Report: Giants will explore a trade for Josh Rosen

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If the Cardinals are willing to trade quarterback Josh Rosen, the Giants want to talk.

The Giants are exploring every option for a successor to Eli Manning, including acquiring Rosen from the Cardinals, Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports.

However, the Cardinals do not appear to be shopping Rosen at the moment. If Arizona chooses quarterback Kyler Murray with the first overall pick, then Rosen will likely be gone, but the Cardinals haven’t yet made that decision.

And the Giants wouldn’t necessarily prefer Rosen to a quarterback they could choose after the Cardinals take Murray. The Giants own the sixth and 17th picks in the first round of next month’s draft, and they might rather take Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins or Missouri quarterback Drew Lock, rather than trade for Rosen.

It’s unclear what the Cardinals will be able to get in a trade for Rosen. Last year they packaged their first-round pick, third-round pick and fifth-round pick to move up and take Rosen 10th overall. This year they certainly wouldn’t be able to acquire that kind of package for Rosen, and might have to settle for something like a second-round pick after Rosen’s rough rookie year.

So this is all very preliminary. But if the Cardinals do decide to draft Murray and trade Rosen, they know a team they should call.

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  1. Rosen was a 5 star recruit out of HS, set / broke most records at UCLA , but, for some reason doesn’t appear to translate into an NFL QB. Comes from an athletic and affluent family which explains a lot about his attitude. Still he deserves atleast another chance to prove he is as good as he believes he is. Sitting behind an elite QB for a year or two would benefit, Eli, Tom, Drew, Phillip ?…

  2. Giants would be irresponsible not to weigh this option. If they view Rosen as a starter and can get him for a second round pick, they should pull the trigger in a heartbeat.

  3. Good luck with that.

    Four of the first five quarterbacks picked in the 2018 nfl draft
    were picked way too high.

    Three of them were barely legitimate third rounders.
    (Good for their agent and them)

    Josh Rosen is one of those three.

    His salary ain’t worth it.

  4. classclown71 says:
    March 27, 2019 at 5:43 am
    If Rosen isn’t dealt to the Giants, the second most likely destination is to the Patriots
    A year or 2 too soon for the Patriots to obtain Brady’s replacement. IMHO

  5. I am 37 and have been watching the NFL for as long as i can remember… has this ever happened before… a team trade its top QB draft pick from just the year before and take another QB with its top pick the next year..?? i cant think of another situation like this… sounds like a old Matt Millen move with his obsession with top WR prospects

  6. “IF” they are interested in Rosen, don’t get in a bidding war with yourself over him. I think he will go a for a 3rd Rounder at best

  7. Lions need a backup to Stafford, especially someone who has the talent to put Stafford on the bench if things go right.

  8. Being in the same TV market (Buffalo) as the Giants we see a lot of Giants and Jets game and it would seem to me that the Giants, just like my Bills, have huge problems with the O line and lack of protection so this isnt all just a QB situation…..

  9. Dude didn’t even start the entire season for a bad team. They fired the HC after one season along with everyone else. Might be worth to give the guy a chance with a little more talent around him and a solid staff.

  10. I’m surprised the Chargers, Saints, Steelers, or Miami are not more in this conversation. All about to be in the market for a QB (some sooner than others). And if a team like the Saints or the Chargers could steal this kid away from the Cardinals for a second rounder that seems like a no brainer. The price for a QB these days is astronomical.

  11. What Rookie year in not rough !!!! Unless your a gimmick qb!!! If your a gimmick qb after your first two years then your whole career is rough just see RG3

  12. Even if the Cards pick Kyler Murray, they may not let Rosen go right away. Rosen still has 3 years to go under his rookie contract, and they may want to keep him around for insurance in case Murray does not work out or in case of injury. Practically any backup QB they sign will cost more than a rookie contract in terms of salary. Only if Murray wins the job as starter will they consider letting Rosen go.

  13. The Lions should send a 4th round pick to the Cardinals for Rosen. That would shore up the backup QB situation and potentially open up the possibility of trading Stafford at some point in the future.

  14. This sounds like a Browns move: pay for another team’s garbage and expect him to come in and make an immediate impact on the field. Yeah, impact the loss column

  15. I’d call the Cardinals and offer a 3 and a 5 with the promise that the deal is off once the Cardinals go on the clock. Rosen learning for a year, Saquon doing his thing for another year, add a WR and an OL with their first round picks. That’s a solid future for the Giants. Shurmur should be able to get out of Rosen what he got out of Keenum.

