A.J. Green holds all the cards in Cincinnati

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The Bengals want to extend receiver A.J. Green‘s contract, but they may not want to pay what it may take to make it happen.

Although Green’s base salary for 2019 sits at $11.976 million, his cap number drives the franchise tender. And at $15.176 million for 2019, that translates to a franchise tender for 2020 of $18.21 million.

So if the Bengals hope to extend Green before the 2019 season begins, he should expect to receive, fully guaranteed at signing, the sum of his 2019 and 2020 base salaries: $30.186 million. For anything less than that, he should play out his contract, force a franchise-tag decision in 2020, and play under the one-year tender unless the Bengals at that point would guarantee $18.21 million plus a 20-percent raise for 2021 ($21.852 million) at signing.

That’s $40.062 million, fully guaranteed at signing, if they do a long-term deal in 2020.

After eight seasons in Cincinnati with a ninth one looming, it’s also possible that Green simply wants to move on. Though he always says and does the right thing, he’s entitled to want to play for a team that will present him with a better chance to win a Super Bowl.

Currently, and quite frankly, the Bengals seem to be as far away from that goal as any team in the AFC.

28 responses to “A.J. Green holds all the cards in Cincinnati

  1. That’s a trade I would like to see the Patriots make. He’s an amazing player with an even better attitude. Injury problems of late, but I think he would be worth a trade. Then fix TE in the draft.

  2. Well holding all the Cards is going to cost him 10 yards and a repeat of the down.

    Amazing he held all 11 of them at once. He must be working out.

  3. Trade? then for sure LA, Rams love to trade for vets. They have a 1st rounder this year too, and they love trading those first rounders away also. So what’s the hold up…?

  4. bullcharger says:
    March 28, 2019 at 3:48 pm
    That’s a trade I would like to see the Patriots make, blah blah blah…

    He’s a man of character, he has no place in the Patriots organization.

  5. He is not a good fit with the Patriots. A team like the Chiefs if Tyreek is cut would be a better fit. The Bungles need to start rebuilding.

  6. He’ll be 31 in the summer, and played 9 games.
    I wouldn’t guarantee him anything like that, I’d tag him once and see how it goes.
    Probably let him walk after 2020, and not pay him close to 22MM.

    Or I’d trade him.

    No way he gets or deserves a long term contract with 40MM over the first 2 years.

  7. Bengals need a QB that can get the ball to Green in stride. Having to come back for the ball causes too many injuries.

  8. If he is holding all the cards I hope hope he has one that gets him out the door so he actually experience what it is like to play for not such a cheap skate like Brown. If not he should pull a Le’Veon or AB.

  9. green has never given any indication he wants to leave the Bengals at all though the writer of this article certainly sounds like someone that would like to see that happen.

  10. “That’s $40.062 million, fully guaranteed at signing, if they do a long-term deal in 2020.”

    Ridiculous. He’ll be 32 in 2020 and as history has shown us, the wheels falls off pretty quickly for WRs in his early 30s. To even suggest this type of contract shows the lack of common business sense.

  11. I’m a Bengals fan, and if AJ Green would like to go to a winner I’ll instantly become a fan of that team (provided it’s not the Steelers) and cheer for them to win one for him. He is the exact opposite of the Diva Receivers of today and he’s done so much here for a team that hasn’t done much lately to show him appreciation. I do hope that if he leaves it’s via trade for a 1st rounder, but the man deserves better than to be working for Mike Brown.

  12. Having followed AJ`s career from his freshman year in college thru the NFL i would bet on him resigning with Cincinnati and not trying to be the top paid WR.
    Personally i think if they don`t have a winning record at the trade deadline they should shop AJ,Dalton,Atkins & Dunlap while they have value for 2020 draft picks to load up for a shot at Trevor Lawrence. Teams are much more willing to move picks farther away so they would get more value and Lawrence could be a franchise changer.

  13. If he wants to win, he should go to my beloved New England Patriots to play with the G.O.A.T. With Brady he would easily put up a 100 reception, 15 TD season and who knows, maybe a Super Bowl M.V.P.

  14. Don’t want a 15 million dollar receiver in NE. Let alone one on the wrong side of 30.

  15. Maybe he isn’t all about the money. He has shown the willingness to take a deal that is offered and not whine for more money. As much as Mike Brown doesn’t like players over 30, he is also very loyal, so I think he will pay him fairly, but not the most of any receiver.

  16. They should let him go. Signing him to an extension to watch him decline, especially with his recent toe injury, will be a mistake. Franchise him, make a good faith effort to sign him to a reasonable deal, and then let him go as a 31 or 32 year old free agent.

  17. AJ will retire a Bengal. Say what you want about Mike Brown, he rewards loyalty with loyalty and has paid the skill positions in the past

  18. AJ Green will re-sign with the Bengals and get paid what he deserves, which is as one of the top WRs in the NFL.
    The Bengals don’t cheap-out on anyone – that news is like 20 years old.
    Have we heard any complaints from players in recent years on how they are compensated by the Bengals? I can’t remember any.
    AJ will retire as a Bengal and be a first-ballot HOFer.

  19. The Bengals spend little to nothing on outside free agents, but they do spend on their own players. The cheap label is mostly leftover baggage from the 1990s, when the Brown family cashed out one of the other owners in order to get majority ownership. Maybe they will learn after letting Whitworth leave too early.

  20. The media will just never give up on the BS about the Bengals being cheap. Just go and check the salary cap numbers. The Bengals will pay top dollar for the players who deserve it. I believe they made Green the top paid receiver the last time they resigned him. Secondly Green has made it clear many times that he loves Cincinnati and wants to spend his entire career there.

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