I’ve always thought, watching him at UCLA. He played his best football in a spread system, some similarities to what we do. He’s a tremendous thinker, very cerebral, can throw it with anybody, and we take a lot of pride in building a system around a quarterback. For someone to say he doesn’t fit our system, it doesn’t make sense.”

With all the “chatter” connecting the Cardinals to Kyler Murray, Kingsbury has reached out to Rosen. He didn’t reveal details of their conversation but said quarterbacks have to understand “kind of the circus that comes with this position.”

“Have you been around Josh?” Kingsbury said. “I don’t think he needs help with the confidence factor. He’s a confident young man, and that’s what you love about him. He’s got very thick skin. All of this kind of falls off his back, and he’s ready to go prove what he can do.”

Kingsbury is playing it perfectly, praising both Murray and Rosen to keep everyone wondering what they will do on draft day.

8 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury says it’s a misconception Josh Rosen doesn’t fit offense

  1. Translation: we are looking very hard to dump Rosen but don’t want to hurt his trade value.

    They are going to trade him and the only question is if they can get a 2nd even though everyone knows they are going to trade him anyway.

  2. Odd that we have not heard from Rosen. Is he healthy? Did he have surgery after the season that might impair his value making it imperative for the Cards to wait until he can pass a physical before they move him? Why hasn’t anyone asked? I think the pundits have missed a potential elephant in the room. Rosen was treated like a human piñata last year. Maybe he cannot be the QB next year. Even Cam Newton could not withstand the pounding. Just a thought.

  3. -“that’s what you love about him.” Very small word difference, but a coach who believes in his QB will say that’s what I or WE love about him, not “you.” Rosen is gone, the Cards are just going their best to build his trade value.

  4. They pretty much have no choice but to move Rosen now. If that was always their plan, then I guess okay. But let’s not pretend like they could decide to keep Rosen and everything would be just fine. One of Rosen’s main selling points was he played more of a pro style offense in college and now the new head coach is a gimmicky college offense guy. And by flirting so heavily with Murray they’ve clearly sent the message they’re no longer all that into Rosen. This article reads like they’re such good poker players but they’ve actually all but forced their hand to pick Murray.

  5. When it come rigth down to it, Rosen does not fit a Kingsbury style offense. He is basically a drop back passer with not a whole lot of scrambling ability. He isn’t able to extend of a lot of broken plays.

    Kingsbury is know for his wide open passing attack. The question is did he Cardinals hire Kingsbury to run a wide open offense, or did the Cards just hire Kingsbury because he was the only will to come to Phoenix? The draft will tell what management wants Kingsbury to do and what role Kingsbury plays going forward.

  6. Signing Brett hundley told me everything I needed to know ,Hundley is definitely a dual threat QB that throws well on the run and is a willing rusher…..

    Lets see , Hundley likely to back up Josh Rosen or Murray ?? Who does Hundley better fit Murray or Rosen led offense/scheme ? Does Hundley fit as a QB to run a Kingsbury Offense/scheme ? Does Murray? Does Rosen ?

    Kingsbury’s QB’s in his recent Offenses College numbers

    1) Johnny Manziel …201 rushing attempts , 15 rushing attempts per game – 1410 yds under Kingsbury……Total College Rushing yds 2169

    2) Baker Mayfield….. 88 rushing attempts , 11 Rushing attempts per game – 190 yds under Kingsbury ……Total College Rushing yds 1083

    3) Patrick Mahomes….262 rushing attempts, 11 rushing attempts per game – 741 yds rushing ……Total College Rushing yds 845

    Now we have

    1) Brett Hundley…..479 rushing attempts, 12 rushing attempts per game – 1747 yds rushing

    2) Kyler Murray ……207 rushing attempts, 10 rushing attempts per game (14 rushing attempts per game as the starting QB ) – 1478 yds rushing

    Current Starter …

    3) Josh Rosen …..109 rushing attempts , 3.5 rushing attempts per game for a Negative total rushing yards of – minus 154 yds rushing

    A scouts take on Rosen:

    Poor mobility, struggles to elude early pressure, completed just 42.4 percent of his throws when forced to move

    You tell me which of the 6 QB’s above stick out as the sore thumb for a Kingsbury offense ?
    Hundley does not fit as a backup with any offense/scheme Rosen will be running , skill sets not remotely the same .
    Rosen is the farthest thing from a dual threat you can find . Hundley does not fit as a pure pocket passer to backup Josh Rosen .

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