  16. smoothrobinva says:
    March 27, 2019 at 7:06 am
    What Rookie year in not rough !!!! Unless your a gimmick qb!!! If your a gimmick qb after your first two years then your whole career is rough just see RG3
    Dan Marino, Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, Cam Newton off the top of my head.

  17. There are too many people thinking Rosen goes to NEP. For me this is assurance he won’t. If I learnt something in my last 15 years is that Belichick is unpredictable. He will do quite the opposite to whatever everyone thinks he will do.

  18. It makes sense. The Giants letting it be publicly known and undercutting their bargaining position … doesn’t.

  19. classclown71 says:

    March 27, 2019 at 5:43 am

    If Rosen isn’t dealt to the Giants, the second most likely destination is to the Patriots.
    Not even close. The Patriots would be 1 of the least likely to go after him. You’ve got to assume Brady plays this season and 1 more season which means Rosen will be on the last year of his deal(unless the 5th year option is picked up) when he finally becomes the starter. So you really reap 0 benefits of having a qb on his rookie deal because by the time he starts he’s going to want to be paid.

  20. The Cards technically gave up a 3rd and 5th rounder to move up few spots for Rosen. I would be surprised if any team gives up a 2nd round pick for Rosen. Saints have too much invested at QB position so can’t see them trying to trade for Rosen. Also, don’t see Pats giving up multiple picks for Rosen. BB doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to draft a QB. Brady still has couple of decent years left and Hoyer can act as a bridge QB, if required.

  21. There would be a reason a team that needs a LOT is moving on from a 1st round QB they traded up for after one year – I’d give you a 4th at best, even that may be generous.

  22. Why would any team trade with the Cardinals for Rosen before the draft??
    Once they draft Kyler Murray, their bargaining position will diminish greatly.
    Teams will know they HAVE to deal Rosen at that point.

  23. If I am the GIANTS I offer this Year’s third Round pick, and next Year’s third round pick.

    The GIANTS really need their two first rounders and second round pick this year.

    I am not wild about Rosen, but it would be a good step. See what he could do with Shurmur. Shurmur is a very good developer of QBs.

    Eli actually had a VERY good second half once the O-Line Blocked better and he had the scheme down. If Rosen can learn the scheme, hopefully there will be few bumps when he takes over.

    Rosen can do some good things, he throws a great ball, has a great release, but other things like his perceived personality and his pocket presence are concerning.

    His pocket presence is so bad and he has taken far, far too many brutal hits at a young age.

    We will see what happens.

  24. Makes sense for the Giants if they can get him for a #2 pick. They can then use their two #1’s to fill Defensive needs. If they get him, they have to play him this year, probably at mid-season. If he works out, great. If he doesn’t, they will probably be in the running for one of next year’s QB’s coming out. I think Rosen could blossom under Shurmer — he’s probably better than any QB in this year’s Draft.

  25. If I’m the Cardinals I keep Josh Rosen on his rookie contract. It will allow you to play Kyler Murray with more reckless abandon.

  26. Why can’t the Cardinals keep both? Both would be under rookie contracts so the team would be paying less at the QB position than most teams with veteran starting QBs. Trading Rosen now is a buy high sell low scenario. Rosen may not be as bad as his surrounding cast made him look last year. And if the team really is drafting Kyler I would still be skeptical that he will be able to last a full season until I see how he handles himself on the field. Is he more Russell Wilson who always knows how to slide and get down a half second before a hit or is he RG3 who didn’t even know how to slide and ran around with no sense of when a hit was coming?

  27. The Giants can explore a trade all they want but for several reasons I dont believe Arizona trades Josh Rosen and they most certainly would not give him away for a 2nd round pick. Josh Rosen would be the top QB in this draft if he came out this year and the media created talking point that Josh Rosen doesnt fit Kingsbury’s system is laughable. All of the QB’s Kingsbury had at Tech were pocket passers and Josh Rosen’s skill-set , his strengths and what he does best is a perfect fit for Kingsbury’s offense which is why Arizona aggressively pursued him & hired him and why he chose Arizona over the NY Jets. Arizona would be downgrading themselves at QB while also setting themselves back a year & would also be passing on the chance to draft an elite defensive prospect or the possibility of trading the pick for several draft picks. AZ wants to move back, I think this is all a smoke screen to get someone to come up for Kyler Murray, if they cannot trade the pick I believe they’ll take Nick Bosa which would give them one of the best outside pass rush’s in the NFL along with Chandler Jones, Suggs, Brooks Reed and Hasson Reddick. Arizona’s defense is stacked w/ a top notch pass rush up front especially if they draft Bosa along with a lock down secondary on the back end filled w/ Pro Bowl caliber players in safety’s Budda Baker (who’s going back to safety full time) & DJ Swearinger with All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson who’s the top man cover CB in the league along w/ #2CB Robert Alford. Alford is coming off a down year after playing on a severe high ankle sprain all season long but healthy Alford is one of the top #2CB’s in the NFL as was in 2017 when he ranked as a top 12 NFL CB via PFF. With the caliber of pass rush AZ has and a lock down secondary on the back end their DB”s will be getting their hands on a lot of passes and w/ AZ’s defense going back to the hybrid 3-4 (which that defense was built to run) they’ve always ran not only will their defense get back to a top 10 caliber level but having a greatly improved defense will make a young QB like Josh Rosen’s job much easier.

