Anthony Lynn: Philip Rivers seems to get better with age

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Philip Rivers has played more seasons than he has kids, but it’s not far off. He has played 15 seasons. He and his wife, Tiffany, welcomed their ninth child into the world Tuesday.

Rivers, 37, still feels young.

He has said he expects to play beyond 2019. The Chargers want him to play beyond 2019, with plans to open talks about a contract extension this offseason.

Coach Anthony Lynn said Rivers seems to get better the older he gets.

“Knock on wood, he’s been healthy as an ox,” Lynn said. “This guy. . . In 2017, I thought he looked good. In 2018, I thought he looked better. I don’t know what he did, but I told him to do it again. I think going into this year you might see us rest some of our veterans a little bit more than I did last year. Maybe we can finish a little stronger.

“I think the way he’s playing — he’s going to turn 38 years old [in December] — I think is incredible. I can’t wait to get back out there with him.”

Rivers has one year remaining on his current deal, paying him $11 million in base salary this season and counting $23 million against the salary cap.

5 responses to “Anthony Lynn: Philip Rivers seems to get better with age

  1. It happens all the time. This is why you see so many 40 year-olds in the NFL.

  2. Without Rivers there would be less-then-no-fan-base in L-a-L-a-land. No one can figure why they folded like a cheap suit in New England.

  3. grant35 said: “Yeah he’s good w/ age, but man, he has never even come close to taking a team to the SB in what seems to be forever.”

    me: defenses win championships. He has not had a dominate defense to depend on in his tenure. Some good defenses in the past, but too many head cases making mistakes at critical times.
    Also, offensive lines the Chargers have assembled have not been top-notch. Old retread lineman. When was the last time you saw the Chargers spend a #1 or #2 on a top-notch lineman?

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