Kliff Kingsbury will give players “cellphone breaks” during meetings

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Coaches around the NFL said they’ll be scratching their heads about how to prepare for the Cardinals offense early in head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s tenure because he’ll be doing things differently than most coaches.

Doing things differently will extend to Kingsbury’s own team as well. The former Texas Tech coach said on Tuesday that he will draw on his experience at the collegiate level by building “cellphone breaks” into his team meetings.

Kingsbury said that he saw how short the attention spans of young players are during his time in Lubbock and that he began breaking up the meetings into 20 or 30 minute chunks in order to be sure that coaches are “maximizing their time” with the players.

“You start to see kind of hands twitching and legs shaking, and you know they need to get that social media fix, so we’ll let them hop over there and then get back in the meeting and refocus,” Kingsbury said, via ESPN.com.

Like everything else about Kingsbury’s way of coaching a team, the results on the field will determine the ultimate reaction to an unusual way of doing things. If the Cardinals win, he’ll likely be praised for finding a way to engage his players effectively. If they lose, he’ll be criticized for failing to have the team properly focused on the job at hand.

48 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury will give players “cellphone breaks” during meetings

  1. is this where we are in the world. Youre making millions. supposed to be a professional, yet you cant stay off your phone for 20-30 minutes

  2. Haha. 1 and done for Kliff. Good name for him because he’s about to fall off it.

  3. This guy is going to be a total failure! Big mistake to hire him in the first place! Wants to be the players friends, instead of a coach! This is the NFL! NOT Pop Warner! The NFL is Grown men getting PAID!
    This guy is a JOKE!

  4. Huge mistake. I see Chip Kelly 2.0 in the making. I actually feel bad for Larry Fitz and David Johnson. Great Players on a team with a rookie coach who has no clue how to coach men.

  5. These aren’t just meetings, this is really classroom studying and requires more attention.
    If he gives them 5 minutes every 30 minutes, so what? Whats the harm?
    He is focusing on them staying sharp during the entire meeting time.

    This is a non-issue

  6. What a joke, God forbid if someone doesn’t look at their damn phone every 5 minutes, they probably feel like the world is coming to an end.

  7. These are players getting paid millions not college kids. They can’t stay off their phones during work hours for more than 30 minutes? Who does this in the real world?

    Is it possible for another 1 and done in Arizona?

  8. Ridiculous, these are supposed to be grown men(professionals) not HS boys checking on prom dates. If this is the new wave of coaching, you won’t be King for long. Handling players with kids gloves will result in a BuriedKing ! You can’t be a “buddy” to your players, you must be a Leader! Management 101.

  9. This is a non issue. They aren’t even really meetings. It’s a regurgitation of things already known. Doesn’t hurt to let people attend to other business while basically going to study hall.

  10. I work on a college campus and I am surrounded by PhDs, deans, chairpersons, etc etc. It is amazing how many of them cannot get through a 2-hour meeting without fidgeting with their phones, reading email, checking twitter, or reading profootball talk.

    Has very little to do with “but they are making millions…”

  11. Kliff and several of his staff are in a Clash Royale Clan called Kliff’s Kardinals….it’ll enable the boys some extra bonding time in-between meetings.

  12. You can’t be a buddy to your players is probably the most illogical thing ever. First of all, he’s not much older than the guys on his team. He’s not considered an authoritarian figure, moreso a colleague. Secondly, these are professionals as you all say. Being on their phones won’t stop them from winning or losing. It’s not that simplistic.

  13. youngnoize says:
    March 27, 2019 at 8:20 am
    This is a non issue. They aren’t even really meetings. It’s a regurgitation of things already known. Doesn’t hurt to let people attend to other business while basically going to study hall.

    They aren’t really meetings? Seriously? If you’re BB and say you’re doing this, ok I get it, you have some cache to get away with it. Kilff had a losing record in college – perhaps they should have done a little more in their prep and meetings?

  14. When I was in college my classes were either 50 minutes or 75 minutes, depending on the day of the week; some classes – those once a week – were 3 hours long. No breaks every 20 minutes (although the 3-hour class had a 15 minute break half-way through).

    Now I work 9 hours a day – no stopping every 20 minutes to check my phone for messages or look at social media.

  15. Psychologists would tell you people don’t refocus immediately after engaging on their phones. Their brains get triggered, dopamine is released and it takes 15-20 minutes for their brains to settle down and focus again.

    It sounds cutting edge and new age….but it is ultimately a flawed strategy.

  16. “Can’t imagine Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown , Tom Landry, or Chuck Noll doing this.”
    But what do they know?? They just won Super Bowls and stuff…..

  17. These “young” men are being paid to listen to you and your coaches during meetings. Kliff is enabling behavior that is already destroying our youth. Put the phone down!

  18. How many times have we heard coaches say they are simplifying things? The majority of this new generation of players are more athletic but they lack focus and intelligence. There’s a reason Belichick likes smart, disciplined players.

  19. How did that work out for your teams? So t you have a losing record as a college head coach?

    I didn’t understand this hiring. There have been really good and great college coaches that utterly failed in the NFL. What makes a GM think that a mediocre one is going to succeed?

  20. Great way to trim your 90 man roster. I say the first player to take his “break” should get a call from Kliff……”Your cut, can you hear me now?”

  21. Well it was our generation that was too lazy and self absorbent to raise that generation so what did you think would happen when you let the TV babysit the kids you were responsible for having?

    Who would have ever thought that raising baby TV addicts would grow them up to be addicted to electronic devices?

  22. Clever move because by midseason Kliff himself will need to be calling around looking for jobs with colleges because the writing will be on the wall.

  23. Short breaks every 20-30 minutes is good educational pedagogy, whether it’s for cellphone, bathroom, or just mentally processing what you just learned. Even when studying alone, short bursts of study, punctuated by even shorter breaks a couple times per hour, results in better recall later on. It sounds like catering to spoiled millennials but it’s really just a better way of teaching/coaching.

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