    Arizona is going to build around Josh Rosen & most likely draft offense in every remaining round w/ their 10 other draft picks after taking Nick Bosa first overall if they cannot trade the pick. Behind a healthy greatly improved offensive line this next season with AZ also likely adding 1-2 more OL men in the draft, with David Johnson used properly again this year going back to being used as an inside/outside zone RB & used heavily as a WR again out of the slot & out-wide with WR Christian Kirk going into his 2nd year who looks very good along w/ Larry Fitzgerald and definitely adding a couple more WR’s in the draft along w/ two very good receiving TE’s on the roster in Charles Clay & RSJ (they likely draft a TE in the mid rounds) QB Josh Rosen will take a massive leap forward this year in a more modern much more creative offense built around his strengths and what Rosen does best along w/ getting the ball out of his hands quicker calling more easier high percentage throws and attacking the middle of the field which Rosen excels at. GM Steve Keim knows what he has in Josh Rosen & is very high on him (after he just traded UP to draft him last year) & hired Kingsbury specifically to develop Josh Rosen, Rosen is the future in AZ and Arizona is going to build around him not set themselves back by taking another rookie QB.

  28. I don’t understand why you can’t keep both Murray and Rosen. What if Murray doesn’t work out? Instead of the usual process of committing 2 1/2 years to a high draft QB like teams do, you can go back to Rosen.

    This is why there is so much parity in the NFL and why very few teams are in the playoffs year after year. Build a team with a good infrastructure and depth at all positions, including QB and you’ll be there consistently.

    This slip for the Steelers has been the result of them not having a competent backup behind Roethlisberger. Charlie Batch went 6-2 from 2010-2012 when he was needed. JG held down the fort for the Patriots when Brady was suspended. For all the praise RG3 got during his rookie season Washington doesn’t even make the playoffs without Kirk Cousins stepping in for two games.

    Even if Murray works out, if he has to miss one week to injury wouldn’t you rather have Rosen than the the same cycle of Josh Johnson, Bryce Petty, Mark Sanchez etc. QBs that every team goes through?

  29. If the Patriots feel Rosen is a capable QB, the Patriots have to go after him. How else are they going to acquire a highly rated QB? in the draft? As a fan I hope they keep drafting at the end of the first round and who are they going to get in that slot? The 4th or 5th best QB that year? If they want to move up, it will cost multiple choices or players. Rosen may be had at a reasonable price if they take Murray. Teams with a need for a QB are for the most part drafting high and they may not want to use that high a pick if it takes a first rounder. I think the redskins in the middle of the round might be tempted. To give up the 32nd pick and/or more to get a franchise QB is a no brainer for the Patriots. If Rosen can’t play, then pass on him.

  30. If I were the Giants I would offer them no more than this year’s 3rd and 5th round picks. Give them back what the gave up to move up for a first year bust, not saying Rosen can’t bounce back but Arizona needs to look at him as if he was just a bust at their original 1st round draft slot and recoup what they gave up in addition to the 1st rounder.

    Also if the Giants can pull that off there is nothing to say they can’t take a QB with one of their two 1st round picks this year and create a healthy competition for the starter role after Manning is force out to pasture. If they both develop then they can eventually trade one or the other for more compensation than they gave up for Rosen, which is exactly what the Redskins should have done with RGIII or Cousins.

  31. flipola says:
    March 27, 2019 at 6:28 am
    Already lol’ing at the Cards expecting the #6 pick.

