Sean Payton was frustrated with how Mark Ingram’s departure unfolded

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Saints coach Sean Payton spent a lot of time talking about officiating at this week’s league meetings, but that wasn’t the only topic of conversation he engaged in during his time with reporters.

Payton also discussed the change to the team’s backfield that took place. Mark Ingram left for the Ravens as a free agent and Latavius Murray will now join Alvin Kamara as the running back duo in New Orleans. Payton said he is excited about having Murray and complimented the new arrival’s “exceptional speed” and ability as a pass blocker.

Payton also lamented the way that things unfolded with Ingram, who spent the last eight years in New Orleans.

“It happened pretty quickly,” Payton said, via “Look, I’m excited for Mark’s opportunity. He’s been a tremendous, tremendous player for us and leader for us. It was frustrating because I felt there was little dialogue. At least usually, I’m able to visit with the player, and I wasn’t able to, so the ends and outs specifically to how that unfolded still to me are a little bit cloudy. Tried texting him, tried calling him, direct message. He texted me back, and then the next day we weren’t able to speak.”

Ingram signed a three-year, $15 million contract with $6.5 million in guaranteed money while the Saints gave Murray a four-year, $14.4 million deal with $7.2 million guaranteed in the first two years of the deal.

18 responses to “Sean Payton was frustrated with how Mark Ingram’s departure unfolded

  1. They will definitely miss Ingram, on and off the field,which is what Payton was trying to say.

  2. Is there anything Payton doesn’t complain about? Now that McCarthy was shown the door, Payton is next on the hot seat. 12 years with one of the all-time great QB’s (not counting bountygate year) and only 1 championship? He’s wasted Brees’ career.

  3. Just my own opinion, but I thought NO was the best place for him. He had a role that he fit perfectly. In Baltimore, I can see him having a few big games, and then a bunch of games where he is under utilized, or disappears in a committee.

  4. Surprised he didn’t demand a new rule be put into place to force a player to talk to his coach before signing with a new team .

  5. Unless Payton was contacting him to talk about money in a contract why would he respond? If your pissed that he isn’t back then talk to your GM about low balling Ingram. This is a business and if Ingram feels like he got a better deal with the Ravens that is why he went there. Quit crying Sean.

  6. Payton under utilized Ingram his whole career so far. Put him in the dog house for no reason multiple times. Why should Ingram sit and listen to Paytons pitch after now? The Saints are circling the fish bowl.

  7. Pats won 3 SBs since BB traded back, took Ridley and Vereen, and then used Blount, White, Michel and others like Develin to complete 3 SBs in 5 years.


    THAT’s the difference in applying dollars to a position on the roster.

    BB fleeced Mickey Loomis.

  8. Ingram will be missed for what he brought on the field but more so what he provided in the locker room. The connection with Kamara seemed genuine and rare on most teams. I believe Murray can surpass Ingram’s production from a shortened season last year. May take some time to adjust but the offense will be fine…

  9. New Orleans fans have got to be thrilled. Normally the level of hatred and whining is reserved for only the most elite teams so maybe they have arrived. I’m sure those seething with jealousy will try and spin this.

    anyways I’m thrilled to have Ingram. Sounds like he’s a professional when it comes to football and in the end that’s all you can really ask for.

  10. If you want to get the best deal, you should at least try to push the negotiation as hard as you can. When the coach, himself, is trying to to meet with you and you blow him off, it doesn’t look good. I always thought Ingram was a me-me-me guy who had something mentally missing, and this just proves it. In Baltimore he’ll have one or two successful games against weak teams and then fade into nothing. Even worse, he goes from a team that should have been in the Superbowl to a team on the downward trend with no receivers and a qb who only runs the ball.

  11. Did he say if there was an offer on the table? Things move fast in free agency and money talks.

  12. Payton sounds like he’s trying to wallpaper over something that neither fans or his team wanted to see happen. He’s the head coach – he wouldn’t have had any problem getting Ingram’s attention if the Saints were willing to fork over the cash.

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