    Josh Rosen would cost at least the 17th overall pick if Arizona traded him which I don’t believe they will for several reasons. . Arizona has not even shopped Josh Rosen at all despite the draft being just 4 weeks away and they’ve told teams Josh Rosen is not available which is what they told the Redskins among other teams. Josh Rosen would be the #1 QB in this years draft by a country mile, Arizona is not going to down grade themselves at QB while starting all over setting themsleves back a whole year wasting another year of their best players primes. Arizona hired Kingsbury specifically to work with and develop Josh Rosen & Josh Rosen is a perfect fit for Kingsbury’s offense as Rosen’s strengths fit that offense like a glove. Last year Arizona gave Josh Rosen less than crap to work with starting 20 different Offensive Line combinations due to injuries not able to run the ball or pass protect at all & he was in a ancient offense that was completely uncreative while McCoy/Leftwhich misused David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald & Rosen had to deal with two different OC’s as a rookie. 99% of seasoned NFL veteran QB’s would of tremendously struggled in that offense last season.
    I personally think Arizona is hyping up the #1 overall pick to trade it for several picks if someone wants Kyler Murray bad enough letting all 32 teams know they need to deal with AZ to land him. If they cannot trade it they will draft DE Nick Bosa instantly giving them one of the best outside pass rush’s in the NFL along w/ All-Pro elite DE Chandler Jones, Pro-Bowl Edge rusher Terrell Suggs is still good for 10 sacks a year, DE Brooks Reed is excellent versus the run and ILB/OLB Hasson Reddick excels off the edge along w/ newly signed Elite ILB Jordan Hicks who excels blitzing up the middle w/ 3 very good pass rushing DT’s in DT Darius Philon, Nkimdiche & DT Rodney Gunter who each had 4.5 sacks a piece along with Corey Peters who had 3.0 sacks but is very good versus the run. With a lock down secondary on the back end AZ’s defense will be much better in 2019 and will greatly help a young QB

    This season Josh Rosen will have a much, much better offensive line with the starters healthy along with the additions the Cardinals have made which much better depth behind the starters. With 11 picks in this years draft before any trades AZ definitely will draft a couple OL men in this years draft and w/ quality backup depth already on the roster AZ can bring them along slowly. AZ also will very likely draft at least 2 young WR’s taking a guy like N’Keal Harry in round 2 & WR Andy Isabella who they really like in RD3. If they take a top defensive prospect like Nick Bosa in round 1 outside of taking a nickel CB possibly the Cardinals will in all likelihood use all their remaining picks on the offense letting Kingsbury add a lot of young talent.

    Josh Rosen at worst should have AVG pass protection and at best above average pass protection with a far better all the starters coming back healthy along with the additions they’ve made and will make in the draft. With a solid offensive line in front of Josh Rosen w/ a much better run game in a much more modern creative offense built around Rosen’s strengths he will take a great leap forward in his 2nd season especially with more weapons around him w/ AZ set to draft atleast two WR’s & a top notch run game with David Johnson used properly again finally as a inside/outside zone RB and used heavily at WR both inside and outside along with dual threat RB’s Chase Edmonds and RB/WR TJ Logan who w/ 4.31spd is a perfect fit for this offense the backs will be used much more in the passing game in KK’s offense along w/ Larry Fitzgerald used in the slot as a big time mismatch, Christian Kirk who is a stud WR in the making (on pace for 800YDs as a rookie in that dysfunctional offense before spraining his foot in WK13) used both inside & out has the talent to be a 1000K+YD WR in year 2. 2nd year 6″1 WR Trent Sherfield showed a lot of talent as a rookie with two very good receiving TE’s in Charles Clay & RSJ who each have the talent to be 50rec/500+YD TE’s next season and they will add a lot in the draft. Josh Rosen will also have a MUCH better defense next season which will greatly help out keeping them in games. With a better offensive line in front of Josh Rosen that actually protects him I’d bet good money Josh Rosen takes a great leap forward in year 2 in this offense throwing for at least 4,000YDs/28TDs under 10INTs w/ a passer rating north of 95.0 at minimum in his 2nd year . This offense is perfect for Rosen’s strengths, is much more creative excels getting guys open in space and will use the talent they have properly. Rosen’s fit in this offense is a big reason why Keim was so aggressive in pursuing/hiring Kingsbury. Josh Rosen should have a far better season in his 2nd year.

  32. I don’t see why the Giants would be interested. Rosen’s problem is his lack of mobility, which left him exposed with Arizona’s porous offensive line. The Giants offensive line isn’t much better.

    Arizona might as well keep Rosen. If his trade value isn’t much better than an early third round choice, let him compete with Murray.

  33. kevinlawrencecantor says:
    March 27, 2019 at 11:07 am
    I don’t understand why you can’t keep both Murray and Rosen. What if Murray doesn’t work out? Instead of the usual process of committing 2 1/2 years to a high draft QB like teams do, you can go back to Rosen.

    Spending a first round pick on an in case of emergency break glass player is about as poor resource management as it gets. Their team is far from good enough to be worrying about their backup QB situation. Let alone the amount of friction you will cause by having two top prospects and one job, you only have Rosen for 4 years, by the time the jury is out on Murray, Rosen will be gone.

    Nothing wrong with taking developmental QB’s mid draft but these teams that had success with backups had a ton of talent and good systems in place.

  34. kevinlawrencecantor says:
    March 27, 2019 at 11:07 am
    I don’t understand why you can’t keep both Murray and Rosen. What if Murray doesn’t work out? Instead of the usual process of committing 2 1/2 years to a high draft QB like teams do, you can go back to Rosen.

    Spending a first round pick on an in case of emergency break glass player is about as poor resource management as it gets. Their team is far from good enough to be worrying about their backup QB situation. Let alone the amount of friction you will cause by having two top prospects and one job, you only have Rosen for 4 years, by the time the jury is out on Murray, Rosen will be gone.

    Nothing wrong with taking developmental QB’s mid draft but these teams that had success with backups had a ton of talent and good systems in place.

  35. As a Giants fan I wouldn’t really care if they traded for Rosen, I’d prefer that they try everything they can to get Haskins but I’d take Rosen as a conciliation….The league should be very worried that Bilichek is going to get his hands on him…lord help us all if he does

  36. For the last time, Josh Rosen is not getting traded. People are beyond delusional if they think the Cardinals’ problems will be solved drafting Kyler Murray. Rosen played behind one of the worst offensive lines in the league last season and had a 35-year-old Larry Fitzgerald to throw to. The Giants are better off drafting a quarterback and the Cardinals should keep Rosen. He’s 6’4” and has the same pocket-passing build as Tom Brady.

  37. I would not trade the 6th overall pick for Rosen, and even the 17th would be pushing it, but if the Giants liked him last year it may be worth it. He was the 10th pick and didn’t show enough yet to have been worth it, so there’s no way any team should give up a pick higher than 10 for him.

  38. You know how many great QBs had lousy rookie seasons? Plenty. Way to early to their the towel in on Rosen. He COULD become a good player. Basing his future off his rookie season in a dumpster fire down in Phoenix is certainly not fair to anyone.

  39. It would be a mistake to give up on him this quickly. He was a rookie, with no time on the bench to learn. They would be better off trading their #1 pick for up to 3 firsts and getting weapons around Rosen. You may think thats too much for the #1 pick, but the Redskins gave up 3 firsts and a second to get the #2 pick(RG3).

  40. I can’t imagine someone giving up more than a second-round pick. Rosen still checks out as better than anyone available in this year’s draft. The Redskins should be interested if the Cardinals are dumb enough to draft a QB. And they are. (Dumb enough, that is.)

  41. officialgame says:
    March 27, 2019 at 1:10 pm
    It’s a good thing some NY reporter gave them the idea, the Giants are a well oiled machine.


    Lol, so true. Let’s be honest, this all comes down to what Francesca thinks. He clearly calls the shots for this organization.

  42. I don’t believe the Cardinals will actually take Murray, they’re just trying to pump up the market for their pick so they can trade it. If nobody coughs up a pile of picks they will take Bosa.

  43. The Cards traded up to get Rosen. It doesn’t speak much about what they think about his abilities if they are willing to jettison him one year after drafting him. I didn’t think he would succeed in the NFL but I would have never believed this would happen. What team in their right mind would trade anything for this guy now? You’d have to be crazy to give them anything but a low, conditional round pick for him. Even then is he even worth the risk? Probably not.

  44. Rosen was thrown into a HISTORICALLY bad situation for a rookie QB. No line and no weapons, he took his beating like a champ and kept coming. Hes a really good QB! If he was in this draft he would be #1 or #2 and its not close. Cards would be fools to trade him for a small QB with one year starting experience who was ready to play pro baseball and has a family known for manipulating their sons situations.

  45. I don’t like his attitude. He reminds me too much of Ryan Leaf when he was with the Chargers.

    I think he is too immature to play for the Patriots, and I don’t think he would handle being in a large New York media market at all well.

    He was drafted early in the first round, 10th overall pick. If one year later, the Cardinals can’t trade him for anything more than a second round pick, I think that sets off all sorts of warning alarms in the league that there may be some issues with Rosen. Some people never mature.

  46. Giants want Jones from Duke but not in the first round. Taking a flier on Rosen is a good deal, would be a good marketing ploy in the city

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